Tuesday retrograde Bastille Day.

Well, let’s see how this daily stuff goes on. Today is Bastille day, when the revolutionaries stormed a jail (emptied by the liberal King) and from there eventually the King, Queen, Counts, Countesses and most of the revolutionaries died in a slaughter stopped by Napoleon, who decided being a King was not good enough, so crowned himself Emperor. That did not end that well, either.

National’s leader has resigned after 57 days in the job and just under 10 weeks out from an election, the shortest time of leadership on record in the National Party. . This is getting very interesting. Interesting times generally leave casualties.

Todd Muller has resigned as National Party leader after less than two months in the role.
In a statement, Muller said he had taken time over the weekend to reflect on his experience over the last several weeks as leader of the opposition.
“The role has taken a heavy toll on me personally, and on my family, and this has become untenable from a health perspective,” he said in a statement.
Nikki Kaye is now the acting leader of the National Party.
Meanwhile, former leader Simon Bridges wouldn’t rule out putting his hand up to take over the leadership.
When asked whether he would like the job back he said “let’s see what happens”.
Speaking to RNZ at Auckland Airport, Judith Collins wouldn’t say whether she’s ruling herself in or out of the running for the top job.
National’s Senior Whip Barbara Kuriger says the party will choose a new leader in the next 24 to 48 hours.

I don’t like the PM, but she said the correct and humane thing here. A lot of twitter is not classy, but Russell Brown has shown he is.

Over at the Cat there is a discussion about how telling the truth rather than massaging it may be a way forward. Won’t happen in NZ: our media have been bought.

I say it would be a good thing if voters – yes, voters; it sounds almost antiquated, doesn’t it? – were told the truth. The truth is coronavirus cannot be “eliminated,” lockdowns do not work but only postpone a resurgence of “cases” (very few of which will be fatal) and democratic society as we know it cannot continue if the state – qua yo-yo master – imprisons entire populations to save fewer lives than are lost in a single weekend on our roads. At some point – sooner would be better – exterminating liberty, wealth and the rule of law because of a prideful desire to snatch victory from the jaws of idiocy will be called off. “Some day this war’s gonna end,” Colonel Kilgore sadly tells Captain Willard in Apocalypse Now. The Kilgores are still running the campaign, though whether they actually believe in the hopeless cause or just love the smell of relevance in the morning is impossible to tell. Either way, my point is this: there is no better time than now to weaken the authority of the state by exposing reactionary fallibility dictatorially sandbagged.

Over the past week or so, we’ve seen a lot of sanctimonious high-fiving from lockdowners about the alleged toll for Sweden and the United States of erring on the side of prudent socio-economic openness. One of the most voluble of the school has been Ray Hadley. A man who has spent more time sounding off in a glass booth than most payphones, the germ-proof but virus-frightened 2GB number 2 has taken to conflating lockdown sceptics with anti-vaxxers. Greg Sheridan and the Keating-ites at The Australian have been comparably hysterical. That newspaper’s many editorialists include a goodly number who were always impressed by the former Treasurer’s belief in solving big conundrums by knowing when – and how robustly – to pull government “levers.” Too few ever scoffed at these motorman delusions. Now they’re praising or castigating today’s politicians for their lever-work. This is big government hubris of Lyndon Johnson proportions.

If you don’t worry about the Chinese Communist Party being involved in politics, locally, then you have not been paying attention. They want NZ (and Australia) as client states. They want their interests followed world wide. We should always resist such, and here is our 10-week not surprise about corruption among the socialist progressives. Charges have been laid against the false conservative progressives.

Labour Party president Claire Szabo told the New Zealand Herald: “We have not been advised of the specifics of the inquiry, however the Labour Party will fully cooperate with any SFO investigations.”

“We will not be issuing any further statement while the investigation is underway.”

In February, however, Szabo confirmed two men – brothers and businessmen Shijia (Colin) Zheng and Hengjia (Joe) Zheng – who were then being investigated by the SFO and had made donations to the National Party, had also made donations to Labour.

The other cases involved respectively the New Zealand First Foundation, Auckland Council, and Christchurch Council.

An SFO investigation into the New Zealand First Foundation was launched in February, after police promptly handed in a complaint from the Electoral Commission last November.

The commission said it had formed the view the secretive foundation had received donations that should have been treated as donations to New Zealand First.

It followed reports by RNZ about the way the foundation had been handling donations, and questions about disclosure and donors’ identities.

The SFO has said it is on track to decide before September’s election whether to lay charges.

The case before the courts related to donations to the National Party, and is set down for trial in September next year.

Former National Party MP Jami-Lee Ross and businessmen Zhang Yikun, Zheng Shijia, Zheng Hengjia were charged with electoral fraud in February after a 10-month Serious Fraud Office investigation.

All four men face charges of deception; Zheng Hengjia has also been charged with providing misleading information.

The scandal traces back to a complaint made by Ross himself when he fell out with his former boss and then-leader of the National Party Simon Bridges in late 2018.

The agenda is fairly obvious. The left hate the West and all it stands for.

Now, I don’t know the first thing about American sportzball, so I have no real clue who the Redskins are and what they are about. My understanding is that they play something called “American football”, which seems to involve men built like brick shithouses slamming into each other in order to perform a dogpile on someone called a “quarterback” who holds an oddly-shaped construct that Americans insist on calling a “ball”, despite its very obvious lack of spherical qualities.

Like I said – I don’t understand it and generally don’t bother with it. But I don’t have anything against Americans, or anyone else, who are interested in that sport and follow it passionately. Good for them and I wish them all the best.

So when I see a team of “athletes” bowing down and serving those that hate them… well, I wonder what the hell went wrong with what used to be the greatest country in the world.
I can think of a vastly better idea. Why don’t a bunch of Native American tribes get together, form their own sportzball team, and beat the crap out of the Redskins in an actual game? THAT is how you get back at Mighty Whitey.

Of course, in order to do that, the Indian tribes would first have to stop rampant crime and poverty in their own nations and reservations, unite with other tribes that they hate and who have been killing each other’s ancestors for millennia, and try to find some sort of common athletic cause to work toward despite the extreme poverty and general, shall we say, lack of athleticism to be found among Native tribes.

It’s a bit of a tall order. So you can see how the Natives would prefer to resort to virtue-signalling nonsense and White guilt-tripping instead.

Here’s a lesson for all non-whiny non-Leftists about how to be a real man:

Accept responsibility for your own situation and your own fate, and get on with building yourself up, instead of tearing others down.

I should have put this in the middle of the Didact’s rant about the Redskins changing their name (which I don’t understand: we have teams using Maori iconography with pride but playing saner sports), but it will do as a contrast.

Does he and his puppet masters understand this? I doubt. I think what he – and they – want is to ride the Latte Macchiato Wave, thinking that this will translate into victory in the real world. If you ask me, they are very wrong.

The rest of the nation is, actually, trying to save their children from exactly that Latte Macchiato rut, coupled with the anger and bitterness towards the world so typical of tge envious loser, that is the occupational destiny of the angry tweeters who so excite Creepy Joe. He is pandering to losers pitied and despised by the rest of the nation. He wants to win with the support of the cautionary tales.

The Latte Macchiato wave will drown in a sea of common sense, hard work, reality, and Patriotism. But hey, don’t tell Creepy Joe.

Let him blather until November. If you’re lucky, he could be so stupidly patronising to Blacks that he tells them they “ain’t Black” unless they vote for him.

I know, I know…

But one can dream, can he not?

As I said, it’s getting nasty. New Conservative are a small party with traditional values — ones that used to be promoted by both National and Labour. But the woke hate the truth.

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1 year ago

I copied the link from catallaxy wholesale to my blog, but gave you credit. That is an outstanding article.

“Americans insist on calling a “ball”” – as do rugby players around the world

The Redskins name was created after significant consultation and support of local tribes and has generally been opposed by small special interest groups claiming to speak for Native Americans. Of course Wikipedia downplays this and claims that it is inherently offensive and that everyone with any sense knows it. I, personally, no longer care or follow professional sports since it became clear that the most privileged people in Western society, those who make millions to play a game and entertain us, are also the whiniest complainers in our society.