The degeneration of the political class.

The current progressive class is made up of:

  • Political activists, many of whom have worked in politics after getting their PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics) degree
  • Teachers, Lecturers, and other denizens of the senior common room: the local bishops and moderators of the Presbyterians included
  • The CEO and his fellow committee members
  • The regulatoros of every skilled trade, who are often appointed by the political class
  • The foreign influencers in social media and our mass media
  • Every union official (most of whom are serving their time before becoming a mayor or MP
  • Most teachers, Nurses, and some Medicos, including, locally, many who work in private

This thinking as one is noxious. They pressure those who are thinkers in public who they accuse of badthink — at times into clintoncide.

The Democrat Party is a warning

Mr Barr is the Attorney General of the USA. They don’t have our system: we have question time, when any minister is fair game and it is overtly political — though our speaker (the Duck) is so biased that fairness is five paddocks ago. They now decided that their five minutes of questioning were for campaign speeches. So Barr was not heard.

If you expected the hearing to be conducted in a civil manner — question asked, question answered — you don’t understand what the Democrats were actually doing. This was a campaign event for them, a chance to air their grievances against the Trump administration and depict Barr, a longtime public servant, as a corrupt tool of Orange Man Bad.

Ace of Spades calls it a “Stalinesque show trial,” but to be fair, it didn’t end with Barr being executed in the basement of the Lubyanka. The execution of dissenters won’t begin until after Biden is elected.

It is fair to say that the people over there are taking notes. And moving. The time to move, ideally, as John Wilder notes, was ten years ago. I left my academic centre three years ago for a village nearby, and I think I left it a little too long.

Because we don’t have a democrat mayor: it is worse here. We have a green.

This weekend, The Mrs. and I were snoozing and were listening to the Watchdog on Wall Street, a radio show about investment. In the latest episode/podcast (Expedition New York – LINK), the host advocated what he called the Sam Kinison solution. Give good people U-Hauls® so they can leave the cities that are turning into scenes from Mad Max. “The reality of many urban areas is . . . it’s going to take a long, long time to come back.”


I was slipping in and out of sleep, but discussed the show later with The Mrs.

“He’s right you know. The era of law in those big cities is over. The District Attorneys in those large metropolitan areas have been bought and paid for by the far Left (LINK, LINK, LINK and I could go on forever with links). The DAs are no longer concerned with Justice,” I said. “These DAs are concerned with Social Justice. Try to defend yourself in a lot of these large urban monstrosities, and you’ll find out what the inside of a jail cell looks like pretty quickly. And that scares me because my brother got stabbed in jail. We took Monopoly® just a bit too seriously when I grew up.”

“Well, they can’t move here. We’re full.” That’s not exactly what The Mrs. said, but I can’t repeat it exactly since this is a family-friendly blog.

Although The Mrs. isn’t a social butterfly, she doesn’t exactly hate people. And it’s not new people moving to Modern Mayberry that was bothering her. It’s Leftist ideas.

It is the people. I think California will need to build a wall to keep its people in: but Texas, Mexico and Arizona may contribute, because they want to keep people out.

See, even though Toe Rogan is only about 4’2″, he fully understands what most rational people do – that moving away from Commiefornia and to a free state is a Very Good Thing.

People have a deep-seated natural desire to be free. When you get a state like Commiefornia, which insists on consistently screwing with the liberties and rights of citizens and treats them alternately as clueless sheep or as cash cows to be milked for taxes, then inevitably, they will LEAVE.

That is why totalitarian states like the USSR, North Korea, and Cuba have massive border controls to stop their own people from leaving.

Whenever you hear some Millennialtard moron talking up the glories of socialism, just ask him why the cost of renting a Penske or U-Haul truck going out of Commiefornia is something like FIVE TIMES AS EXPENSIVE as a rental going into the state.

I’m not making up that number. If you go to U-Haul’s website and get a quote for renting a 26′ truck from Los Angeles, CA, to Corpus Christi, TX, on August 31st, you’ll get a quote for $4,100 or thereabouts. Now open up a tab and go the other way. Same truck, same date – total cost: $774.

Your exact numbers might vary depending on when you do this, but it’s not in the least bit surprising. The demand for trucks to get the hell out of collapsing Commiefornia is sky-high.

Unfortunately, this means that the poor beleaguered residents of Texas and Arizona now have to deal with a vast horde of Commiefornian refugees flooding into their countries – uh, I mean, states – and have to absorb a lot of liberal stupidity as a result. This is not healthy for them and it is a big part of the reason why both states are rapidly turning purple. They may eventually turn outright blue.

California is the Democratic endgame. Our most noxious MPs (who are green party members: may they drop below the threshold to re enter parliament along with NZ First) come from Iran and Berkeley — and bring their postmodern progressive cancer here. The good news is that we are rapidly heading into a nasty depression, where this virtue signalling will disappear due to the need to eat.

The new book burners

But they are declaring themselves our enemy. Peter Grant, whose book on prison ministry is excellent, notes this.

Well, I’m not a representative of any denomination, but I am a Christian: so let me put in my $0.02 worth. When I see someone burning a Bible, I see that person rejecting what I believe and stand for, not just in terms of beliefs, but in terms of the moral foundation of how I try to live. It’s also the foundation of most of our legal system, no matter what anyone might try to deny. Almost all Western laws and jurisprudence stemmed from Christian dominance of Europe, and spread from there to European colonies in the New World. That’s an historical fact that can’t be denied.

I’m not personally offended by Bible-burning; nor do I think God, as I understand him, is personally offended. Rather, I’m saddened by the lack of tolerance shown by the demonstrators. If they expect me to accept them as fellow citizens, and tolerate their beliefs, shouldn’t they be extending the same courtesies to me? Clearly, they’re not: therefore I have to believe that their intolerance extends, not just to what I believe in, but to me as a believer as well.

So be it. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” They’ve just done that. Their behavior marks them as my enemies. They need not be surprised if I view them, and respond to them, as such – with as much mercy as possible, sure, but nevertheless with determination that they will not intimidate me, and will not deter me from living my life as I believe God requires of me.

There is a reason I said get of of Dodge a couple of days ago. The elite and their useful idiots who are burning bibles and/or praying to some idol or such while the rest of us are advised that any meeting is forbidden hate the word of God and those of Christ. I’m quite aware that the Western Cities are now a mission field, and the functional churches within them are multiethnic because the city is multiethnic.

But my mate who meets with his prayer group in a rural church around the central lakes has less friction and hassle when he worships God. I wish we could all live as quiet a life.

I expect the cities will implode: the lies are getting more obvious. I pray that the provocation does not lead to war. But history, missiology, and the descriptions of parallel periods in history say that peace is unlikely. Get your families out of the schools and yourself away from the elite.

And pray for our enemies, for the spirit of this age has made them stupid.

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William Stewart
1 year ago

“And pray for our enemies, for the spirit of this age has made them stupid.”

I pray that their stupidity will allow us to defeat them!

I suppose perhaps I could pray for their souls, that those among them who are God’s people come to that realization and repent and join us.