20 June 2020

Yes, this is going up late: life got in the way. There are things that needed doing this morning. Last night we were told on Pravda One that about 20 000 people had been allowed through the borders for various financial and compassionate reasons since the border was supposedly tightly monitored and we were allowed to have freedom of movement and social interaction. This left me feeling sick to the stomach. Three new cases of COVID so far: and no good options left.

Yes, I know that NZ has been relatively spared: the virus hit in summer and we are a series of isolated islands. Yes, I know that the number of cases are increasing the the USA as the state governments allow riots while micromanaging behaviour (California… Texas… not sure where else). In bad seasons, though we warn and pray and repent individually the corporate punishment of the nations continues. And we need to pray this: that we ourselves will be led not into temptation or trial.

And illnesses are as much a trial as your city being run by anarchists.

Psalm 69:11-15

11 When I made sackcloth my clothing,
I became a byword to them.
12 I am the talk of those who sit in the gate,
and the drunkards make songs about me.
13 But as for me, my prayer is to you, O Lord.
At an acceptable time, O God,
in the abundance of your steadfast love answer me in your saving faithfulness.
14 Deliver me
from sinking in the mire;
let me be delivered from my enemies
and from the deep waters.
15 Let not the flood sweep over me,
or the deep swallow me up,
or the pit close its mouth over me.

Be aware that persecution and and will come. In times of apostasy, to say the truth is deemed by those in power treason: they want you to parrot their lies. In those times, being a prophet is risky, but being a faux prophet is profitable: those whose lies are acceptable to the rulers (who have fallen into alignment with the spirit of the age) will be promoted to high office in the public church.

This process has destroyed the witness of the Anglican Church in the UK and the Episcopalian and Presbyterian Churches in the US. Yes, I know there are remnants in both: but they are at the parish level. To get promoted to have to appease the Apostates, or they will damn you: the modern equivalent of the stocks is a social media virtue signal mob.

Jeremiah 20:1-6

20 Now Pashhur the priest, the son of Immer, who was chief officer in the house of the Lord, heard Jeremiah prophesying these things. 2 Then Pashhur beat Jeremiah the prophet, and put him in the stocks that were in the upper Benjamin Gate of the house of the Lord. 3 The next day, when Pashhur released Jeremiah from the stocks, Jeremiah said to him, “The Lord does not call your name Pashhur, but Terror On Every Side. 4 For thus says the Lord: Behold, I will make you a terror to yourself and to all your friends. They shall fall by the sword of their enemies while you look on. And I will give all Judah into the hand of the king of Babylon. He shall carry them captive to Babylon, and shall strike them down with the sword. 5 Moreover, I will give all the wealth of the city, all its gains, all its prized belongings, and all the treasures of the kings of Judah into the hand of their enemies, who shall plunder them and seize them and carry them to Babylon. 6 And you, Pashhur, and all who dwell in your house, shall go into captivity. To Babylon you shall go, and there you shall die, and there you shall be buried, you and all your friends, to whom you have prophesied falsely.”

It requires courage to be a prophet, and great discernment by the elders to distinguish true prophecy from false. There are two tests: the word of a true prophet becomes true (note that repentance and turning to the Lord can delay things: this happened to Nineveh and to Judah when they had a righteous king). The second is that true prophecy is from God and concordant with his will and nature.

But is requires no courage at all to be a false prophet. You will preach against what the rulers of the nations preach against: in a time that worships tolerance and inclusion and hates to discuss sin or righteousness, you will never preach sin and righteousnss. Your prophecy will be false.

And this will lead to people leaving.

“We drove all the men away and now can’t afford to stay open. We could repent of female empowerment but instead, we’ll let militant atheists house illegal immigrants on our land. Section 8 housing forced upon our neighbors is how God loves humanity!”

We should do good to our neighbours and to our society, true. But herein lies a trap. The number of failed, apostate preachers who decide that social activism is an easier way to make a living is too numerous to count, even in my small town. A fair number of social revolutionaries use social activism as a vector to recruit cannon fodder for an overthrow of the ruling caste.

And we should instead preach the gospel and make disciples.

We have one job. Our generation is apostate. We need to preach Christ, in season and out of season. If we are not getting complaints that we are offensive from our promethean elite, we are probably not doing that job.

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