The retrograde week.

Well, Last week went not that well, and this week we had a loss.

Life is busy, and it is going to get more pressured as locally we have an election about to start. There are referendums attached: one to legalize euthanasia, to which I am adamantly opposed, and one to legalese the smoking of weed, which I’ll probably vote against because the great and good want it to happen.

The memes are already starting.

History it Rhymes

The grandfather of my children died this week. He did not live through the cultural revolution: his education ended after primary school when he fled the invading Japanese army, ending up, eventually, meeting a daughter of a family that paid Poll tax and emigrating to new Zealand during the 1950s. He lived through hell, and at present those who lived through such are having their experience, again, discounted because of ideology.

This is why you should read history, not study it at university, where the postmodernists corrupt. Hat tip Blazing Cat Fur.

After leaving China for America two decades ago, my father only returned to his homeland once. I had turned 18, and I think he wanted to show me something of his youth, of which he spoke little. In the dusty village where he grew up, we met an endless stream of old men who wanted to see the village’s prodigal son. Gifts were offered and extravagant greetings were swapped. Then, after each visitor had departed, my father would tell me, matter-of-factly, what they did to him during the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.

The harmless-looking retired cadre, now an amiable old man who pinched my cheeks, had been the village party secretary who forced my father to perform manual labour — running after cows with a basket to pick up the droppings — because, as the son of a landlord, he could not be trusted with an education. The local businessman, now on his second wife and third Audi, had belonged to a gang of high school children who beat him for being descended from counter-revolutionaries.

Some of my father’s tormentors were blood relatives, who were especially keen to display their revolutionary credentials through violence, a situation that was sadly not uncommon: it was rumoured that Bo Xilai, who nearly supplanted Xi Jinping before being imprisoned, had broken his own father’s ribs as a Red Guard. Only the death of Mao Zedong in 1976 saved my father, who took the university entrance examinations a few years later, and never looked back.

Since the beginning of — shall we call it our 2020 cultural moment? — much ink has been spilled on whether there are similarities between the current protests-cum-riots and China’s Cultural Revolution. Even though some of its cheerleaders openly make the comparison, most commentators dismiss the idea, including UnHerd‘s Daniel Kalder.

To my father, and indeed to many of his contemporaries, the answer is clear. They had lived through it, and although they cannot put their finger on the why, they can feel a certain febrility in the air which reminded them of the events of half a century ago. But with their accented English and unfashionable politics (few, for some reason, are especially well-disposed toward the western Left), they have been largely excluded from the conversation.

A pseudonym

Al Joham gets it. He notes that the sport people are always sponsored by those who follow the need for cultural unityy (going back to literally hitler) and nails it around the underlying need for praise.

As far as Hamilton is concerned, I wrote about him last year. Many of the British public don’t like him (although I doubt too many feel like admitting that right now). He’s far from the first spoiled, petulant sports star to attract unflattering comments in pubs across the land.

It would suit him to think it’s coz ‘e is black – that way none of it is on him. He has gone to lengths to mark himself out as ‘not one of us’ with his immersion on the US west coast music scene and his bling. But far more it’s that he’s loaded, entitled, tax-dodging, arrogant, shows poor sportsmanship and – as it happens – we don’t like race-baiters.

There are plenty of black sportspeople in the UK that are widely admired and regarded with affection. Did you know, for example, that Mo Farah (Sir Mohamed Muktar Jama Farah, born in Mogadishu) is as British as you or me, so long as he’s winning things that we can mark in our column?

Irrespective of their colour, we only tend to fall out with sports stars when they get too big for their boots – they all rise and fall on the tide of public opinion.

Also, I wrote 4 years ago that BLM should be regarded as a terrorist organisation, and I think events have comprehensively born out that view.

We don’t negotiate with terrorists, Lewis.

Conrad Black is quite interest in US politics, being dragged out of Canada and incarcerated in their prison system does that to one. (He used to have a fortune. He is now exonerated, and his lawyers have been paid. The process is the punishment. As Wilder notes, the time of crisis is getting closer.

As the leadership of Black Lives Matter is professedly Marxist and rejects the proposition that all lives matter, it is an overtly and violently anti-white, racist institution of the far Left. Antifa are violent, racist fellow-travelers. In failing to condemn these groups unequivocally, the Democratic Party will soon discover that it has been mortally infected by cohabitation with them.

President Trump spoke nothing but the truth at Mount Rushmore on Friday when he said “Our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values, and indoctrinate our children. Angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our founders, deface our most sacred memorials, and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities. Many of these people have no idea why they are doing this but some know exactly what they are doing.”

It is inconceivable that the FBI—particularly with the opprobrium it has rightly attracted for its antics in the Russian collusion canard—is not close to being able to indict the leadership of Black Lives Matter and Antifa for sedition and incitement to a range of violent crimes, including murder and arson. It is also inconceivable that the country could fail to choose the president’s championship of patriotic continuity with strong emphasis on racial equality and the highest standards of civilized law enforcement over the nihilism and Americo-phobic mob rule of the post-George Floyd rioters whom the Democrats in their decadent insipidity have appeased.

The almost inexpressibly contemptible Democratic de Blasio regime in New York City has reduced the police budget by $1 billion as violent crime has more than doubled. The president’s reopening of the economy brought back nearly 5 million workers out of unemployment in June and this process should continue. The fatality rates of the pandemic have declined by nearly 90 percent from their high, with spread of the virus now concentrated amongst those who can best resist it. The subject of pathetic Democratic hand-wringing, the surge in new cases is effectively irrelevant other than that it increases national immunity to it.

Former conservatives and pillars of the pre-Trump Republican Party are now facing the point of no return. If they confirm their support for the almost leaderless Democratic Party now closely allied with pestilence and racist mayhem, they will never have any political influence in any party again. The time to choose between irreconcilable opposites is almost at hand.

Stay well away from crowds and members of the federal government.

The new goodthink dictionary

This post is from William Briggs, and is worth reading in full. We need these kind of correction son a regular bawis, because the media keep on twisting words. (Do not trust the media. Only talk to them if it is part of your job description. The only sympathy I ever have for our PM is when she has a press conference, for the stupid it hurts).

It’s time we make a Reality Dictionary. Here is a start, and only a start. Let’s share this as widely as we can, and I’ll update it and make it a permanent feature.

On the left we have Media Words, and on the right Reality Words. There is often more than one option for a Reality word because the media often uses catchalls. You have to select the proper one depending on the context. Note that Media Words only apply to when the media, the government, progressives of all kinds, use them, and not when a Realist uses them, as a Realist will use the word properly.
Media Word Reality Word
BLM terrorist group BLM, BLM terrorist
cis-gender normal person, man, woman
far-right centrist, right-wing, person
hate normal reaction
hate crime crime, legal act
hate speech words, quote, speech
homophobe man, woman
journalist propagandist
LGBT(Q+++) pervert
liberal progressive, far-leftist
media propaganda outlet
noose hoax
pride sin, perversion, sodomy
problematic fine, normal, expected, harmless
pro-choice pro-killing (the lives inside would-be mothers)
protest riot, illegal gathering
protester thug, criminal, vandal, rioter, looter, thief, insurrectionist, murderer, arsonist, rabble-rouser
racist white person, person, man, woman
systemic racism the absence of racism
transsexual man woman
transsexual woman man
transphobe man, woman
vile banal, harmless
white supremacist white person, person, man, woman

Add yours to the comments, and I’ll periodically include the good ones above.

Update Twitter engineer = moron.

SOme more from the comments there: See the link above.

Democratic Party…………….Democrat Party
Racist … Person, opponent
Progressive … Commie pinko liberal scum, traitor, Marxist revolutionary
Republican Politician … Quisling, spineless shrimp
Alt-right … Opponent, active opposition
Far right … not far left, opponent, person
Academic Freedom: totalitarian control of education
Regressive: reasonable
On the Right Side of History: Marxist
Shaming: pointing out reality
Speaking Truth to Power: Grandstanding for the applause of your peers
virtue signalling – vice signalling
progressive – regressive
liberal – anti-American
politician – mob-pandering authoritarian grafter sleezebag
united – at odds
peaceful – at war
justice – injustice
Democrat – Communist
Pro choice – pro murder of innocents
Diversity – Divisiveness
Inclusion – Intrusion
Gun Control – Firearms Confiscation
Felony Menacing – Self Defense
Teen – Any non-white, or group of non-whites, under the age of twenty involved in a violent criminal act
Media — Reality
bigot — person
antifa — communist
fascist, neoliberal — non-communist, anti-communist
emancipated — arrogant
empowered — conceited
oppression — natural law
rape — regretted sexual intercourse
right — privilege
equality, justice, equity — privilege for favored groups
privilege — merit
gender — sex
discrimination — reason
good boy — violent criminal
immigrant — criminal alien
truth, science, logic, reason — lie(s)
Critical Theory: Marxist propaganda

I woould add, given the corrupt nature of the US deep state, that suicide cnn be murder. I’m watching with interest to see if Mz Maxwell, whose Paramour “suicided” shares his fate.

The failure of the sharp dressed man

Apparently the coronavirus has been the thing that has pushed tailoring chains to be one with buggy whip makers. The other chains that have gone in the USA include J.C. Penny, Neiman Marcus and J.Crew.

Brooks Brothers, the 200-year-old company that dressed nearly every US president, filed for bankruptcy protection on Wednesday (US time), the latest major clothing seller to be toppled by the coronavirus pandemic.

Founded in New York in 1818, Brooks Brothers survived two world wars, the Great Depression and even managed to stay afloat as dress standards eased in the office. But the pandemic pushed it into Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection with so many stores closed and, with millions working from home, a crisp suit pushed to the very bottom of shopping lists.

I’ve got some emails from Carets, who make good shoes. They over expanded and then the COVID struck. I’m looking at my two pairs of dress shoes and they have more life in them… so no dice. I will buy when I need, not to score style points: Being too sharp now makes you a target — which is the other reason I don’t need to replace my shoes or suit: I bought quality to begin with. The next big buy will be when I’m down another complete size and I can’t resize what I have well.

Hemi Local update

The Valiant Hemi my Dad did not get because he had kids.

One of the people who thinks she knows how to play dirty got caught, or more significantly, took out one of the few promising conservative politicians. It blew back on her, hard. However, I have hope. I don’t live in Victoria, now in shutdown.

Lidia Thorpe, Green Senator, Green. Nuff said. From XYZ blog.

Newly sworn in Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe has stated that she “doesn’t identify as Australian” before taking her seat in the Australian Senate.

Thorpe, who replaces outgoing Greens Senator Richard Di Natale, says as a 1/16th Aboriginal senator she has faced nothing but persecution her whole life, particularly in the racism hotspot of inner-city Melbourne.

The Senator affectionately known by Victorian Aboriginal elders as “Lidiot” (which is Wurundjeri for ‘fuckwit’) says she’s looking forward to representing Victoria, but not looking forward to representing her country of birth.

However, when pressed about taking a $200,000 plus entitlements salary from the Australian tax payer after being sworn in, Thorpe stated that she wouldn’t be stopping there:

“Apart form the usual self-flagellation I’ll be pushing hard for Aboriginal reparations. There’s no issue more at the forefront of Australian minds right now, particularly those crippled by unemployment and bankruptcy, than financial compensation from a tenuous historical grievance.”

Thorpe swore allegiance to Australia last week and will take her spot in parliament when it resumes.

The XYZ blog

I had to check to see if the blog was pulling my leg. They were not. Her campaign sheet (no I’m not going to link to the feral party from the moron state in Australia) says that she will work for all Victorians. Yeah, Right.

Stop this reparations talk. My kid’s grandfather had to run away from the Japanese, marry a Kiwi Chinese woman, move here, get Kiwi residency, and worked his life in a greengrocery when his family had been professional (there are uncles who have full chairs. In engineering) so that his children could do better. Australia and NZ are, generally, freer than the USA (though we have American imports who seem to want to ruin it), but the USA is better than most places. So this advice applies to the Aboriginal people as well as the Black people — with one proviso. Many American Blacks know and live this, and progressives seethe.

You won big, my boy or girl. You drew a big lottery prize, through no merit of your own!

How do you use this amazing opportunity, for which young, black Africans of your age greatly envy you? Aborting your children? Reducing your brains to puree listening all day to a horrible succession of savage sounds you call music? Thinking it cool to be a gangbanger, or pregnant at 16? Thinking it normal that there are no real fathers around, no sense of family, of duty, of sacrifice; no Christians morals, no Christian anything, not even your first names? Calling those you see around you, who work hard and want to do well in life, “Coons” or “Uncle Toms”? Mocking even those who want to speak properly with the accusation of “talking White?” In a word: systematically refusing every possibility of self-improvement and sabotaging yourself at every step?

Listen here, boy or girl. It is a great privilege to be born in the United States. Had I been born in the United States, I would pray every day for my slave ancestors, but I would not be resentful one bit for the opportunity that their misfortune afforded me, or towards the Country that put me in this fortunate position!

I would consider myself a winner of the whole situation; I would want to make my unknown, slave ancestors proud! I would want to show them that out of oppression became freedom, and out of poverty, prosperity! All this, thanks to America, the great Country where I (would) live!

Reparations? For what, for having been put in an extremely enviable situation? For living in Country people literally risk death to (illegally) reach?

Your slave ancestors did get a rough deal.

But you, my boy or girl, you have won the lottery.

The best comment about the manosphere ever

There has been a fair amount of comment in the Ladysphere about Roosh’s discussion of marriage, and I’m not going to link to it. In short, the women say he’s not married so he does not know what the joys are. He is reciting Orthodox teaching that marriage is a vocation from God and it is a small church with the husband as a priest accountable to his flock. Roosh is correct there. I’d add to this that a wise woman builds up her home, and a foolish woman will pull it down with her own hands — you don’t need to go far to find examples of foolish women. The post before that is the correction the manosphere needs. It is not about the ability to have a harem. It is about where your faith is, and concentrating there.

The problem is therefore not virginity—the problem is faith. If you don’t have God in your life, and believe in the lies of the secular world that you need sex to be happy, the only solution is a worldly one. You will eventually get your sex but then new sufferings will begin. If you have faith, there is no problem. You are in a pure state, as God intended, and can give the gift of your virginity to an honorable Christian woman, of which I admit there are few, but this is not for you to worry about, because we do not accept sin into our lives just because the rest of the world is faithless. I can tell you that if I were a virgin, and maintained that virginity to honor God, I would be hesitant to marry a woman who is also not a virgin, but since I have sinned against God and violated my body innumerable times, I have little basis to seek a virgin, and instead seek a repentant woman whose previous sins I must forgive in the same way she forgives mine.

I truly wish I were a virgin. I wish I didn’t learn game and become good at it. I wish I didn’t sleep with all those women, and I’ve prayed to God to not only forgive me for those encounters but to help me forget them. The intimacy I’ve had in the past does not at all serve me in the present. It doesn’t make me feel happier or more masculine. Instead, I feel regret and shame. I can’t stress how the sex I had in my life was in no way an addition. Instead, it was a subtraction, one that occupied most of my free time and intellect while taking my eyes off God.

If you are a virgin, rejoice, for you are closer to God than you realize.

Adam comments more tersely.

You’ve either got it or you ain’t. Now, you can change your personal level of attractiveness in many ways. But in the end, either you’re attractive to the opposite sex or you are not. Learning pick up dances to perform reduces you to a performing monkey. You can never slack off. How utterly exhausting that must be.

I’m glad I’m married.

Yes, there was a delay this week

Adam generally puts his link post up on Friday night or Saturday morning but is 11 time zones behind me. I was basically exhausted by the week, so this is a lot later. I intend to program a fair amount of the usual stuff this week. Keep quiet, keep prepared, keep frosty and stay away from crowds.

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1 year ago

Sorry for your kids’ loss. But he was lucky. He emigrated when it hadn’t been turned into a weapon of the left.