This is quite short.

  1. I have moved the theme to Neve, after seeing how it looks at Didact’s new place
  2. Matomo is now counting things as well as Statify. Both are self hosted
  3. I am considering if WordPress will remain stable. My stack is very simple, and this site is not that big (yet) but the BFD is now basically unreadable due to slowdowns with the most recent version of WP. This is a hassle, as I like the old wordpress, and I don’t want to lose half the stuff I’ve put up (again).
  4. I’ve removed Yoast. It nags, and does not understand that half the posts here require you can read long paragraphs. SlimSEO is installed, which autoconfigures things, and generally does not slow the place down. However, I don’t think much can be done to push up google if you are a fairly crunchy site. Such sites are automatically programmed down. This corner of the internet is that.
  5. There are a bunch of people who comment regularly. They will no longer need moderation.
  6. There is a new aphorism: Shun Promotion. If you are promoted or pushed into a position of responsbility, take it, but do not compromise yourself to get there. There is a difference between being professional, polite and (above all) competent and allowing the current fashions into one’s life. Accept you won’t make the higher rungs of your profession. You have not taken the ticket, and the ride never ends.

Stats will be up tomorrow, and the usual cycle will restart. Plus various comments depending on how bad things are.