Keeping things running.

The work is facing a budget blowout, and unless you manage to destroy the hardware you have it will be kept. I’m quietly relieved by this, as getting a new system up and running will be a challenge. To put it mildly. Kea and I have a similar deal at present: no new hardware unless the old stuff dies. If we can get into 2021 — particularly given that the new 7 nm processors are just out, and the ARM based chips could take over soon — we will have considered we have won.

In my experience, electronic things keep on running until they don’t. Then they crash. Hard. Modern hardware has a use-by date which is generally two months after the warranty runs out. This is painful, particularly when traveling: I have had to replace laptops and cellphones in odd countries because they simply curled up their toes and became one with the Hittites.

My OS has had it’s first real upgrade for the year. The mac was also upgraded about a week ago. As the COVID shutdown finishes, things speed up.

Existing KaOS users don’t need to download the new ISO snapshot. To keep your installations up to date, run the sudo pacman -Syu command in a terminal emulator.

On the server, I’ve gone ahead and deleted jetpack. It keeps on trying to back things up that it does not have permissions for. Statcounter is reliable enough for stats. Let us see what happens to the spam, and if the brute force attacks stop as the site won’t be mirrored on the wordpress site.

To the rest of you, you don’t need new gear. The old gear works well enough. Use it until it breaks, and if the OS breaks, install a 32 bit linux.