Memes and Music!

I’ve managed to catch up with most of the kids over the last week, and they are all just getting on with it. Quietly. Ignoring to a large extent what the press is saying. They don’t trust the polls. They don’t talk to them: most of them don’t have landlines and they change prepaid cellphone numbers depending on who has the best deal. Communication occurs on obscure gaming channels, because they are quite aware Human Resources and the Anti Racism Bureaux are monitoring facebook, discord and twitter for extremism.

Things are changing, and the Memes are getting spicy.

Given that the Greens just managed to get an inmate from Manus Island refugee status and are greasing his application for permanent residency in NZ, I expect the Australians are going to start requiring Kiwis have visas to travel and work real soon now.

The Lugenpresse

Didact always speaks wisdom in odd places, that needs to be rescued. You should not trust the media. Locally, most of hte press gallery are sweating, because they got half their stories via back channels and bedrooms, and in the last week two MPs have been nuked because they played outside of the marriage bed. The press is complicit in their restruction, and now they realize that no one is watching, and there will be retribution.

The polls don’t count. They don’t matter anymore. By and large, they are still undersampling conservative and Republican voters and have not yet accounted for the “silent vote” of people frightened, indeed terrified, by the Black Looming Menace and the colossal failure of the Daemoncrat political establishment to protect the electorate.

Does this mean that the God-Emperor’s victory is assured? Of course not. There are no guarantees in politics. A number of factors will come into play over the following weeks and months that will determine whether it is the God-Emperor or Creepy Sleepy Uncle Joe that grasps the brass ring.

However, I reckon that once the debates start, and people can see for themselves just how completely out of it and over his head the Creeper is, the probability of victory for the God-Emperor will skyrocket – though you won’t know it from looking at the mainstream media.

Never forget that the (((media))) themselves used to admit that they gave Daemoncrats a roughly 15% tailwind against Republicans – and that was back in 2004, when the bloviating and quite vapid John Kerry was the best that they could come up with. These days, it’s easily twice that, probably more.

But the trust that people have in the (((media))) has been significantly eroded, to the point where their poll numbers mean nothing anymore. Nobody knows what the polls indicate. Which means that all we can do is stick to basic realities on the ground.

Music at this time is difficult. The progressive phase (including Prog Rock) is now fossilized, and camp. I’m having to turn to grunge covers.

And it does affect our worship music.

The cold civil war

The current anarcho tyranny that has become violent in the USA and not quite that in NZ misses one thing: rulers are accountable to the people. Or the mandate of heaven goes elsewhere. And by accountability, I mean responsibility for your actions, not compliance with the auditors of your attitude.

The reasons I love accountability is what it means: it’s the person who is ultimately be the one who will reap the rewards or suffer the consequences of their decisions and actions. One of the reasons I hate accountability is that it has become a corporate buzzword which tends to turn a good word into mindless mission-statement-speak parroted by unthinking corporate lackeys.

Like me.

And there will be an accounting. If the war goes hot, it will look something like this.

Well, I promised Music

There is a Kiwi sound. It is somewhat bleak. It slants towards loss. It can be stripped down.

Short Stuff

Do not, repeat, do not have a twitter account. Search for what you want, and then do a screenshot. Like this, documenting that the Greens don’t care about trademarks — Think Ahead, Act Now is a slogan for an insurance company.

For crying out loud, if you are not going to be original (Trump was not: Let’s Make America Great Again was used by Reagan first) then get permission. I hope you did…

But Twitter is now useless apart from finding examples of errors.

Twitter is just a far-left echo chamber. They have been purging so many people from the platform, even the most determined of trouble makers has grown bored with the effort it takes to get back on and stay on the site. Sites like Reddit and 4chan are muted for fear of being shut down like 8chan. That site was shuttered by the usual suspects and had to re-spawn as a weaker version of itself. Other than Gab and semi-private platforms, the internet is tumbleweeds and left-wing cranks.

And while we are at it…

Silver and Gold Hit New 7 Year High
And of course it’s all because of the Wuhan flu and not capital flight out of countries who let people and communists burn down their towns.

Captain Capitalism

Don’t ever count Europeans out. They aren’t just crazier than you think, they are crazier than you imagine.

Vox Popoli

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