One stupid workout.

There are far too many people trying to get woke points by supporting the current black lives matter hysteria. Some of them are writing things that will make you suffer.

Such as this unofficial crossfit workout.

I Can’t Breathe
1,600 meter Run
30 Burpees
800 meter Run
20 Burpees
400 meter Run
10 Burpees
400 meter Run
20 Burpees
800 meter Run
30 Burpees
1,600 meter Run

You should not give money to those who hate you, and any box that puts this on the program hates you. It has no physiological benefit, unless you crank the intensity way way down.

If you have a really strong aerobic base and you are starting interval training after hill and strength work, then you will often do a very high bulk workout but it will be at decreased intensity. When I was young, dumb and uncoached, I used one of Daw’s workouts to start such work.

2 mile warm up.
4 x 200m
4 x 400m
4 x 800m
4 x one mile
4 x 800 m
4 x 400 m
4 x 200 m
2 mile cooldown.

I went into that run with 20 -25 long runs for six months behind me, and I knew that it was 15 miles of running, so the intervals were not full pace. I aimed at about 5:30 to 6 minute miles — when I would do long runs at 7:30 to 8 min a mile pace. It was more about starting to run a little fast than full sprints.

Sprint training was just before racing, as part of tapering.

Lydiard would start at the same time with a xix mile time trial , once a week, and no more than 80%.

Why did these old coaches — and Daws and Lydiand both coached Olympic medalists — insist on low intensity?

Because there is an anaerobic hole. When you sit just above aerobic threshold and stay there — which is what you do in a race — you don’t build up enduravce or stamina or strength. Instead you destroy them.

The author of this workout comments on his facebook page:

I’m so incredibly honored and humbled that my tribute workout in memory of George Floyd was accepted and published by WODwell on all platforms. Let’s come together, be positive, and get some work in!
I was inspired to create this workout simply because as a society we are all hurting in some way, shape or form right now. The loss of George Floyd couldn’t have come at a more inopportune time. As a young African American man and first responder I want the best outcome for all people. We need to come together, and I believe any platform or arena where functional fitness is a viable outlet can help move us in the right direction. I think what we all need, myself included is a positive way to channel our emotions and pain during these times of injustice. If this workout helps at least one person to push through and challenge themselves in a positive way then I have succeeded. I think the name “I Can’t Breathe” is an important reminder of the injustice that has sparked the need for change in all of us. The times we are experiencing humble us and remind us how much we can really push ourselves even when life seems to be crushing down on top of us. The message is not meant to offend anyone. The title is not meant to be a play on words. There is no correlation between his pain and the strenuous capacity of this workout. It’s meant to be a reminder of the injustice, to accept the challenge of change and adversity head on.

Angelo Rogers

There are some kinds of tests you should have out of competition.

  1. A test of aerobic capacity. This may be a hill climb, a walking track, or a known running route. Doing it with a heart rate within the aerobic range — the only reason in my view to have a heart rate monitor — will test you but not destroy you. If you get too puffed (and my test route has 20% grades, so it will) then stop. The clock keeps on going. If your aerobic capacity goes up, this tie should go down. You should be not that sore the next day, or you have gone too hard.
  2. Technique tests. Being able to hold a plank. Increasing number of strict pushups, pull ups. Being able to do more challenging moves. Since I have the flexibility of a girder, and poor coordination, any of these is a celebration
  3. Short, intense, maximum efforts. These include one rep maximum lifts, and the classic “girl” workouts in crossfit that leave you in a pool of sweat. These are all overtly anaerobic: because they should be well under three minutes (if not scale so they are) then you can recover

The crazy workouts, such as this one, Murph, and similar workouts, are more akin to running a 30 — 50 km race or doing a cycling time trial — they are sport, and a goal to work to. After that peak effort you will have to rest, decrease intensity, and rebuild. or you will risk injury.

Don’t do this. The motivation for this workout may be good, but it will push your cortisol through the roof, leading to increased insulin, carbohydrate craving, inflammation, and at the extreme this can include the heart (a common occurrence post marathons t the sharp end of the field — as someone who used to be in the top 50 of fields in my youth, I speak from experience, and I still have injuries I have to manage from that time.

Walk out of the box if it is scheduled. If the coach protests, find another box. It will not help you. For what it is worth, this is today’s crossfit workout, and it is achievable, with enough rest between maximum aerobic efforts to allow for recovery.


3 rounds for time of:

Run 800 meters
Rest 2 minutes

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