It is always year zero for the woke.

It looks like the woke are rewriting history again. Queen Victoria gave money to help the Irish Potato blight, and Robbie Burns was a Scots Plowman. The woke want them to live to their standards, even in our local little town.

Dunedin’s famed Captain Cook Hotel will be renamed.

A post on the venue’s Facebook page, believed to be from operator Mike McLeod, last night outlined the reasons for changing the name, saying Captain Cook was a symbol of colonisation and oppression.

“Because people are hurting, and I didn’t do this to ostracise and hurt people, I didn’t want to remind people of oppression and suffering when they came to the venue.

“I wanted people to have fun, and I wanted the space to make some kind of positive difference to the community.”

Mr McLeod said people had suggested he change the name when he first took over the business.

“I’m no hero for taking two years to understand what they were saying.”

It was unclear what the new name of the business would be and Mr McLeod did not respond to a request for comment last night.

The Captain Cook Hotel opened in 1860, and later became a well-known music venue and watering hole for the city’s university students.

The Dunedin protester just dislikes the idea that people are unaware of the darker sides of some historic figures who are now commemorated and celebrated with statues around the city.

While some are calling for the removal of some public statues in light of protests about systemic racism following the death of American George Floyd, Mr Tait said he would prefer to see them left standing and used to highlight their colonialist or racist backgrounds.

On Saturday morning, he placed a necklace made of potatoes around the neck of the Queen Victoria statue in Queens Gardens, to remind the public she was on the throne in the 1840s when Ireland was under English rule, and hundreds of thousands of Irish died when a blight ruined potatoes, their main food source.

As a result, she is often referred to as the “Famine Queen”.

“Queen Victoria presided over a famine which saw something like a third of the Irish population die of starvation, while England was exporting grain to other countries overseas at the same time.

“The population of Ireland still hasn’t recovered. It’s still lower than it was before Queen Victoria was queen.

“That’s some of my ancestors.”

The statue was also unpopular with Maori because Queen Victoria was on the throne when the Treaty of Waitangi was signed.

Last year it was spray-painted with the words “Return stolen wealth Charles” and “Uphold Te Tiriti”.

Others in the city appeared to share Mr Tait’s views, on Saturday.

Rather than pull down the Robbie Burns statue in the Octagon, someone hung signs from it, saying “complicit in slavery” and “rapist”.

Critics of Burns have alleged he planned to make his fortune in the slave trade before his early death.

Mr Tait was pleased a debate about public art was finally happening.

“It’s good to have a conversation about it.

“I agree with people that say public art is there for debate. What you do with it, that is the question.

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Will S.
1 year ago


So now we’re policing not merely the actions, but the thoughts which never had a chance to be acted upon, of a man who was known, in his verse, as a champion of the downtrodden and disadvantaged?


The idiots in Scotland accused Robert the Bruce of teh Racism. Not joking.