It is the anger, stupid.

Some comments before we talk about how the blowback is coming. We did not go into the COVID lockdown in a good point in the economic cycle. Our termagant and her minions had already nuked the mineral and oil extraction industries in New Zealand, and were working on regulating landlords out of business. We were heading into a contraction. But the current situation where big firms are being rescued… particularly in the USA… won’t help.

NZ is not that stupid. Not because are rulers are more intelligent, but because we are now so far in hock to keep people with some income that we cannot afford it. I still think that when the benefits stop is when things will go spicy here.

So… while our elite fiddle what to do? Not what they recommend.

  1. They recommend that we spend on goods and services. I suggest you tighten your budget
  2. They recommend that we don’t hoard goods. I’m seeing the supermarkets with limited stock, so buy two of what you need now
  3. They recommend we live in dense, highly connected neighbourhoods, and use public transports. I suggest you use private transport and do not live where crowds are. James Dakin is correct: a bike will beat a bus in this time
  4. They suggest diversity is our strength. I suggest you build communities: people like you, of the same faith, same background. Diversity is, like travel, a luxury good
  5. They recommend we legalize means of escape: porn, drugs, and booze. I suggest you leave all these alone. You need your wits about you

Because if times get spicy, you don’t want to find your lifestyle was engineered so you are now cannon fodder.

This time the idiots in charge have gone too far. This time the political elites in Congress, the Fed, the Treasury, and the corporate thieves are using the virus to distract from the final harvest. A bank theft of such epic proportions and grand design that their ideals are now being shoved down the throats of the citizens and the truly stupid will accept the fake news media’s version, while those who truly are suffering will not.

The American people have hit their limit and the elites have no clue as to the level of anger in the United States public. They will default, they will get angrier, and they will resist and defy authority; unfortunately in a manner far different from the last “crash.”

The average American individual, who has been trapped in their homes for over a month, lost their job, lost their credit line which provided them an ability to pay their necessities of food and medicine, lost their income, and will soon lose their homes either via foreclosure or eviction, is no longer going to take it. They have watched the wealthy become enriched and then fly off in their private jets to their super yachts to New Zealand to escape the coronavirus. Or worse, take a milk bath and preach to the peasants just how happy the serfs should be to be shut in while our neighbors lose everything as a Chinese Communist disease “equalizes” everyone.

If you are rich in the USA, please note this: New Zealand’s borders are closed. We are not letting anyone in. Yes, we may allow Aussies in, but I don’t think they want reciprocation.

Do not assume that the elite care. The care far more about showing virtue than the locals who have just discovered what poverty is like. Our mormon friends know this, with a hat tip to Aaron Clary

Yep. The people wanting people to go back to work? They just love money more than life. They just want to get hair cuts and eat hamburgers. They want to kill grandma so the stock market will go up. It certainly can’t be a risk/cost analysis. Nope. They just hate science. Even the scientists among them hate science.

But don’t worry, if millions of poor people starve in the third world now, the same smug fucks who’ve been yelling at us to shut down everything for the last couple of months will take zero blame for that. I’m willing to bet that when/if this happens, they’ll still be out there, signalling their virtue from their comfy homes, because They Care So Hard.

Check out the article below from the ultra right wing New York Times, quoting the ultra right wing UN, so you can just proclaim it is biased conspiracy theory and can be safely dismissed. Now share some more memes about how everybody who disagrees with you is too stupid to wash their hands. That never gets old.

My only hope is that the UN’s math is as wrong for this as it is for everything else, but even if they’re off by an order of magnitude, the cure would still be worse than the disease. This is potentially a perfect storm of a lot of really poor people getting hit really hard. Food production down. Food costs up. Their exports down. No tourism. Less income. Which means more deaths from all the regular diseases, and of course, the resulting unrest. One big nasty spiral.

The ELOE. Hooon

Locally, I’m still working. All my sons are occupied, though one is caregiving for his grandfather, which pays poorly. We can pay the rent and rates. Kea reminds me daily to drop to my knees and thank God for his benefits in this time. But those who are over extended may find themselves in a living hell.

Which the policies of the elite will bring you to. Do not be them. Do not be like them.

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Gunner Q
1 year ago

People are surprised when I tell them I refuse to file for unemployment. But I will not legitimize their evil system with my participation, nor will I allow myself to become dependent on it.

They are not trying to help.

1 year ago

If this is who I think it is, it’s good to see you again.