Going Retrograde during the election.

The ongoing purge of the National Party continues, aided and abetted by the Labour party, the left, and the press. One MP was found drunkenly sexting a university student: Gone. He appears to now have multiple women saying the same thing had happened. The right wing showed they were still orthodox Keynesians by bringing forward some proper motorways for the other end of New Zealand which will cost billions but save a lot of lives. And that is apart from the usual sledging, sign destruction and vandalism, that have been part of elections for at least the four decades I’ve been voting.

What should matter is that we have a righteous king and a holy Church. We no longer have a king — Her Majesty’s powers are delegated to a Governer-General, which the polticial class delignt in appointing a symbol of their wokeness into, and the church was never established here: if anything the public religion is a mismash of pantheism and Islam. We are told, frequently, that Christains are not the spirit of the age, which Trotter shows from his old school social democrat position.

A descent into the teens would see National transformed into an ultra-conservative rump party. Brim-full of far-right fundamentalist Christian evangelists (who would in no way have been displeased to lose their more liberal colleagues in the electoral rout) such a culturally out-of-touch National Party would have nothing to offer the well-educated, socially-liberal, metropolitan professionals whose support has played such a crucial role in keeping National a mainstream political force.

He sees progress son the side of the socially liberal. I see that the social liberals gutted the security of the Methodist Working Class Maori and Pakeha — the theologians ruined the church and the politicians the suburb — before I hit High School. They have got worse since.

It’s time to go retrograde. If we are not being called Ultraconservative and Irrelevant by the current bunch of woke fools, we are not being effective.

Its the economy…

This came via Peter Grant, who linked to the second post but missed the first. I’ve got late millenial children. Two of them are getting established: one locally and one rurally. The rural one wants to live in his small town. The local one wants to move to a small town. The third son is sorting out houses after a loss, and will then work out what he wants. None of us want to live in the big city. That’s NZ. In the USA, it will be nastier. Because remote work is easier and more pleasant.

Daughter lived through the last global financial crisis. Downsize now, and get rid of the mortgage, unless you must be at a place to work.

As they can work remotely they do not go to one region they spread out. Many simply select a climate and area they like, many move back to the area they grew up in to be closer to family. The key is no one region benefits in a big way. Rents plummet (they already are google, “declining rent” if you doubt me) and land lords can’t fill all vacancies. Soon the rent they can get is negative against the debt they must service. Selling their properties gets harder.

As others wish to leave they find their houses are worth far less then they have been told they are worth. They either sell for what they can get, are stranded, get foreclosed on or abandon the mortgage. Driving down all the surrounding suburban prices down even further. Next the companies start selling or trying to sub lease office space but in a decline well their accountants say, “just abandon it, we can deal with it via laws and accounting. Our sub corp owns the property anyway, we will just declare it bankrupt”.

Let me be clear you don’t need an 80% drop in population to destroy prices, nor 50%, nor 20%, frankly 3-5% is bad and 8-10% is catastrophic

To make this work, you homeschool, and swap the jobs around. Perhaps grandpa and grandma homeschool. Perhaps the husband does it. But you then don’t need to live in a high property value area to get into a good school — before I left Auckland, moving into that zone would cost you more than a good house does where I now live.

Just two weeks ago my estimate was that we would have about 2.5 – 5 million new home schoolers in 2020 even when schools open back up. I based it on the test drive conversion being 5-10%. I am now upping that estimate to as high as 15 million over the next two years. I do a daily podcast with 250,000 listeners, that is a good sample size. The shear number of emails I have received recently and comments on social media stating that “my kids are never going back” has been massive. I have been forecasting the demise of the current education system as a mega trend for a while but the acceleration caused by CoVid is shocking even to me. Even in my personal relationships, I have recently had parents I know, whom I never thought would home school tell me that they are switching.

The reasons are obvious, first you got the test drive effect. Parents have seen positive changes with children and had relationships improve, behavior improve, etc. It is no longer a theory. Once they got organized they too saw kids doing 8-9 hours of school work in about two hours. They then started asking, “what the F are they doing with my kids for the other 6 hours and then why are they coming home with 2-4 hours of home work”.

This is now practical experience, not a theory. Additionally, the idiotic standards schools are talking about like only having school three days a week, expecting kids to wear masks all day long and never get within 6 feet of each other are simply not practical. They are however, pushing even more parents into saying “no you are not going to do that to my child”.

Teachers are now looking at job security. They can make money tutoring and in private lessons. But the number of state school jobs is dropping, just as the local ministry of education has tightened up teacher registration paperwork — which drove both my parents, in their eighties, out of the profession, and yes, they were both working. Their kids are leaving the profession too.

Kea commented a couple of days ago, that now, jobs stacking shelves in the supermarket are competed for. Vigorously. And the real economic crash has not hit yet.

More to follow here

The virus fascists

I got the Guardian weekly this week for the reportage of what is going on in Melbourne. As over here, there is a good description of how central government does not work with the people on the ground. There is also a good description of how the Left have ghettoized immigrants, while claiming to be non racist, woke, and right on. Andrews, when you have lost the Guardian…

They love the power, these totalitarians. Daniel Andrews has never shown himself as anything other than stoopid. But he likes the power to tell everybody else what to do. He has screwed up every single thing he has done since becoming Premier, and especially the lockdown, but he gets to give the orders. He has even sold out Victoria to the Communist Party of China to cover his fantastically large deficit expenditures. Disgusting.

The Catallaxy Files

Meanwhile in that other progressive hellhole, Canada.

Our rulers deem our rights are immaterial, because we are deplorable. Heinlein had this down correctly: all rights are based on violence or the threat of violence.

I was not making fun of you personally; I was heaping scorn on an inexcusably silly idea — a practice I shall always follow. Anyone who clings to the historically untrue and thoroughly immoral doctrine that violence never settles anything I would advise to conjure up the ghosts of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington and let them debate it. The ghost of Hitler could referee and the jury might well be the Dodo, the Great Auk, and the Passenger Pigeon. Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and their freedoms.”
He sighed. “Another year, another class — and for me another failure. One can lead a child to knowledge but one cannot make him think.” Suddenly he pointed his stump at me. “You. What is the moral difference, if any, between the soldier and the civilian?”
“The difference, I said carefully, “lies in the field of civic virtue. A soldier accepts personal responsibility for the safety of the body politic of which he is a member, defending it, if need be, with his life. The civilian does not.”
“The exact words of the book,” he said scornfully. “But do you understand it? Do you believe it?”

Starship Troopers, Robert Heinlein, 1959

That includes free speech. This blog ain’t free: I pay for it. This blog is anonymous, because I live in a university town full of morons who consider that free speech is only the speech that makes them safe; the bible is full of warnings that our life is no longer safe. Like Gandalf Stormcrow, I croak the old truths. Your speech has consequences. Adam again.

No speech is without consequences.

Walk up to a huge biker on the street and tell him that you slept with his mother and that she was a dead root and watch what happens to you.

Stand up in the middle of a performance and begin abusing the performers and calling them names and see how long you last in the building.

Tell a police officer in no uncertain terms what you think of him and see how you go.

Intentionally say something to hurt a loved one, a cherished member of your family, and eventually you’ll wish that you could dial back time and get to a place where those words never came out of your mouth.

Once you say it you can never unsay it.

Words have power, and thus words are loaded with responsibility. Our leaders used to understand that. You could not criticize our institutions for the sole objective of tearing them down. You could hardly criticize them with the objective of building them up. They were protected and thus they persevered.

The Church is no longer protected, and it is in an abject state of decline. It has not been protected from malicious speech for over 50 years. On the other hand no criticism of Islam is allowed. Free speech is not on the agenda when it comes to Islam, and thus Islam is on the ascendancy. One is protected, one is not.

Words count.

Adam Piggott, 2018

The Pushback

Victoria is mandating masks. Good. It means that both sides are disguised.

So you’re saying we are required by law to conceal our identity. In 2017 the Victorian government introduced laws to ban face masks at protests, primarily as a means of further intimidating people standing up to Antifa in public. Getting assaulted by a far left terrorist whenever one tries to do non-leftist political activism in public has been a given in Melbourne for years. It has also been a given that the Victorian government is never going to shut the far left terrorists down, because they are a tacit paramilitary arm of the Victorian government. Having your face splashed all over the news and being made to look like the bad guy, even when you’re bleeding from the head, has also been a given in Victoria.

Until this coming Thursday.

Melbourne has been the most left wing city in the most left wing state in the country for quite some time. This means that oppressive Marxist measures as soon as the Chinese Diversity Flu appeared were a given. We know the lockdown will never really end. Having an excuse to wear a mask again evens up the score, just a little.

Dick Ears Dan has even given us licence to show a little creativity:

“Masks or face coverings, a homemade face covering whether it be a bandana, a scarf, a mask, no matter what grade that mask is at, is better than no face covering at all.”

So the Donald Trump skull mask is fine.

Bane mask is fine.

Something that will strike fear into the hearts of your enemy, ideal.

Even from normies, the Andrews government could face unforeseen consequences. Anonymity encourages people to play a character, and gives people the illusion of a disconnect between their actions and consequences.

Clownworld just gets more Clownworld.

But in the USA, where Antifa have a death rate, the local mayors and governers in the leftist state are suing the government for enforcing federal because apparently you have a civil right to riot.

Of course it is political theatre. Marxists have been engaged in political theatre for like, ever, but the black lives matter riots are about as classical as political theatre can get. Use mass, brute thuggery against Americans. Make people scared to oppose your political views by making it clear that anybody who does will lose their job, have their business burned to the ground, or they will be bashed and even killed. Even when you’re dead, Twitter mobs and the media will declare that you deserve death because you were an evil racist. Use this climate of fear and intimidation to push the Overton Window as far to Satan’s side as you possibly can.

So, the God Emperor has responded with his own political theatre. The Feds understand that they cannot approach rioters in officially marked cars, as these tend to get mobbed and firebombed regardless of whether they are manned or not. So use unmarked cars. They know if they stick around too long a swarm will eventually materialise and slowly overwhelm them like zombies. So you use speed and surprise. Identify the target, grab the target, get out, and leave the babies crying behind you. Now the hunters become the hunted. The far left now know what it is like to live in a climate of fear

The average Kiwi is fairly fed up with the current politically fascist woke government, if not scared about losing their job. NZ is generally not that violence, because everyone knows everyone else. But this is going to end very badly in the state: the left has played the ultraviolence card and now says the law only applies one way. It does not. What they have done to their enemies will be done to them.

The crisis continues. Stay calm, stay polite, don’t agree with the lies and stay away from crowds.

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1 year ago

DearLeaderNewsom has decreed that a substantial number of his villagers will be starting school virtually this year. That’s… half of CA? Unless the COVID numbers change radically by 14 days before school starts (mid August). (aka – Don’t hold your breath). There is not, particularly in CA where one is required to have a credentialed teacher oversee the work and keep the papertrails, a whole lot of difference in virtual learning vs. homeschooling with an established curriculum… which often includes video lecture. It doesn’t take a genius to look at the brick wall that this train is running for full steam. Although we’ll be seeing the ripples for decades, I expect. (The decree is for all schools, public, private, charter, micro, macro or replacement. Much like His Leaderness felt a need to define what exactly constituted ‘food’ in bars after closing non-meal-serving bars today, apparently he didn’t like sandwiches as a work-around?)