Out of lockdown diary

Homepaddock is run by a nice rural lady. She’s reasonable, agreeable. She is far more mainstream than me. And she can see that the laws we have show an odd sense of proportion. In this, it is workth checking out the NZ reddit. because the place is going cynical.

The government gave in to public pressure and raised the number of people permitted at a funeral from 10 to 50.

However only 10 are permitted to attend a wedding, go to church or gather in a private home yet 100 are permitted in a restaurant, bar, casino or strip club.

Making it worse are the new powers the police have to ensure we all adhere to this.

The government has had nearly two months to work out legislation to cover Level 2 alert level and had it gone about it the right way the Opposition would have worked with it and supported it.

Instead they’ve rushed through legislation about which the Human Rights Commission is deeply concerned.

in the meantime, the trolls of Reddit made this. They have learned from those who phish.

In the meantime, a number of political tragics want to attend Brian Tamaki’s church service on Sunday. I pray that Brian will preach the gospel with both barrels. Regardless of the mockery.

Bishop Tamaki, alone among our various Christian outfits, is consistent in his belief in an all powerful loving God who will protect the faithful.

He has told the government to get stuffed with their refusal to allow conventional church services, and all credit to him for that.

He accurately slammed the current state of affairs as nanny-statism and the government as like “over controlling parents”. He also referred to the New Zealand Bill of Rights, section 15, specifically “the freedom to manifest religion or belief in worship, observance practise and teaching either publicly or privately”.

In short regarding his belief he and he alone of the sky-baying mobs puts his money where his mouth is.

To that Auckland Anglican vicar the Reverend Dr Helen Jacobi says Tamaki saying that followers of Jesus will be protected from coronavirus is incredibly unsafe.

Helen’s outfit, the oldest Protestant church, is in its death spiral. Its membership has halved in Britain in the last 15 years and currently Sunday services there average 14 attendees.

Helen’s utterances bow to the government’s wishes over those of her God. If she doesn’t believe her God chap will protect her from the virus then surely that’s God’s wishes to knock her off.

Aside from that where’s her martyr’s spirit?

Bob Jones, via Cam Slater’s site

Jacobi is a progressive. She has no faith: instead she has a theology degree and a job. No job will save you, only Christ will. Tamaki knows that, and Jones, though he is being sarcastic, knows that. I would add that I know Anglican priests of faith, and I need to pray for them more, for they are pushing a boulder up a cliff.

The mobs of sheep can stop the plans of the most feral of Karens. We will get through this, and in the process we may find ourselves spending more time doing good that saying we are woke and virtuous. We may find that micromanagement is a luxury.

We may start mocking the elite. May that day come.