I’m of a similar age to Sarah Hoyt. My generation was blamed for Woodstock (which took place during the Hong Kong Flu. Peace, Love and stuff trumped a virus. It still does). I can confirm her experience. with the echo boom and the current elite. Their aim is to work for the prime minister’s department. Being in business or a trade, for such, was icky.

This is going to end badly. Very, very badly. And the water is going to get very choppy.

To everyone who is old enough and those of us who aren’t but who have read about the sixties and particularly those of us who have followed the glorification and idolization of what was a Soviet agit prop operation using stupid American middle class kids, this is starting to feel like one of those bad remakes.

Mostly because it is.

Older son was born in the last year of the echo boom and for our sins we raised him in a hippie mountain town, and then in an urban area inhabited by college professors. We didn’t pick areas for the politics but for walkability (this one is the first house not in that criteria) because if I don’t have a reason to walk I don’t, and then I start getting ill.

This means I was exposed at school functions to more “we totes were at Woodstock” and “Come the revolution” types than I ever want to see in one place again. All about ten years older than us. (Something happened there, because younger son, about 4 years younger was in a class where we were CONSISTENTLY the oldest parents by about 10 years. I know we spawned late thanks to infertility. But I don’t know when my generation had kids. Maybe they all married and had kids early? We did the first.)

And these kids came and played at my house, and I heard their talk. It is not an exaggeration to say they were raised with the idea that revolution and protest, “resistance” and (incoherently) government work is the highest good. I suspect that J. K. Rowling was raised that way too, from the fact that the only things she could think of for her characters to aspire to were government work.

Hoyt married an American, and like Malkin, considers the USA magic dirt: Vox Day called her on that error. What is more significant is that she grew up in Portugal, so saw a colour revolution and left propaganda first hand as the Fascist Phalangists were taken down during her childhood. She likes a democracy. Her observation, as someone who is not American of America, is parallel to my experience of the same caste. And painfully accurate.

The hatred of any profession is a standard ploy of the left. Police included.

The woke morons raised by that generation (mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, though my kids are based) are now setting the policies for society. Which will not work in the USA, because the cure for violent looters is overwhelming violence.

One thing these latest batch of riots seem to be revealing is that conventional policing is impossible in the Synopticon. The Panopticon is a situation where the few watch the man, like in a prison or an authoritarian state. The Synopticon is where the many watch the few, like a theater. The crowd watches the actors on the stage. In modern America, we have a combination of both. The state and its technology patterns watch us, while the masses and their cameras watch the police.

Most of the debate about the emerging surveillance state focuses on the state and its private collaborators spying on citizens. So far, we have not had a riot over Apple harvesting your metadata. We have been convulsed by video of cops beating blacks turning up on social media. Just wait until deep fakes make it possible for people to post realistic fake videos of cops abusing blacks. What happens when activists can use technology to identify the cops and that gets posted on-line?

If you are a cop, unless you are a rage-head moron, you have to realize that your range of motion is increasingly restricted. In these riots, the cops have been mostly useless, because there is no way for them to be effective. Even if they are following direct orders to end the violence, they know their bosses will not back them if a video of them getting rough with a hooligan shows up on-line. If a rioter captures one of them using colorful language in a melee with rioters, the cop is fired.

It will be interesting to see how this works out. Let’s look at Australia, where the protests have been made illegal. If you walk in Melbourne, that pantopticon from hell, you will be fined. That might be the new way of policing — treat offenses as an extra tax. Please note these new organizations, suddenly funded.

The Australian protests are also a show of support for the Aboriginal community and highlight high levels of indigenous incarceration and deaths in custody.

NSW’s highest court has banned the Sydney protest because it breaches coronavirus restrictions but it is unlikely to stop marchers.

About 5000 people were expected to rally at Sydney Town Hall in honour of Floyd and Australian man David Dungay Jr.

But Supreme Court Justice Des Fagan on Friday declined to approve the Stop All Black Deaths in Custody rally as an authorised public assembly.

Before the decision, however, Dungay’s mother vowed she would march regardless of the ruling.

Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy said authorities have always feared an outbreak in indigenous communities.

Professor Murphy said that while people had the right to protest, mass gatherings were dangerous in the midst of a pandemic.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison also urged Australians not to attend protests.

Thousands of protesters are expected at the rally in Melbourne.

Protest organisers Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance have stressed safety of the community is paramount while also insisting the event outside Victoria’s Parliament House will go ahead.

Victoria Police have warned rally organisers could be fined $1651 because of COVID-19 restrictions and that fines could also be issued to individuals.

7 news

This weekend will tell. The President is dealing with a federal situation, as is the PM of Australia. I expect these things will burn out. For the woke, and the cities that coddle the woke, this will indeed end badly.

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1 year ago

Vox Day is actually full of shit. I don’t consider America Magic Dirt, he does.
America is supposed to magically make you American if you have had all your ancestors here for three generations. That’s my husband’s family annd LET ME BE VERY CLEAR about half of them are outright communists.
If you look through my blog (VD is really good at seeing only what he wants) there is post after post about how we SHOULD NOT take groups of immigrants because that makes acculturation practically impossible, and how even for immigrants who WANT to acculturate, acculturation is Very VERY difficult.
Just because a rando who has his own ax to grind attributes to me opinions I’ve never had and gives it a cute name, it don’t make it true.
Kindly inform yourself, by reading: