Level 2.5 Covid diary

This happened over the weekend. Our Prime minister has managed to push her minions under the bus, because they put up something she had not signed off on. Problems with hiring SJWs as a policy and lack of oversight here. The PM has to Part Time: she has a young child.

But she has to front up and acknowledge that she needs help, fix the problem and then… move on.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is quite rightly “incredibly angry” at her officials for pushing out incorrect Covid-19 testing information.

But New Zealanders have every right to be incredibly angry at the Government for letting that official message remain unchanged for almost an entire day.

That message was that everyone in South and West Auckland should get a Covid-19 test – even if they are asymptomatic.

It was posted from the Government’s official Covid-19 social media channels and led to queues of people in the area looking to get a Covid test.

That means that people with legitimate Covid symptoms faced a much, much longer wait as likely thousands of people scrambled to get tested.

The fact that the stuff-up occurred in the first instance beggars belief.

The information affected roughly 700,000 people in South and West Auckland.

Ardern was “incredibly angry” about this “wrong” information being published on official channels, and rightly so.

She said she was told about the incorrect messaging late on Sunday morning and made it clear it needed to be fixed.

Jason Wells, a newspaper

Leaving this information up for hours, particularly in South and West Auckland (which generally votes Labour and likes the PM) is bad optics. The Farrar comments.

So the incorrect information didn’t stay up for 10 minutes or 20 minutes or even two hours but for around 20 hours.

That is simply huge incompetence. How could those who knew this was wrong not have immediately arranged a high profile retraction?


It could be worse. We could be Victoria.

What is happening in Australia right now is merely a continuation of its curse of inception. The convict stain can never be washed away as it is in our very DNA. Australians will grumble no end at the absurdity at what they have to endure, but will nevertheless do their best to follow the rules. The jobsworths in the lower ranks of government lord it over their working class compatriots for the simple reason that they have no desire to return to the great unwashed. The upper classes know upon which side their bread is buttered and move accordingly. And the great unwashed are simply the great unwashed; those that must be tolerated while we still have industries that dig holes and build houses for foreigners.

A popular television program in many parts of the world is the Australian Border Patrol. It shows airport staff intercepting bemused foreigners who were under the false assumption that items such as your personal phone are private. It is no surprise that many overseas viewers assume that the program is a complete exaggeration, when in fact it is a precise rendering of what awaits the visitor when they land in the country.

Australia is an immature society, frightened by its own shadow and desperate to show the rest of the world that it should be playing with the big boys now. Those in charge are there not by merit but by having benefited from the vast mates network that does its own part in keeping alive the hidden class divisions that fracture Australian society across multiple fault lines. They have no real idea what they are doing and so they must do something, anything, so as to be seen to be leading the charge.

SInclair Davidson comments at Cataxally Files. he makes an error for the Antipodes: he forgets that the elite choose the judges, and make the constitution fit the times.

The excesses committed in the name of public health in the past pale in comparison to the brutalities perpetrated during this pandemic. Videos of the police beating poor Indians and throwing food at those in quarantine like they would feed wild dogs, have gone viral. The West has not lagged behind. Videos from Melbourne, where I live, show that the police has behaved almost as badly as India’s police and terrorised the population – they beat up a girl because she didn’t have a face mask.

International covenants have failed to reduce such atrocities. The International Health Regulations 2005 specify that “a health measure does not include law enforcement or security measures”. An implication (at least in the spirit of the law) is that the police must not be used for public health purposes but police powers have been widely used in recent lockdowns.

Article 6 of the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights states that “Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice”.

Lockdowns are clearly a preventative intervention and require informed consent in each individual case. But this requirement has been violated all over the world except in Sweden.

What is it about public health that makes governments brutalise their own people so easily? Public health is clearly not an emergency. It can never be an emergency. Full preparation and contemplation of different scenarios in advance is entirely possible. We know this is so because Sweden has managed this pandemic without the slightest panic and without brutalising its people. The Swedes were provided relevant information and chose their actions voluntarily. No police was ever used against them during the pandemic.

Underpinning its civilised approach is Sweden’s Constitution which does not allow the imposition of emergency powers (and hence the suspension of liberties) except in the case of war.

I’m writing this as the travel restrictions around the Auckland region have been lited for less than 24 hours. I expect the restrictions to remain in Victoria until the virus burns out or their is a vaccine: months to years. This is good and bad: I have a very good reason not to go to Victoria — the won’t let me in — but the ability to gravel has been restricted. to those who can afford four weeks of downtime in quarantine (two weeks for each place).

The scattered family will fall over> The local families will survive. And i this, th failures of our leaders cannot be covered by the use of those magic words: racist, sexist, istalmophobic, and homophobic. They have now no funtional meaning and no power.

Because the elite have over reached. The payback is coming.

It will be brutal, so stay away from crowds.