Notes on the crisis.

Hat tip to Old Remus, who usually makes an appearance in the weekly reaction, but the change and crisis is here. Even James Kunstler is perturbed.

Change? We’re getting it good and hard, and not at a rate we were prepared for. It’s hugely disorienting. It produces friction, heat, and light, which easily becomes violence. There’s, for sure, plenty we can do to make new arrangements for American life without becoming communists or Nazis, but a lot of activities have to fail before we see how that could work. The overburden of obsolete complexity is crushing us, like Derek Chauvin’s knee on George Floyd’s neck. They were both, in their way, common men, caught in the maelstrom of metaphor. That proverbial long, hot summer we’ve heard about for so long…? It’s here.

The correct response was to get out of the way. If you can, do this: there is nothing wrong with dirty, hard, difficult work (it also pays better). But you won’t have good internet and be away from family and friends, and that is painful. It will hit your net worth right now, but if the change comes good and hard those urban land values will implode.

Stop reading this and rent a U-Haul.

I know it’s not easy to get out. I do. You want to know how I know? I’ve already done it twice. The first time — this is a true story — I was just 27 years old with a wife too sick to work and only $1,500 in the bank. But I quit a steady job, got out of a blue city, and made it to rural North Carolina. And I did it with no college education, an average IQ, no financial backing from family, and a job that promised me no more than three months salary in a position where 90 percent washed out in three months. But I made it. Not because I’m special or privileged in any way.

My success was one part fear, one part hard work, and one part guts.

That’s it.

If a nobody like me can do it, anyone can do it… You can do it.

Ten years later, and only because I wanted to add “Hollywood Failure” to my résumé, I moved to Los Angeles. But I kept my house here in rural North Carolina, and nine years later I was awfully glad I did. Hey, when a city is run by the kind of Democrats who punish you for using plastic grocery bags while encouraging illegal immigration, that’s a broken city. So now we’re back in rural North Carolina, and if the locusts successfully turn North Carolina blue, I’m moving to the mountains of Wyoming.

I will not live under tyranny, under endless lockdowns, or anywhere where the political leaders arrest people who gather to worship God and then stand idly by as left-wing terrorists gather to destroy my neighborhood.

Nick Nolte, Brietbart

But you need to leave the attitude of the city behind, and be prepared to learn how to live bu those the urban leaders despise.

Ditch Diggers
Baptists, Pentecostals, Traditional Catholics.
The lady down the road who manages to grow vegetables.
The toolmakers.

Because these people know how to survive. You can’t eat a blog or an ipad. You can eat by repairing a septic tank system. )r growing all your own food (which is a full time job for one of you). The virtual economy died with globalism, some time in February. Most countries can’t afford to riot, and the blue cities know that they have just lost influence in the USA and are not fighting over what scraps remain in the Clinton Archipelago.

If you can;t be a few hundred miles from that, ensure you have security and you don’t let the city cadre raid you. Even if you are elite, the city is a place of high risk.

Those are some subplots, but it is also clear that something very strange is happening within the upper reaches of the ruling class. The top editor of the Philly Enquirer was chased off by a woke mob for stating the obvious. The NYTimes is being overrun by far-left crazies. One of their top editors was forced out. Andrew Sullivan, a long time darling of elite society, has been put on mute. It’s increasingly clear that the inner party elite is scared of the woke monster they have unleashed.

What’s happening in the big media operations sheds some light on what has been going on for two weeks. All of the groveling and cheering by liberal politicians may not be entirely genuine. They may think it is their only way to avoid being another victim of the woke army they helped to create. That’s clearly what’s happening in the media centers and probably elsewhere. The strange willingness to indulge these mobs is really about a panic rumbling through elite society.

Here Cappy really helps. It is the culture: this elite really hate themselves and care far more for pleasing the current inner party than doing their job. This is corporate cancer, and it can be terminal.

I am not going to go into an exhaustive and belabored explanation of the psychopathy behind this because it is pointless. Nobody in today’s modern self-hating zeitgeist will care. I will merely point out this is “danegeld” and the sign of cowards, pussies, weaklings, and inferior humans who have no self-respect. It is also a sign of the lack of real corporate leadership or strategy as “virtue signaling” is all modern day Gen X “corporate leaders” can come up with in terms of marketing their wares.

I sincerely hope all Target shareholders, especially those who think they are virtue signaling, lose all their money, investment, and capital bribing thugs, thieves, looters, and otherwise-general parasites not to loot/destroy their stores again. Like COVID, I am cheering on the “bad guys” because at least they’re honest and Target is the most cowardly and hypocritical of entities that absolutely deserves to be destroyed. JC Penny and Sears are merely the canaries in the coal mine.

It does not have to be that way. NZ’s tourism industry — which has made my part of the nation fairly rich farming skiers rather than sheep — is now toast. A fair amount of the tourism infrastructure and adventure tours are owned or operated by the corporate arm of the South Island Maori Tribe, Kai Tahu. Those guys married Scotsmen. They know how to count.

The borders closed, they cut costs, mothballed attractions, minimized staff. They took the hit early and limited their outgoings, because they want to survive as a corporation and iwi(tribe) for their children, and their children, for generations. They did not care about what was said by politicians and the press. They looked at the sums, did the projections and acted.

And they despise the neoMaori (with less connection to any iwi than I have, and I never claim such[1]) saying this is the Maori way, or the anti racism way, or the way of the rainbow tick. The virtue signals are a luxury the shed.

The alternative is that you are not around.

If you lead, this is an example. Have the moral courage to be seen as unpopular, unfashionable. Accept being called racist. Deal with your errors. (You will make them). Mourn the losses, and move on.

Let the fools demonstrate and wail and grieve and riot. We have families to a for and a people to protect, Being where the crowds are not does not mean that you don’t ensure that your children are abandoned: instead it means you ensure they are protected. Not merely from the riots, but from the education of fools.

  1. Fifth Generation Pakeha NZ. Of course a couple of the boys married the girl from the farm next door, managed by her dad, for their iwi. But that was one of my third cousins. The neoMaori often arrived on a boat six months ago.