Tuesday Imagist Poem.

I have some news to the poet, from the Antipodes. The corn fails about every third year, and the rulers now deny that there are Gods, while praying to their Ghosts.

And old tales matter.

Surgit Fama

Fragment from an unwritable play

THERE is a truce among the gods,
Korè is seen in the North
Skirting the blue-gray sea
In gilded and russet mantle.
The corn has again its mother and she, Leuconoë,
That failed never women,
Fails not the earth now.

The tricksome Hermes is here;
He moves behind me
Eager to catch my words,
Eager to spread them with rumor;
To set upon them his change
Crafty and subtle;
To alter them to his purpose;
But do thou speak true, even to the letter:

“Once more in Delos, once more is the altar a-quiver.
Once more is the chant heard.
Once more are the never abandoned gardens
Full of gossip and old tales.”

Ezra Pound, 1913