The new COVID fascism

From a newspaper’s letter section today, the comrades are turning because the spin is no longer believed and the leader is being cross examined in Parliament.

The rebellious ragged elements of National and Act are “white-anting” the “Team of Five Million“. Their use of Covid-19 misfortunes to beat up the Government deserves red and yellow cards. Before they make noises about democracy, they might reflect on their ongoing perversion of the electoral rules in Epsom, where they tweak the rules to shoe-horn a twerking remnant of the irrelevant Act Party into Parliament. It is a bit like Nero fiddling while Rome burned. We do not need to delay the election; the electorate are better off not hearing electioneering nonsense. We will make our decision based on past performance and credibility. Anyone who has experienced more than one electoral cycle will know that political promises before elections are not to be trusted: Show me the five new bridges in Northland. We should slow-clap the remnants as they leave the field.
Hugh Webb, Huntington

A person put a note up on reddit describing what he had heard around the workplace about community spread. This was denied by the government, who say that they are still investigating the reason for this. However, journalists are now looking for scandal, and doxxed the person who posted because they consider it distressing.

By the time I started looking into the racist conspiracy theory flying around Facebook about the source of Auckland’s resurgence of community transmission, many were already making the link to a Reddit comment from a little earlier.

The comment was different in tone, but the basic hypotheses seemed to be the same.

It seemed likely to be the proto-theory.

So a few days later, when I was still thinking about this theory that briefly flooded social media, I decided to see if I could find the origin. I wanted to know if this was some troll trying to win imaginary internet points, or if there was something else happening.

It didn’t take me long. While he’d deleted his Reddit account and locked down various public-facing pages by the time I started looking, it still only took me about 15 minutes to be 90% sure I knew who it was.

I couldn’t find his phone number, but I found someone close to him and asked them to tell him to get back to me. And then I waited.

What I knew at that point was that he didn’t have a huge online profile, but he was pretty clearly a young professional with a decent career and, it seemed, a lot to lose.

This sort of online research and tracking people down online is something I do quite often — I have dozens of folders on my computer with background research of various internet characters.

But with most I never do anything. I certainly don’t call them.

Such is the influence of the male Karens in journalism. We don’t have a secret police: we have twitter. I destroyed my social media 18 months ago. The reason we use handles and we have a rule against no doxxing is that there are people in this country who want us all to worship the leader (generally one of their own liking) and cannot tolerate any variation from the Pravda of the day. I’ve had people asking me to help in campaigns I support on social media: I cannot because having social media is too great a risk for anyone who has even a microgram of dissidence within them.

These fools do not understand that component of our culture: utu. What they do to others will indeed be done to them. Far better to allow things to die down, and stop trying to ruin people’s lives.

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1 year ago

Ugh… I can’t stand those who would destroy another for having a different opinion. I attempt to discuss issues with those I disagree with; I don’t attempt to destroy their lives