Wednesday retrograde diary.

Desperate times, Desperate measures. As Labour did around this time last election, National turned to someone who could win. Perhaps. From Kiwiblog this take.

It’s worth noting that Collins is divisive. Imperfect. But she scares the left. That may be enough. Bomber is reaching for Darth Vader analogies, but he forgets that the Empire were the good guys. (I’ve edited the abuse down)

NZ doesn’t want or need Judith Collin’s dead eyed Prime Ministership. She loves blood more than your average Great White Shark.

She’s adored by the raw meat chewing base, but frightens in a way Simon Bridges couldn’t.

Middle NZ will recoil in terror from the gleam of her fangs the way they do from capital gains taxes and gluten.

The official Labour blog which is unofficial comments.

Twitter confirms that Judith Collins is now National leader. She is the perfect candidate if your goal is to stem the bleeding of support. She is not the candidate if you want to win the election …

Update: And Gerry Brownlee is deputy! Happy days!

Idiot Savant, who runs No Right Turn and describes himself as irrdemiably liberal, showed his colours.

Like everyone else, I was shocked when Todd Muller resigned as Leader of the National Party yesterday morning – and even more shocked when National picked Judith Collins to replace him. Sure, this is about desperation and salvaging as many seats as they can, but still. In case we’ve forgotten, Collins is a politician who has spent her career carefully cultivating a reputation for cruelty and viciousness. Crushing cars. Posing with guns. “Joking” about prison rape. She was neck-deep in dirty politics with Cameron Slater, and from that we learned that she was focused on revenge and “giving back double”. By choosing her as leader, the National Party has basicly said “this is what we stand for”: cruelty, viciousness, and sleaze. And they’re pitting this against a Prime Minister who stands for kindness.

That’s going to be one hell of a clash of values at the ballot box. And I guess we’re going to find out just how many kiwis are vicious, cruel monsters.

He also did the meme that I’m using as the featured image… the left don’t memethat well, and since they have weaponized kindness, the opposite is now seen as a virute bou over half the population.

Kea, it is worth noting, despises Collins. Instinctively, and sees here a bit like Labour does, as a means to drive a national implosion, in the hope we get a Cnristian nationalist party (the liberal globalists can go elsewhere). This could burn down the right in NZ — which last happened in the Great Depression.

I said it would be interesting and do I a diary. I’d prefer if things were not this interesting. The left and the tame idiots in the press have gone personal on day one. This is going to get nasty.

Onto other things. This song was filmed in Kaylee Bell’s home town, and it resonates: we are driving a son there tomorrow, for it has become his home.

The long quote for today comes from a commentator at Adam’s place and it made me think most of the way home. The Hajnal line is based around social structure, and it runs from around St Petersburg to Trieste. On one side of the line people marry later, do not marry cousins, and many people remain single: on the other side of the line people marry young, within clans, and hardly anyone is single. This was driven by the systems of communal labour and inheritance from the early middle ages.On this, a Russian comments to Adam, who is writing about Australian Nationalism. Which, of course, is considered cruel by all good civic nationalists.

From HBD chick, whose blog is not dead.

Civic nationalism is not just an Anglo thing, it is a WEIRD thing – Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Developed. This is a small subset of nations which are culturally distinct from all others. Our egalitarian principles probably derived at least in part from the long Catholic prohibition on cousin marriage, which broke down tribal affiliations, and this is the case even in countries like the UK that are no longer predominantly Catholic.

Our culture leads to our wealth and freedom, but also to odd morality spirals like the current multicultural and sexual ones. Previously we’ve been sucked into Prohibition, WWI, the Wars of Religion and witch burnings.

WEIRD countries stretch from Scandinavia down to Austria, but stop at the Hajnal line. Look it up

Greece just outside the line. Hence, it is not surprising that Stephanos is an Australian civil nationalist and a Greek ethno-nationalist. The former is because he wants a place in Australia, the latter is the natural instinct of all normal (non-WEIRD) peoples.

Many nationalist, anti-immigration leaders in the WEIRD countries have some normal ancestry, like Bulgarian, Turkish or whatever. Most Angos and the others are far too nice to boldly oppose immigration to specific groups, while those with a normal bone in their body suffer no native squeamishness at the idea.

WEIRD ethnonationalists like Adam are rare, which is why nationalist parties never manage to get a majority of the vote in Western Europe, North America or Australasia. In comparison, such parties are the norm everywhere else.

It can happen – things were very different a centruy ago – but civic nationalism is where the WEIRD countries are now, and it will take a confluence of events to turn them around.

I have much more to say about this in an upcoming article.

Nikolai Vladovostok, Pushing Water Downhill

This is why we have a problem with nationalism over here. Kiwis and Aussies and Canadians and Brits and Irish and Scots and Welsh and Dutch and most Sandinavians get on OK because our societies are structured in similar ways. Our political parties are generally similar, and we tend to read each other’s theological works (noting that they were written in latin in old times, which everyone could read). Russia, Greece and most of what is Eastern Europe are quite different in the assumptions of how things work and accept (as does the Levant and Italy) a certain amount of nepotism and rentier (fees, legal or unofficial) as a cost of societal cohesion. But those assumptions are not the ones that the Whiggish liberals used: their ideas are based firmly in the common law systems of Britain — and perhaps the Netherlands.

I’m not sure how the French and Finns fit into this system (answer: not at all).

But when you have people who don’t have these systems in their veins you have to change how you run things. Or sent them back. NZ has enough problems with polynesian cultures — which don’t integrate that well with British rules. Bringing in people from all aroound the world makes things unstable. It’s better for people to remain in their own nation.

This is mine, and I’d be much happier if all the excitement of this election was over the ditch in OZ, and we were quietly getting on with things. But I don’t make that choice.

The ride will be rough. Hang on, let’s see what the next weeks bring.

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1 year ago

I’m always amused when people give advice to other political parties regarding what they need to do to be successful given that the last thing they want is for the other party to be successful. Democrats do that constantly to Republicans here in the US.