The world or the community of faith.

Over this weekend I have seen news of riots in the USA, relating to the alleged murder of a man in Minneapolis, whose death was probably not related to asphyxiation. The riots are strangely coordinated, as if something was planned.

I’m nost sure if it is incompetence, malevolence or that God has not finished destroying the leaders of a people who have tunred from God, but it appears that lawlessness is now approved by the one party (progressive) state.

Anarchy is the worst of evils that can afflict a people. Societies can survive the cruelty of tyrants and the blunders of demogratic governments, but anarchy — the destruction of law — brings about a state of affairs in which no man’s life or property is safe. Minneapolis did not have to go up in flames Thursday night. I watched live, in real time, as authorities surrendered the city to the mob. The mayor seems to be the sort of worthless liberal one typically finds in California, and the media’s role in fomenting this riot was familiar: Endless replaying of video of a racial “incident” on cable news, so that the audience is subjected to the image of George Floyd being suffocated to death over and over and over.

The media don’t do this because they are interested in “social justice”; they do it because they believe that this kind of coverage will help “energize” black voters and thus elect more Democrats. And when, predictably, there is a backlash against this media-driven political narrative — when people reject the intended message — the result is condemned as proof of white racism. Lather, rinse, repeat.

The Other McCain

This does not end well. Adam comments — it is worth noting that he conflates Australia, where the elite are pushting for client status with the Chinese Communist Party, with the woke Americans, who think that the bloodhsed of the US civil war was too low a price to pay for freeing the slaves of the Old South.

You live by the vibrancy, you die by the vibrancy. In this case it’s Somalian pirates, such sweet things they are. The Dems are desperate for Trump not to be re-elected. They’ll do anything. Anything at all. Burn their own cities even and then report that there’s nothing to see here, folks. Move along. move along. Go back to your burning homes. They say that the US Civil War ended in 1865. Nope, that’s just when the official shooting stopped. The bill still has to be paid and its waiting for a full accounting. And while it unfolds, China will make its move. Good luck, Australia. It was nice knowing you.

Not quite accurate. The bellwether of Australian Wokeness is that decaying boomer, Peter Garrett and his band midnight oil. Who forget that making the Aborignial peoples on Australian citizens meant that the elders could not keep them away from the hooch, and it is only now that the courts will allow tribes to make regulations that allow them to live with a modicum of health.

Bastards could write a good song though.

This is not how it should be. We are supposed to be families, and as families be supported by the church — from food left at the door for women who have infants or are sick to providing safe housing for students, the disabled and the elderly (ideally together). The church used to the foundation of the community. We have lost that.

One thing that became evident in these postings is this: In the process of courtship, and in maintaining our marriages, we need to rely on a larger community of believers. But in fact, we cannot, because the church is corrupt or defunct, and our marriages and families have suffered accordingly.

In centuries past, the church played a central role in providing a moral setting for social interactions, which included not only births, baptisms, marriages, and funerals, but also town hall meetings, barn raisings, political bandstanding, and coordinating makeshift or temporary shelters for weary travelers, the homeless, and orphans. Moreover, the church was the heart of the community.

But over the past 50 years or so, people have no longer relied on the church to perform these extra social functions. As a result, the church’s ability to serve people in this way has grown rusty from disuse, if not altogether forgotten.

For some reason, people never noticed the disappearance of the churches’ role in our lives.

I am going to paraphrase a lot of stuff from other writers, but as far as I can see the consensus around governance of a city nation under Christ has always included:

  • An independent priesthood. The church is loyal to Christ, and not to the king. The churches headed by the king get politicized: in godly times theological divisions fuel political parties, and in fallen times the church is compromised by worldly rulers. The priesthood should be male, educated, and pious. At times, this will mean there are heresy trials, and there is church discipline, with priests defrocked, imprisoned, or banished to a silent order to meditate and pray.
  • A king (perhaps called a president) obedient unto God. This civil magistrate can be elected, but is better appointed: anyone who whats the job is not suited for it. The saving grace of the aristocracy is that the King is drafted into his position: he has no choice. The king’s duties are to protect the realm and support true religion. All else is dross. Advisers are useful, a method of seeking opinions from a council of elders — perhaps a parliament with limited franchise — is of use. But the civil magistrate keeps the peace, within and without the nation.
  • A series of civil groups subservient to the above: this will involve guilds, scholarly colleges, and so on. It is turtles, so to speak all the way down. The terminology may change, but it should look something like this.
    • For every emperor, a patriarch
    • For every king, an archbishop
    • For every dukedom, a bishop
    • For parish and squire, a vicar
    • For every family, a husband

I leave the obvious parallels to the reader

The family thus, should be encouraged, and by this I mean old school: a husband and wife, together making children. The spinster and bachelor life is tolerated but discouraged. Those who do not burn with desire should be encouraged into Godly service within holy orders.

The current generations living have not experienced this. It was dying when the world industrialized: the elite of the old imperial kingdoms died in that long war (1914 — 1990). We are left with an anti elite, who do not preach order and hierarchy, but anarchy.

But that has never been sustainable. No nation can survive such. Some tried, and found that they needed a quasifascist correction (I would describe both Napoleon and Stalin as quasifascist).

It would be far better to come to our senses and turn to God. In that case, any constitution will do. Without God, no constitution will suffice.