Fitness fulminations.

I hate being cold, and it is cold now. Yes, the Canadians will say I’m a wimp because it is above freezing, but we have had about two weeks of damp drizzle, with little sun — and when the sun has been shining I’ve been inside working. This has meant that many midday walks have not happened, and that is the safest time to go outside at present, because in the morning the footpaths freeze, and you lose traction. (No, we don’t salt roads or clear footpaths as happens in North America). The ski people are very happy, but I don’t enjoy sliding off mountains.

So between that, a low carb diet, and the current implosion of Crossfit I am one grumpy bunny.

More next week. The aim for thw weekend is to get some serious walks in.,because they did not happen this week.

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1 year ago

I have rediscovered running with all the time I now have available from working at home. Nice to be able to work at 0600 and run at 0900. My normal schedule doesn’t give me time to wake up and go running before work, although in the fall I suspect that I might need to figure out a way to change that.

1 year ago

The gym opened back up. Workouts are happening, but shorter and lighter than they were six months ago, or even four months ago. C’est la vie. We’ll all get back on the horse eventually.