A light as the tunnel ends.

In New Zealand, it appears that the COVID 19 wave has ended. There will be issues coming out of this. It is not as if we have excess capacity in the mental health care system.

Regardless of that, this is good news, and the social distancing restrictions are lifted. Apparently the PM did a little jig of happiness.

There are no active cases and no new cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand, the Ministry of Health has confirmed.

The ministry says they were notified by Auckland Regional Public Health that its remaining case has been symptom free for 48 hours and is regarded as recovered.

The person has now been released from isolation, they said.

Their case had been linked to the St Margaret’s Hospital and Rest Home cluster in Auckland.

“This is really good news for the person concerned, and it’s also something the rest of New Zealand can take heart from,” Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said in a statement.

The ministry said the individual was listed earlier on as a probable case but was removed when they tested negative for Covid-19.

Then at a later date when they again became unwell, they tested positive. They were then included in the national tally as a confirmed case, the ministry said.

Dr Bloomfield said it’s the first time since 28 February that there have been no active cases.

There are also no new cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand for the 17th day in a row, and no further deaths.

The last reported new case of Covid-19 in this country was on 22 May

Radio NZ

The are those who are banking on a disaster to foment change. They may have to accept disappointment for a while. The US economy is bouncing back, which is also good news.

There has been a shock to many economists. The unemployment rate in the USA has decreased. Truth is being said. The enemy is becoming obvious. They think that we are seeing a train coming down the tunnel, but they do not consider that this could be light. Because their histronics are revolting decent people, who are keeping a horizontal profile so that the woke don’t decide they are a subject of the next struggle session.

“Social Justice” is more than an ideology, it’s an all-consuming civil religion for the unchurched. To oppose it is to be evil, full stop. Against evil, any weapon or action is automatically sanctified.

Acknowledging the existence of other opinions is sinful, as it distracts from the mission of smiting the unrighteous.

This is why Antifa was so hot on burning churches and defacing synagogues: Competing religions that stand in their way must be destroyed.

This new religion demands the Orwellian dismantling of language so that the actions of the anointed are always sanctified: Social Justice Warrior violence is free speech, while the free speech of others is violence.

… Social Justice Warriors attacking other Social Justice Warriors for Social Justice Warrior virtue signaling, but it turns out they might have been slightly mean to some random black person 20 years ago, so all the Social Justice Warriors must now destroy her life.

And what did all this rioting, looting and arson achieve? President Donald Trump’s approval among likely black voters is now up to 41%.

Great work, Social Justice Warriors!

There seem to be two broad categories among the Social Justice Warriors: The true believers (including indoctrinated college students who don’t know any better, staffers at elite newspapers and universities, etc.), and the cynical manipulators who see it as a means to power.

The first goal of social justice is to force groupthink and obedience to the dictates of the victimhood identity politics left. To control the country, the hard left must first control the Democratic Party. The goal of controlling the Party is far more immediate and important to them than winning elections for “moderate” Democrats. Indeed, cowing opposition to SJW doctrine is far more important than the actual lives of black people, which is why rioters didn’t hesitate to destroy the livelihoods of black store owners.

(Hat tip The Other McCain. The Trumpslide is coming. The Activists have given up on winning the November election)

Is having “a truly respectful, decent, and humble dialogue” about race really that much more difficult than discussing other issues? If so, why? Isn’t the real reason that people are afraid of being “canceled” if they say the wrong thing? And why is that? Who has made it so risky to speak plainly about this issue? So what we need is not pious sermons from Harvard Law alumni, but instead someone courageous enough to say, “It’s OK if your opinion is unpopular. People shouldn’t be getting fired for disagreeing with liberals.” In fact, David French used to be engaged in such work, as an attorney for FIRE, but that was before he succumbed to Trump Derangement Syndrome. Now he’s just another liberal, an ally of the Thought Police who want to silence anyone who dissents from Officially Acceptable Opinion. The salt has lost its savour.

Well, the salt may be moving. Hong Kong is now toast, but Hong Kong is the people not the land, and another land may welcome them. They will do better that the similar number of Pakistanis who moved there a generation ago.

Hong Kong is a former British territory, and about 3 million of its 7.5 million residents hold or are eligible for a limited kind of British passport (the “British national overseas” passport issued to those born in Hong Kong before the territory was relinquished to China in 1997) that entitles them to travel to the United Kingdom but not to permanently reside or work there. As Beijing prepares to implement in Hong Kong a robust version of the totalitarianism it practices everywhere else in China — in contravention of its agreement with the British requiring the Chinese government to honor Hong Kong’s liberty and democracy — Johnson says that his government, bound by “our profound ties of history and friendship with the people of Hong Kong,” will allow all of those 3 million Hong Kongers the option of coming to the United Kingdom with the British version of a green card (renewable legal residency and permission to work) and a path to full citizenship for those who desire it.

This is an almost heroic proposal. It is also a smart one.

The United Kingdom is an astonishingly inventive and productive nation, and it punches above its weight both economically and, especially, culturally. But Hong Kong has long practiced a kind of supercharged version of British economic liberalism, and its people are even more productive than the British, with a GDP per capita about 15 percent higher than the United Kingdom’s. You don’t have a rich, smart, productive country without rich, smart, productive people, and Johnson is proposing to roll out the red carpet for 3 million of them.

We will see how each nation comes out of this. Bigger nations, with internal economies, that sell things inside their borders may do better than countries that rely largely on export of goods — and they could do much better than those who rely on tourism. Our local tourism areas have gone from significant wealth to sudden complete loss of income.

For them, the party stopped in February and it has not started again. The question of if the Fear of Going out or the fear that one’s income will disappear will affect spending remains. I think it will.

But I live in a nation that has severe crunches when the US and Europe have moderate recessions. For some this is all irrelevant: there are deaths in America from substances and crime more than COVID or the current demonstrations.

Keep away from the areas of risk, which include crowds. A little social distancing is probably good for you. And watch, for the elite are making fools of themselves: they do not want to see the dawning of the light.

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Will S.
1 year ago

I don’t agree with NR that BoJo bringing in 3M HKers is a good idea.

Many HKers left before the ’97 handover; these people are solidly anti-Communist, and have protested Beijing’s crackdown.

These people have met with counter-protests in Australia, Canada and America by other ethnic Chinese immigrants more recently arrived – who appear to be Beijing plants / stooges, despite living in the West and having the benefits of freedom.

Since the HKers left are ones who decided to stay past 1997, how can we know which ones will be genuinely freedom-loving, committed assimilationist immigrants, and which ones will be Beijing tools?

Nah, they had their chance for freedom before 1997.

Better that they stay and fight for it, there.

No, I don’t trust NR; they never consider who and compatibility when considering immigration. To them, the right answer is always more, more, more. These are globalist shills, always radically pro-immigrationist and never-Trump ideologues.

F ’em.