Notes for a time of crisis.

I am being quite selective here in my links. There have been many people I have read and I have quoted before that I won’t quote now because I know that they are in situations of risk.

Operational Security is for believers, and I won’t break one of my rules: do not out the civilians. But the situation is getting close to the edge.

In 2006 I moved from the big town in NZ — well over 1.5 million, to a small town of 100 000. For a job. The kids followed, and for a season I raised them alone. I met Kea, and when we married we pooled our assets and bought north facing land (Southern Hemisphere– that is the land with sun) and then started turning the garden into something edible. We did not really know there would be a lockdown for eight weeks — the closest was a couple of weeks when the grocery shelves were empty after the Christchurch earthquake.

I knew not to be where the crowds are. In the US, this is now an urgent matter. Peter Grant lived through the destruction of nations in Africa, and gives this advice.

If you’re in a city, or town, or suburb, or street, that’s basically indefensible, plan to move as quickly as possible to a safer environment. Pre-pack essential gear, supplies, medication, important documents, pets, etc. and be ready to toss them into your vehicles and get out as fast as possible. Be prepared to defend yourself and your loved ones as you travel. If you’re staying put, be prepared to defend your home and family and possessions. Get to know people around you. If you decide you can trust them – and don’t give your trust lightly! – form small networks of your own, to safeguard your neighborhood, families and property if worse should come to worst. Don’t delay. DO IT NOW. You won’t have time for such preparations when the chips are down.

You cannot get out of your nation: the borders are closed. You can work out which relative has the safest house and/or who has a working neighborhood and be there. He is a fan of ranged weapons, but in the Commonwealth they are basically unavailable. Do what you can, quietly.

From Didact’s Reach

But move now. You should have moved last year. If needed, quit that job and take the pay cut. Go where the property taxes are low and the schools don’t have football teams. If the town is big enough for a Starbux it is too big. Get there, get involved in the church, build a life.

You can’t eat participation trophies and electronics. Most of the places you want to be can and do grow their own food.

But, even if you live in town and cannot get out to somewhere quieter.

Stay away from crowds. I don;t care how righteoos the cause, any demonstration will be counter demonstrated and there will be violence.

It is a time to have, instead, a horizontal profile to the people monitoring our contacts — in real life and social media.