Weekend retrograde notes.

Doing a daily post of what is happening takes a fair amount of time, and in this week with the change of opposition leaders it has been useful. But I’m slowing down, because life. Sadly,

As we get closer to this election, I can put up a lot less stuff that is topical. Because there are people watching the bloggers.

Moderators have been deleting lots of comments trying to spread rumours about some MPs personal lives and/or their families.

We have been just deleting them, but the new policy is an instant suspension for those who try to post such a comment. And this includes trying to be a smart arse and use code.


We are not in “joke mode” anymore. You’ll see that other media organisations (well one at least) has taken the sensible stance of zero tolerance for rumours regarding politicians and family members. The PM has hinted in the past that she wants excuses to shut down what we have here and we dont want to give her reason to try.

Any talk about pregnancy and affairs and kissing and awkward glances and the like WILL be not only deleted but also BARRING from commenting until after the election at LEAST.

I would appreciate your help. People who know how to contact us please feel free to do so of you see something that could land someone in litigation.


So, after the last week, where the game changed rapidly — as it did last election– and as the parties are starting to put up placards and launch their campaigns… I need to be careful. This blog is anonymous, and though I have an appreciation of a good sledge by politicians (and there have already been some good ones) I will be cirucmspect, as in real life there are things that will need to be done, away from here.

Ave atque Vale

Ol’ Remus, of the woodpile report, passed away. Adam notes:

The Woodpile Report is no more. Ol’ Remus succumbed to cancer a few weeks ago and only the final page remains in place, a fitting testimony to a man who posted to the end. Remus followed his wife to God as she passed away only a few months prior. Then he was diagnosed with cancer and lasted three weeks. I have no doubt that he refused all medical treatment; from his writings he was not the sort to prolong the agony. The just get it over and done with type, pull the band aid immediately and no wincing. Or are ya some weak kneed city slicker?

Some of his many hundreds of reports have been collected on another site. I went through a few but they lacked the magic of reading them in their moment of time. I will read them no more; it is something that has gone and cannot be replaced. His dry wit, piercing intellect and unending curiosity coupled together with a beautiful writing style made him unique.

That great theologian of two generations ago, J. J. Packer, has also died. Crossway has his final message up, and it is beautiful

As I look back on the life that I have lived, I would like to be remembered as a voice—a voice that focused on the authority of the Bible, the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the wonder of his substitutionary sacrifice and atonement for our sins.

I would like to be remembered as a voice calling Christian people to holiness and challenging lapses in Christian moral standards.

I should like to be remembered as someone who was always courteous in controversy, but without compromise.

I ask you to thank God with me for the way that he has led me, and I wish, hope, pray that you will enjoy the same clear leading from him—and the same help in doing the tasks that he sets you—that I have enjoyed.

And if your joy matches my joy as we continue in our Christian lives, well . . . you will be blessed indeed.

J. I. Packer

Meme of the Day

The minions at Cam Slater’s place have been busy.

And from Twitter.

More aphorism

I need to add this to the life advice. Do not get a PhD. Do not aim at an academic career. It used to be that once you got tenure or confirmation that you could sit in your office and write and research. Some of us are afflicted with a need to do such. But most people should do something with better career prospects. Via the Cat.

Professor Frank Larkin from the University of Melbourne is a former senior university manager and chemistry specialist as well as an analyst of his own sector’s finances.

He said the push to casualisation came after a decade where the Federal Government required universities to look elsewhere for revenue, with universities fearful it would fluctuate.

After a decade of near continuous growth billions are now being slashed from budgets.

“I guess universities have been a bit conservative [with budgets], because those markets can be a bit fickle,” Professor Larkin said.

“Its [revenue from overseas students] is a little different to that secure government grant funding. I think that’s partly what’s driven the flexibility [in the workforce].”

Professor Larkin said it had been damaging for staff morale.

“By the time academic staff reach the point of [teaching and research] most of them now would be expected to have a PhD,” he said.

The education sector is going to implode, as many parents realize they can educate their kids, and many young adults realixe that the lectures they are hearing add little value in the flesh compared with rehearing the tape three or four times.

This is the end stage of the progressive experment. All that had value must be made to have none, all that is virtuous must be made a crime, and anyone can be found guilty.

the final stage is the reintroduction of the woke inquisition, returning to the Lubylanka and the Gulag. I read the Gulag Archipelago in my 20s, but I’d been anticommunist since I say Trostkyites (Fourth Internationalists) ensuring a strike just before Christmas to ruin the worker’s holy days when I was 15.

Comrade, you sent a tweet in the past that was slightly racist. I think your employer will have to take punitive action against you. You wrote an article thirty years ago that was sexist. Time for you to resign. I also scanned your social media accounts and, after assigning you a risk score, deem you unfit to rent short-term properties on Airbnb. There is no right to appeal, but I assure you that there was no mistake in these pronouncements. While you’re restricted from the marketplace, you’ll have plenty of time to improve your thoughts and behavior.


Do not resign. Make them go through the motions to sack you: the process punishes both ways. Besides, in my experience, if you stand against them the will fold about half the time. The current elite are silent on the hatred against those of Christ.

They may get courtesy, but don’t give them goodwill.

Local Stuff

It’s winter here, good frosts, and driving to help son two move flats on Saturday we saw a lot of ice on the roads. Which is lethal down here — all the regional highways are only two lanes wide, without a lot of places to pass.

But, to finish this, let’s recall Remus motto: stay away from crowds.

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1 year ago

My mum just passed on a comment about Jim Packer’s death. Apparently Jim was asked a theological question by some staff person and he replied he really couldn’t answer as he was too busy dying!

Thought the readers here might enjoy the attitude towards death that he exhibited.

1 year ago

I knew Jim Packer. He was a good friend of my parents. I remember him dimly (haven’t seen him in years) as a cheerful fellow and an interesting man.