The Reactionary Week.

This week started with the charming Mrs Hoyt stating Vox Day was full of shit. I like her books. I like Day’s books. That is not necessarily a good thing: I also like Harlan Ellison, S.M. Stirling, John Ringo, Michael Z Williamson, Larry Correia [1]– and I disagree with statements they all make. From what I gather, Mrs Hoyt agrees that the people make the nation: it is geographers such as Peter Zehan who don’t.

It was all good for traffic, but that is not always, in these woke times, good. For all readers, please note this: I am not a citizen or descendant of the USA: I do have family in other parts of North America. My family arrived in New Zealand in from 1854 when the Taranaki settlement was set up (followed quickly by the Taranaki Land War). I’ve dealt with Maori (indigenous for no Kiwis) activists for most of my life, and generally I just refer to where that ancestor was buried.

The new immigrants have not assimilated. The melting pot was broken: this was called multiculturalism, and we now see the rancid results of that policy. I have a sneaking opinion that Hoyt and Day (who snipe at each other a lot) would agree on that. Will wrote this a while ago, but it is still true.

While I know Lucas and Abrams view The Force as some kind of New Age-y, gnostic, deist Power that the Gifted can somehow tap into, and Lucas went so far as to have Anakin conceived virginally due to ‘midichlorions’ (a blasphemous echo of the Holy Spirit’s overshadowing Mary and bringing her to a virgin conception as explained in our Scriptures), it only struck me now that for progs, the Star Wars canon itself (along with perhaps Harry Potter and other related pseudo-spiritual Millennial pop culture motifs), acts as a kind of substitute religion for them; a shared, transcendent cultural experience and mythology that reinforces all their dearly held beliefs. This is why they invoke Carrie Fisher as Leia in memes with the hashtag #Resistance against Trump, and why they cling so enthusiastically to every new episode that comes along, no matter how crappy. (I have some very close friends who gushed over the Last Jedi; I was most disappointed in them…)

This is their faith. A sad pathetic Hollywood-created faith, one that reinforces their stupid SJW dogmas, with a ‘rebel alliance’ of strong young and old white women and dark men and multicultural, multispecies / androids and a couple token white males who end up killed off / self-sacrificing, fighting against evil white male imperialists bent on universal domination.

Ah well. Too bad the franchise becomes ever less profitable with each successive new film. Eventually the shitty, derivative, SJW-propaganda-driven story-writing will kill it. Too bad that can’t be now, though.

The death spiral of this faith is now.

Thanks, Will.

Let’s get on with it.

The linkages of the week

Adam Piggot meditates on the end of the middle class.

Examining the many layers of stupidity present in the fascination of middle class whites to worship the black lives matter con is a rabbit hole that you do not want to fall into. It is the opinion of the Friday hawt chicks & links that the middle class as an entity is an aberration that human societies can never survive. We go well when we have an aristocracy, a priesthood, a warrior caste, and the numberless serfs. Everyone knows their place. But the middle class is an unnatural condition in which is contained the seeds of its own destruction. The middle class exists in spite of a healthy society, not because of it. Thus the people who inhabit the middle class feel a variety of emotions and fears. They feel guilt at inhabiting a place which they do not deserve. They feel unsatisfied as they imagine that it is their due to rise even higher on the artificial societal totem pole. And they feel real fear that they might slip back into the ranks of the unwashed.

The middle class whites that you see displaying their virtue do so with these motivations as their driving force. And the black population at an instinctive level understands and exploits it.

Wilder has his monthly assessment as to how close we are to collapse: he things it is two minutes to midnight.

Thank you, Mr WIlder.

6. People actively avoid being near those of opposing ideology. Might move from communities or states just because of ideology.
7. Common violence. Organized violence is occurring monthly.
8. Opposing sides develop governing/war structures. Just in case.
9. Common violence that is generally deemed by governmental authorities as justified based on ideology.
10 Open War.

In the first issue of the Civil War Weather Report, I put together ten steps to a new civil war. I did not expect that on the one year anniversary of that first report we’d move from step 6 nearly to step 9. Step 9. is, of course, two minutes to midnight.

We are very, very close. I debated internally more than a bit whether we were at an 8. or a 9. this month. I finally decided to stay at an 8., despite multiple jurisdictions doing everything but arming the rioting faction of the protest movement with automatic firearms and bullhorns that make them all sound like Gilbert Gottfried.

Mr Wilder has a lot of links. Go look at them. But not at work.

The ongoing revolution

Most people are not activists: they are normies. They want to get on with their lives, be decent citizens, have a little fun, and will bend to the will of the current rulers. In more godly times, they warm the pews. But these are not Godly times, and the revolution has little time for such. Stalin called such kulaks and starved them.

And where the Democratic endgame is starting, and the leftist are setting up revolutionary communes, they are suffering.

Please imagine, for a moment, that you’re a business owner or resident inside the boundaries of that zone. Suddenly your customers and suppliers no longer have free access to your business; suddenly your right to the peaceful enjoyment of your residence is interrupted by radical activists who are controlling entrance to and exit from the zone. You may face demands for access to your facilities at any time, and any refusal may draw accusations that you’re “racist” or “reactionary” or (perish the thought!) “conservative”. You may be expected to “support the people” by donating supplies to the “masses”, whether you like it or not. Refusal is unlikely to be well received.

Worst of all, to my mind, is that local police deliberately and openly abandoned their own precinct building, opening the way for the radicals to take over. I doubt very much whether police took this decision on their own initiative. I’m pretty sure it was imposed on them by city administrators. Despite claims that the precinct will remain staffed, it’s now clear that those staff are not using their own headquarters building, which has been taken over by the mob. Police are patrolling from mobile staging areas instead, and appear to be voluntarily remaining outside the self-declared “Autonomous Zone”. What this means for you, if you live and/or work inside that zone, is that you can no longer rely on police protection or assistance. You’re on your own.

This is happening with official support. BLM are accepted parts of the power structure. Where this is not the case, the demonstrations are stopping. Lcoals are taking the protection of valued memorials into their own hands. This will lead to a Trumpslide, but the revolutionaries don’t want you voting unless they can cheat.

This has now morphed to New Zealand, where the green party has decided that BLM is a winner. Well, the current greens are scum: disaffected Maori, Immigrants, hipsters and soyboys. They have been poison when in government, and I hope they don’t get 5%, so crash out of Parliament in September. My fear is that Labour will gift them Central Auckland or Central Wellington so they get back in.

“We acknowledge the broader exasperation and anger of black and brown communities in the US who have lost yet another life to systemic racism. Let us not forget that Ahmaud Arbery, another black man, was recently shot whilst running in Georgia.

“These deaths occur within a justice system with a deeply imbedded culture of systemic racism and violence. These deaths are built on centuries of injustices and social inequities.

“The disease of state based discrimination is not constrained to American borders. We must acknowledge that here in New Zealand, at every single step of the justice system, Māori face increased discrimination”, Green Party Justice spokesperson Golriz Ghahraman said.

“This means that Māori experience more arrests, more prosecutions, longer jail sentences, more brutality, and deaths, than Pākehā in similar circumstances.

“As a nation, we must collectively come together and reflect on how we build a new normal where all New Zealanders are treated equally and with respect”, Marama Davidson said.

Kiwi cops have militarized. Sort of: they have semi automatic guns available in their cars. They don’t have armoured vehicles. Most of the time they are unarmed.

It is true that half the prison population is Maori. This is disproportionate, even compared with Pacific Island Nations who have been here for a couple of generations. They are in court in proportion to their population while Maori are not: both are around 15% of the population. What is more interesting, is that in Australia, where the cops are more militarized, the Maori don’t appear in the statistics.

The greens are woke, progressive, and are full into the error of cultural arrogance, which has been lethal this week. Peter Grant, who lived for years in Africa, comments.

I was very sad to read that news, but not surprised. In any primitive culture, anything that doesn’t fit the traditional narrative is regarded with suspicion and distrust. From attacks on medical teams trying to use modern medicine to treat Ebola in Africa, to the burning alive of suspected “witches”, to the murder of albinos in Tanzania to obtain their body parts for shamanistic rituals and “medicine”, to the “cargo cults” of the Pacific, the problem of primitive, uneducated, non-scientific (or rather pre-scientific) culture is rampant in much of the Third World.

The biggest problem is not that such lack of understanding exists: it’s that those from a modern scientific background can’t understand or appreciate the depths of superstition confronting them in such places. They don’t take enough time or trouble to understand local beliefs and attitudes, or to explain what they’re doing and why. They simply press on with their studies and research, because they don’t want to “waste time” explaining what they know locals are unlikely to understand.

That’s what leads to tragedies like this. Because the locals feel ignored and “left out”, they naturally put the worst possible interpretation on what they see the outsiders doing. If that threatens the foundations of their belief system or culture, they’re going to do something about it. In this case, Mr. Choc Che was the victim of that response, with locals assuming his medicines had caused the death of the sick person he tried to help.

We are not that civilized. What we are, when it comes to war, is organized. It is how we won the Waikato Invasion in the 1860s{2}: logistics trumps warrior spirit. My fear, as statues are being taken down, is that this will end very badly.

Short stuff

J. K. Rowling is being shunned by the woke, but she was involved in making them.

The clear injustice of taking out any civil war monument in the USA will blow back.

It is not getting warm in OZ: it’s getting cold. Real cold. It’s warmer in Dunedin than this.

Greg Glassman is right, so he has been kicked out of Crossfit, which is his creation. Organised crossfit as a sport will now implode, and as boxes it will struggle because it does cost a fair bit.

That’s enough for this week. The woke guard are now rampaging through the institutions. This will burn out locally, because it is winter, the wage subsidies from COVID end in the next fortnight or so, and the economic crunch is starting.

If you can, support the business which are run by good blokes.

And stay away from crowds.

  1. None of these science fiction writers are as good as Eco, Pound, Donne, Lewis, Tolkien, Tolstoy, Eliot, Solzhenitsyn, Schaeffer or Austen. They are, however, the equivelent of Sayers, Robert Graves and other genre writers from the previous generations.

  2. Not my family: we were in the Taranaki. I should add that, as an Aucklander born and raised. I don’t like Hamilton. The best view of the Tron is in the rear vision mirror.

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