The white man’s burden.

No, not the Kipling Poem. The woke assumption that if you are white, you are wrong. This has raised its ugly head because the new (wet division) of our global cuckservative party appointed 12 europeans in his shadow cabinet. (Party has 55 MPs and is the biggest party in parliament until September). I had a woke young person show me tweets about this today…

But there is a pushback. (As an aside, using Paul Goldsmith — who stands each election in Epsom with the firm intention to losing to that Maori Libertarian David Seymour — as Maori was fake news by Tova O’Brien. Who is hoping to keep her job as MediaWorks fails).

National’s been under fire for not having any Māori MPs in its top twelve, in the new line-up revealed on Monday.

Yesterday Collins pushed back, asking reporters if there was “something wrong” her with being white.

Today during a hearing of Parliament’s Finance and Expenditure committee, she reacted to questions being asked by Labour MP Tamati Coffey about the treaty partnership and government procurement.

“Oh Jesus Christ, stupid questions”, said Collins, with the committee chair Labour’s Deborah Russell chipping in calling it “a white girl comment – crikey”.

“Oh no”, shot back Collins,”it’s actually someone who is utterly sick of being demonised for my ethnicity thank-you very much.”

Coffey protested saying he wasn’t even talking about her and apologised to the submitter.

“Is he apologising for Deborah’s comment or for his?” interjected ACTs David Seymour.

“No need to apologise for me – how patronising – I can apologise for myself and I have no intention of [doing that],” Collins said.

Of course, the woke are doubling down. Peeni, darling I grew up in Otahuhu (about as poor as Auckland gets: I spend my teenage years knowing to the inch where to avoid) . I know poverty. And I’m white. It is OK to be white. You have made Collins point.

While I am at it: a historical anomaly: when NZ’s first constitution was made, in the 1850s, there was limited franchise with a property test. Because Maori were indigenous and the land communal, Maori seats were made. There are now seven: only Maori can vote in them, And Peeni is the MP for the Auckland one. A person in a racially selected seat accusing a general electorate MP of racism. This reeks.

This is going to get nasty. The election campaign has started, and the woke version of racism is now part of the conversation. Expect much more of this — the only question is if National will continue its habit of apology, or if they will learn not to cuck.

Because the whites are noticing this, and taking notes. If this continues, it will not end well.