The fear of poverty is weaponized against us.

The long march through the institutions has produced many toxic fruit. One is an over emphasis on credentialing. When you start work, you are obliged to attend a pile of health and safety training, orientation to their (broken) computer systems, and struggle sessions against your race. At this time, those of us who have jobs want to keep the cashflow coming, thank you very much. Most people are only one or two pays away from default on their mortgage and other debts. So the activists think they can educate us slaves with impunity.

The commentator who found this in a hospital noted that hospitals are colonial structures…

Literally, when people ask me what my “greatest accomplishment” was at the old job, I tell them that it was being able to avoid Diversity Training for the whole year before I quit. I probably postponed it 6 or 7 times.

If I thought it was bad then, I cannot imagine how awful it would be now.

And all joking aside, this is a problem with having a corporate workforce in America. Many people will do ANYTHING to keep their job, including rank and file employees who just want to pay the rent and corporate executives who never want the stock price to be in the news for bad reasons. Racialist activists know this, so they introduce their vile ideology through employee training.

They convince the executives that it will be bad for the company if the company doesn’t prove it’s not racist by giving the captive employees up for struggle sessions that promote this nonsense.

More independent types tend not to play by these rules, which is part of the reason why governments are increasingly trying to crack down on contractors and entrepreneurs in favor of large companies. Large companies are easier to regulate and deputize in the pursuit of politics.

If you can take over the training and credentialing, you can corrupt an organization. This is fairly standard in much of corporate and state affiliated NZ, to the point of what is contentious (Karakia and Waiata — prayers and songs before meetings) is now not merely routine, but mandated. I’ve got fairly good at being a ghost when such things happen. The now ineffective organisation’s status, however, is seen as part of the leftist ammunition, as Iowahawk noted.

What is happening now is that the woke are demanding that we regulate our speech: not merely to be professional and polite but to get us to agree to lies. This is an exercise in power: it is designed to make you agree with the riduclous. The lie, the obvious lie, is a feature.

And if you are offended, you will meet the controller of all, Human Resources, and told you have moral issues that mean you do not fit within the team. Such is our man made hell, which they call heaven, for hell offends them.

Not everybody has ears for that. David Bentley Hart has a new and ingenious way around the obvious implications of these words, but to get there he had to bend his own translation of scripture, so that (something like) will didn’t mean will (in this, Gorsuch is his brother). Even Hart didn’t opt for abundance as his escape mechanism.

It’s not the fear of Hell that causes us these days to not only to reject the notion of eternal damnation, but to be offended by it. Not offended by Hell, the place, but by those with the poor taste to mention that some are on their way to that disquieting location.

It’s also not that people—and here I speak of professing people of The Book—don’t think Hell doesn’t exist. Denizens might include Hitler, Satan, and, in his time, Trump. But never ourselves and our own. We are nice people. Besides, how can anybody go to Hell when we are equal to God?

Ed Feser just reviewed Plato’s Republic. We are now, according to Plato, at one step from the bottom, at Democracy, the worst state next to tyranny. A prime and essential characteristic of Democracy is Equality (the quotations below are Plato).

Democracy on Plato’s account is characterized by the “diversity of its characters” and “treats all men as equal, whether they are equal or not.” In particular, it treats all ways of life as equal, no matter how puerile, irrational, or immoral.

The young “throw off all inhibitions” and celebrate “insolence, license, extravagance, and shamelessness.” They flit faddishly from one activity to another. At one moment they will pursue “wine, women, and song,” and at the next “water to drink and a strict diet”; a keen interest in “hard physical training” might give way to “indolence and careless ease”; today they will devote themselves to philosophical study, tomorrow politics, and the day after that business. If anyone tries to tell them that some desires are bad and should be suppressed, they “won’t listen,” but insist that “all pleasures are equal and should have equal rights.”…

…Democratic man insists on “complete equality and liberty in the relations between the sexes,” and on drawing “no distinction between alien and citizen and foreigner.” Plato tells us that license is extended even to domestic animals, who freely roam the streets of the democratic city.

We are one step beyond Eve and believe we we are like gods. Gods cannot be judged by other gods. Gods sometimes suffer setbacks and pain, but only in limited form. Gods war with gods. But there is no lasting punishment, nothing eternal. We have no need of forgiveness, because gods set their own moral rules. We do know good and evil, but it our wills that create the distinction.

Democracy thus extends to Heaven and earth. Hell isn’t even for other people.

Hell is the fate for all, if there is true justice. Our only option is to turn to Christ, who died for my sins and errors, and yours. But that means we have to confess our state as deserving perdition.

The mandating of the lie is designed to damn.

There are meetings, and times, and days, it is better to be a ghost. If you have to be there, read something worthwhile on your phone. If you are asked to confess, confess Christ is Lord.

In the meantime, minimise your possessions, get rid of debt, and be prepared to move, for the woke will drive you out.

If you can, remove such from your conucil, your workplace. For this is true: the self appointed political cadre neither sew, nor reap, nor make anything. They do not understand they are a luxury allowed in good times.

Good times ended about six months ago.