Local Pushback.

Reading today’s local paper, it looks like some of the landlords are getting antsy, particularly when the woke try to rename their historic properties, where the name is a large part of the value.

This was before the woke government dropped the ball, and let the COVID back in. Talking to people yesterday, the praise for the government had been replaced with cynicism. I live in a town that has voted Labour for over a 100 years.

The owners of the Captain Cook Hotel have no immediate plans to rename the Dunedin building.
Noel Kennedy, one of three directors of Orari Street Properties Investments Ltd which owns the building, said while Mike McLeod was free to change the name of his music venue — The Cook — he did not have the power to change the name of the building.
This meant while Mr McLeod’s venue, which is housed upstairs, could soon get a new name, the name of the building and the signs outside could remain.
Mr Kennedy said talk of the name change came as a surprise to the owners and there were no immediate plans to discuss changing the building’s name.
The name of historic pub and music venue began receiving flak in the wake of Black Lives Matter marches and a global movement to remove public statues as a protest against systematic racism.
Mr Kennedy said he had no strong feelings either way on the name change, but the issue had never come up previously with owners.
He had not thought of Captain Cook as racist and believed he was an “icon of his time”.
However, he said he was not fully informed about the topic.
Despite having no immediate plans to change the name of the building, Mr Kennedy said Mr McLeod was free to change the name of his venue.
“We support whatever Mike McLeod wants to do with his business.”
Mr McLeod previously told the Otago Daily Times he had control only over the name of the music venue, but some reporting has suggested his decision could signal the end of the Captain Cook Hotel name.
“I will have a conversation with the landlords about what they want to do about that, but ultimately that is something for them to think about.
“I know it is a historic building and I do not know if there are any issues there, so I am just changing the name of my music venue,” he said.

We are now having to contact trace. Hard. In the hope we can keep COVID out. We will need to get this tightened up because the border better stay closed until this is sorted. Regardless of how many ethnic people plea to be allowed to mourn their dead. Regardless of distress: our PM is correct right now. We can’t let the economic cost and pain we had be for naught

The border blunder that allowed two women who travelled from the UK with Covid-19 out into New Zealand has prompted contacted tracers to take extra precautions, by casting the net much more widely than they otherwise might have.

With no other current cases in New Zealand for them to deal with, it’s also expected the Ministry of Health’s contact tracers – capable of tracking down thousands of people in a day – would quickly be able to pin down those 320 people considered as close contacts.

Director general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said yesterday that he expected most to be traced by the end of the day.

The Ministry of Health considered a “close contact” as anyone with who may have been exposed to someone either suspected, probable or confirmed to have Covid-19 while they were infectious.

Normally, that included anyone who happened be sitting within 2m of the infected person, or who had face-to-face contact with them, for 15 minutes or longer.

But in the latest case, the ministry was treating anyone who was on the same flight to New Zealand as the pair – or who were staying in the same Auckland hotel during their shortened isolation period – as close contacts, explaining why such a large number had to be traced.

Otago University epidemiologist Professor Michael Baker said the Government had cast its net much wider than it might have during the thick of New Zealand’s response, back in March and April.

Otago Daily Times

This is going to be very, very interesting. The times are historic. Time to be quiet, and well away from crowds.