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Down under, in the antipodes, we have had a few things in common. I think all these things are breaking, and I will get to two drives of this in a minute, but (since we were originally a series of British Colonies) there are similarities.

  • We don’t like inherited titles and aristocrats. A bonus of leaving England was we could forget the class system. Jack is as good as his master. If you work hard, you should get ahead. The downside of this is tall poppy syndrome: cutting down those who are successful.
  • We want a social welfare net. We don’t want people on the street. We want to give a fair go, a hand up
  • We want things to be fair and just. No cheating. No queue jumping.
  • We expect the state to solve problems which are not the fault of those who suffer from them: drought relief, keep the undergrowth down to stop fires, sort out the flood plains, have decent public health
  • You have to work. You have to pull your weight. No Bludgers.
  • Don’t be an arrogant, lying, gamma. No dickheads, no wimps
  • We don’t like corruption, branch stacking, back room deals. We expect politicans to be honest, and not to retire millionaires

To do that we generally have had some form of progressive tax system, some form of social welfare, and we have kept our police and defence forces, by the standards of South East Asia, small.

But this is breaking down. The first reason is economic. With the COVID lockdown, the number of people employed in the productive sector is dropping, because there is no one who can afford what is produced. If you don’t have a tax base, you can’t run a welfare system.

These are the recent words of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo:

A single percent of New York’s population pays half of the state’s taxes, and they’re the most mobile people on the globe.

Whilst the numbers are not the same in Australia, they are directionally similar. The “rich” more than pay their share. And in fact, given that before CoronaCrisis2020, more than 50% of Australian’s paid no net tax, Australia’s high earners paid more than their fair share.

But there is an important difference between Australia and the US. In the US, a large proportion of their tax revenues come from property taxes, which while not perfect, have some correlation with wealth. In Australia, we mainly tax high income earners who may not be particularly wealthy.

A 30 year old with limited assets who earns $200,000 a year pays a hell of a lot more tax than a 70 who lives in a multi-million house.

This is not a case for tax reform or a land tax. This is trying to point out that Australia is not going to get out of its post-CoronaCrisis2020 fiscal hole through higher taxes. To repeat the words of brother of Fredo:

they’re the most mobile people on the globe

More so now given that the odds are that this 30 year old with limited assets is either unemployed or if still working, working for the government.

You can use the tricks that the USA has — quantitative easing– to devalue your currency and thus run higher nominal debt to fund transfer payments at what is a functionally devalued rate, but this shows up as shortages and higher prices.

Right… we may not be able to afford a social welfare net, or it might be minimal. In the last depression, my grandmother used to have men coming to the property asking if there were jobs needing doing… for food. Those travellers were considered honourable. Men were sent to work camps to support their families. A basic welfare state and worker’s insurance came out of that.

But in those days were were — Maori and Pakeha — hard working and stoical. The Aussies, despite Kiwi mockery, were similar (We both think the other nation has its fair share of bludgers), That has also changed, because the government has engineered mass immigration.

This is flatly ridiculous on its face. Black America amounts to 12% of the American population, about 40 million or so people. At this point, roughly 100 MILLION people living in America are either first-, second-, or third-generation immigrants. Most American citizens these days are descendants of foreigners who owe absolutely NOTHING to the original English and Dutch settlers who founded the country.

The effects of mass immigration have made themselves extremely clear over the past hundred years. Even immigrants from White European nations have had a massive impact upon the politics and policies of the USA. The small-government, limited-authority ideals of the Constitution were smashed to pieces long before the current mass immigration wave from the Dirt World started.

You now have a diverse population. What you think will work as an approach to make change or to deal with crises — such as the current virus — won’t work because you have multiple communities with completely different ideas of what is proper and good. The correct way to deal with this is to bring all together in Christ. Allow multiple churches for the multiple tribes, and let the agreed values of Christianity be the societal glue. But (this is the third strike) our elite won’t accept this.

“Tonight I‘m authorizing the city to shut off Los Angeles Department of Water and Power service in the egregious cases in which houses, businesses and other venues are hosting unpermitted large gatherings,” Garcetti said at a Wednesday news conference. “Starting on Friday night, if LAPD responds and verifies that a large gathering is occurring at a property, and we see these properties reoffending time and time again, they will provide notice and initiate the process to request that DWP shut off service within the next 48 hours.”

The order, Garcetti said, focuses “on the people determined to break the rules, posing significant public dangers and a threat to all of us.”

Focus instead on “I’m authorizing the city” and “[LAPD] will provide notice and initiate the process to request that DWP shut off service”. That is curiously passive-aggressive language for a Christ-hating mayor with a license to Cancel. Why doesn’t he just say he’ll do it?

Because he can’t do it.

California deregulation laws make LA DWP a completely separate entity from the LA City government. I’ve lost touch with my old crowd so perhaps GarcettiCorp got its plants and moles into the leadership but given the long history of animosity… specifically, City bureaucrats lusting after DWP revenue… it’s not very likely.

My read on the threat is that Garcetti is making a power play against DWP leadership. If he orders them to punish “quarantine breakers” and they refuse then he’ll have a political casus belli.

Bowhard threats (breaking the no dickhead rule). Refusal to allow the worship of God. An imploding tax base. Deliberate imporation of immigrants who will ignore the civil law and follow Sharia or their familial customs. This is setting up the implosion of the progressive city state: the global model from Auckland to Glasgow.

Locally, it is now too late to get out of Dodge. But given our leadership, if you can do so, you should do so. This will end badly.

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1 year ago

I’m trying to get people here to put by some food and such for the upcoming Winter of Stupid. There are still places rioting (not in my town, no worries) but… I can’t make up an election scenario which doesn’t result in unrest. None of my variables land in “not stupid”. If I’m wrong, big whoop. The food bank gets a nice donation, and I have lots of soup fixings. What’s interesting is not that I’m doing common sense stuff. What’s interesting is when I open that conversation with folks, “Can you think of a scenario where it doesn’t get gnarly?” and they sit and think about it and then agree to go get some beans & rice and whatnot. That’s where we are here. I don’t like it, but thems the cards. -sighs-