The COVID implosion: throw the doctors under the bus.

We are told not to trust princes. We definitely should not rely on their ministers. David Clark is showing his inner political weasel, and disavowing the political party and ministry from the bureaucrats he is supposed to administer.

Ashley Bloomfield is a public health physician and medical bureaucrat. It’s worth noting that he bought the military to supervise quarantine quietly, and the health staff and military were too flexible with the rules.

Health Minister David Clark has effectively thrown Ashley Bloomfield under the bus while the crestfallen health chief stood next to him – and it was all caught on camera.

Speaking about quarantine bungles at a media stand-up yesterday, Clark said: “The director-general has accepted that the protocol wasn’t being followed. He has accepted responsibility for that and has set about putting it right.”

In the background, Dr Bloomfield looks down briefly, appearing dejected at the comment – a moment captured by a MediaWorks camera operator and described as ‘brutal’ by MediaWorks political editor Tova O’Brien.

The clip – which follows controversy over New Zealand’s lax quarantine rules – has gone viral on social media.

Many people have been quick to defend Dr Bloomfield while also heavily criticising Clark, who broke lockdown rules on two occasions himself, and was demoted in the Cabinet by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Otago Daily Times

The issue is not being mean. It is being competent. I have some sympathy for the politicians, because they said close the border. But they allowed regulations that allow flight crews, ships crews, and returning NZers in, some without quarantine. They should have read them carefully, knowing they had to take full responsibility.

The trouble is that we managed to get our caseload down to ZERO. So anyone with a NZ passport — Kiwis live everywhere — or an ability to lobby the cabinet into getting them in (the Avatar crew and America’s cup competitors) is trying to get here. This is blowing up. Last week there was goodwill, and the issue was fixing the leaks. But the problem was not 300 odd in without testing — it was more like 20K. And you can rely on the left to ignore responsibility, anywhere. Matt Briggs comments, correctly.

Push back against the lies, distortions, and absolute bullshit. They are losing control too soon before the election, they don’t like it, and they’re scrambling.

It is bullshit. Every approved flak, academic, and pol said screw social distancing if rioting, looting, and mayhem was your goal, just as these same bottom feeders said social distance was a must if attending a Trump rally. Or in opening businesses by other than skateboard through the window.

Our enemies want you to forget the headlines above (we had several last week, too). They are hoping you are stupid enough to believe what they tell you because they are in charge.

Look out your window. It is clear we are living in a time when those above us are the dumbest of any leaders in all of history. Want more proof?

William S Briggs

From the local point of view, there were three more cases today, all in quarantine. The opposition are defending Bloomfield, and noting that the minister has the final responsibility.

We are in winter. The time to fear novel viruses, particularly if you are older, is now.