Administration, it must be Monday

The main thing that has happened this week is that all the WordPress plugins have been removed from the site. I’m now using Cleantalk for spam protection, and after a few days it is now automatically blocking the spam manufactories in Russia and China. The only statistics counter I have kept is statcounter… which is now public.

Statcounter has now been around for two decades.

At the age of 16, budding web designer and developer Aodhan Cullen was looking for a way to track visitors to his client’s websites. The only available solutions were either too expensive or would often break.

To remedy this, Aodhan, took it upon himself to build a more efficient website tracker and hit counter to measure the traffic visiting his own client’s websites and display the number of visits to their pages. It soon became apparent that a fast, reliable, unobtrusive visitor tracker was a thing of much value to website owners and before long, plans were set afoot to provide this software as a service to webmasters and website owners.

Statcounter’s destiny was sealed in January 2000 when 16 year old Aodhan convinced his Dad to let him borrow his credit card to register the domain. In the 20 years since, Statcounter has grown into a powerful suite of analytics tools, installed on over 2 million websites, and continues to evolve to meet the needs of its members.

Note to commentators: I speak English. I can make out a few other Germanic and Romance languages. If you comment in anything but English, I’ll spam you straight away. If you have more than a link, I won’t see it. Read the darn commenting rules: they are there for a reason.

The month ends tomorrow, and more stats then.

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1 year ago

Bonjour. Just kidding. Still enjoying your observations and commentary. I liked the old header with the “Start a family, this might take a while graphic”. Didn’t know it was going away or I probably would have snagged a copy of it.

The Wrath of Gnon. Where half my good memes come from. The others are from Mr Wilder. Snag away: I did.