Hubris leads to Nemesis.

I have not done a link thing for a while, and despite the fact that this week has been remarkably high traffic, primarily due to Peter Grant, the couple of “how to get through these times” pieces are probably going to be out of date within two months or so.

Through this week, I have been quite bleak. Not quite as bleak as Adam, who is taking time out — selfishly I miss him, because Kiwis and Aussies have the close enough senses of humour: he cheers me up. It does not help that the level of social distress is increasing and the amount of people in the “thin red line” that keeps society functional has not increased, or, as there is pressure to defund the police may be decreasing.

The forget that prudence and humility are virtues. They think they are signs of low self esteem. But pride leads to hubris, and the Ancients were astute recognizers of patterns.

It’s really rather remarkable that the most reliably dishonest group of people in the West have the nerve to try to silence millions of people on the purported basis of passing on misinformation. But then, they seem to regard hubris as a virtue. If they were actually members of Western civilization, or even understood anything at all about Western philosophy, they would know that Nemesis always makes an appearance, sooner or later.

And since “free speech” has turned out to be a literally Satanic lie, the only interventions that are actually required are Crusade and Inquisition.

Vox Day, Self styled Dark Lord

Yes, they fear us

Let’s start with something a little more cheerful, from, ironically, the person who used to write the weekly links of doom. It is ironic that now we are in a crisis we are less like Jeremiah and more like Haggai.

There is power in the worship of God.

When I was a wee lad my (blessed) mother would dress all the kids up for Mass. I has to wear a tiny suit with a vest, a starched white shirt buttoned to the collar, and a clip-on bow tie! I also had to wear hard shoes that hurt my feet and which I had to shine myself!

At church many of the old ladies wore all black even though they were not nuns. Many wore veils as well as scarves over their heads. Any woman without a head covering was considered an apostate harlot (this was before the Mary Magdalene cult).

I can remember in later years the first time I attended a Mass where the priest wore jeans and played a guitar! The times had certainly changed.

Some folks today are grumpy about wearing a face mask to church. I get it; the masks have little prophylactic value and are largely symbolic of submission to a Godless authority. That grates on freedom-loving Americans who value their liberty, rights, and independence from tyranny. People like me. Grrrr!

But let us recall that your ancestors and mine probably lived under far worse repression. From the 14th to the early 20th Centuries Catholics in eastern Europe were ruled by Ottoman Turks who sold them into slavery. Masses were held in secret in sheds and wine cellars — discovery meant death or worse. And yet the religion survived. The Faithful remained so under extreme duress.

More recently behind the Iron Curtain Catholicism was banned by the Communist dictators who destroyed churches and persecuted Christians (as well as other religious adherents). Marxism is diametrically opposed to Christianity — Karl Marx infamously wrote “Religion is the opium of the people”, and Lenin/Stalin murdered millions of Catholics (Eastern Orthodox and Roman).

Who can then forget June 2, 1979 when a defiant Pope (now Saint) John Paul II celebrated Mass in Victory Square in Warsaw and over a million repressed yet still faithful Catholics attended chanting “We want God”. Ten years later the Wall fell, ending Communist rule. That one Mass, one church service, changed the world.

Well, we have quite a way to go to get back to Poland. As Barnhardt notes, we got our women desensitized by abortion before they went full Karen and left common sense and decency on the scrapheap. The progressives love abortion and euthanasia. They love the Muslims, because they see a fellow death cult.

They hate us, because they know we are not of death, but life, so they try to micro regulate us. Currently it appears that in many parts of the world church services are banned, but not political rallies.

You have to understand that the enemy, particularly academic members, are driven by fear. That they will offend a member of the cadre. This leads to a worship of collegiality — which means one can mouth the polite pieties.

The trouble is that this has been weaponized.

While it may seem tempting to chastise the intolerant professors, one must understand that their job is not at all similar to what one may face in a corporate environment. In a real job, you may leave and find another one and no-one will blame you if you do so after a year or even just six months. It also goes without saying that most of the co-workers who surround you now may not be there a year from now, so your whole livelihood does not depend on how well you get along with them. Yet, imagine if you were stuck around those same people for 20 to 30 years? You would be a nervous wreck: you would be on constant vigil for what you say, what you do in your spare time, who you are seen with, and most importantly, whose papers you cite

in a sanctimonious act of solemn worship. That is exactly what happens in academia: when a scholar of the humanities accepts a position as an “assistant professor”, he will be up for tenure within six years. At that point, he or she either gets the job for life or they are fired. If they choose to quit at any point, their prospects of finding work at another university will be extremely scarce: academia is a conformist and a tightly knit community where gossip carries even more weight than it does in small town of rural Alabama.

It is worth noting that the power structure of academia has been modeled on the medieval guild of the Catholic Church. Even the Catholic Church itself has been modernized and numerous members of that community enjoy certain freedoms of expression, no such reform has been possible at the university. Despite the progressive veneer of the academic milieu and the perfunctory tribute to tolerance academics like to pay, the university is one of the most archaic, reactionary and intellectually repressive of institutions known to man. You would be very well-advised to take that into consideration and to toe the party line.

Mistrust anyone promoted to full professor in the last five years. They are generally converged. If you are a badthinker, you will be lucky to get tenure. This makes the university something which in medieval times it was not: as fragile as bone china.

Enough Moaning, what about the Linkage

Peter Grant has a warning about the coming depression: the number of new merchant ships being built has decreased. Didact notes that a couple of actresses who have done other things are now pushing back at Broke Lying Marxists.

But what about the Hubris?

You have to read Didact, though he obeys rule 5 too much. He is correct on the structure we are facing. The trouble is that when you leave people no place to retreat to, they will fight.

If you leave me with my music, books, gym, and ability to worship… along with my ability to do good at work and my family, and I am an extremely happy aging geek. But the current bunch of fools are taking all this away.

This year has definitely set an all-new bar for what “insanity” really means. And I’m saying that as someone who lived through the madness of 2008, right there in New York F***ing Shitty, and watched as one after another of the world’s greatest investment banks collapsed.

This is worse. What we’re seeing right now is far beyond that level of madness. And the reason for it is very simple. Back then, the United States of America was still fundamentally American. This was before Barack Odumbass the Lightworker was elected as the very first (and, hopefully, last) affirmative action President. And at that time, the country was still more or less united. So was most of the West.

Things have changed dramatically in just 12 years. The West has spent that intervening time importing millions of Dirt Worlders who have fundamentally changed the demographic balances of the once-strong, once-proud, once-free nations of Christendom. Globalist politicians on both sides of the aisle were quite happy to allow it, because globalists all think more or less alike.

The way it works is straightforward enough. Globalist businessmen like cheap labour because it increases their profits. They contribute to globalist politicians, who pass and enforce laws that make cheap labour easier to acquire in high-cost, technologically advanced nations. In order to sell this idea to the public – who never actually voted in favour of such a policy, mind you – they use both a carrot and a stick.

The carrot is: cheap Chinese чёрт (that’s one of the Russian words for “shit”), that gives people an illusory sense of a high standard of living.

The stick is: calling people racist, xenophobic, stupid knuckle-draggers for refusing to share the blessings of the Western way of life with the poor benighted billions around the world who, not coincidentally, are quite often utterly incapable of maintaining infrastructure and living standards bequeathed to them by the very same Western countries that they now invade.

But the sword always cuts both ways, and of late the globalists have been cut, badly, by their own ideas.

The West is waking up, finally, from its long drug-induced torpor. Large parts of America, at least, are voting against globalist policies. They are being frustrated in their expression of their right to preserve their own way of life, and that all but guarantees eventual and severe violence. But we’re not quite there yet.

May we never be there. Allowing people to cling to God and think their own thoughts, and allowing them to live in a society without diversity and mandated struggle sessions would be enough. We can convert the immigrants.

But that is not what this feckless elite want. They believe they are greater than God. Payback always comes: the Hindus may call it Karma, the Maori Utu, but the Greeks had more legends. And they called it nemesis.

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John Wilder
1 year ago

Every month since 2016, things have gotten crazier. But now, the metric seems to be every week. I think the Left is loving it – chaos is their weapon of choice.

Agree. But that leads inevitably to Tyranny and a White Terror — and the left have forgotten their history