Moving to Raw Arch

Well, sort of. I am using the Zen Installer to make this work, and the test install on the laptop went fairly smoothly. You can partition your disks before you start if you need to — I chose not to on the laptop — but I then chose the Budgie Gnome desktop environment at startup.

Installed default software. For photos, this included Darktable and rapidphotodownloader, which is not a script but part of Arch.

I then took a card two thirds full of photos and downloaded them. Worked, and the test shot is up.

So far, so good. Daily blogging is a little faster now I am using Brave as the default browser.

The trouble has been the desktop.The USB would not boot. So I’m redownloading it and using Balena Etcher to flash it. This could take most of the week to get sorted.

Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 11.20.22 AM

Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 11.25.49 AM

The blog

A few changes this week. Looking at what was slowing down most of the other wordpress sites, it appears to have been cloudflare. Cloudflare cuts down DDOS and spam considerably — and I have my fair amount of spam here. Clear Talk takes care of most of it, but I still have a few articles to delete.

And if in doubt, I delete. I don’t have the traffic the Supreme Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil has, but the principles he has apply.

I already pointed this out, I would like everyone to please note that all comments are moderated here. This is necessary because there are literally hundreds of spam comments that spammers attempt to post here every day due to the 100k daily pageview traffic. If moderation was not in effect, the comments would be entirely unreadable.

Literally nothing that anyone has to say is so urgent that it necessitates a second, or third, or even fourth attempt to post it. If you’re worried that your Very Important Comment may have been lost, then for the love of all that is Good, Beautiful, and True, accept with equanimity that possibility as The Decretive Will of God, An Act of Nature, An Unfortunate Accident, or even The Insidious Work of the Father of Lies, whatever may happen to best suit your particular philosophical perspective.


Furthermore, please note that adding an “OT” to your off-topic comment does not make it acceptable. It is still off-topic. If you feel the need to share your Very Important Opinion or some Very Important News, then feel free to do so on your own site. Do not do it here.

This is why I have my own blog, and this is also why I don’t have wordpress up and links to social media switched off. It has been my experience that you can screenshot stupidity on Twitter, Faceborg and other woke sites without an account.

I am also no longer linking to the NZ Herald. They went after a church recently. Because prayer meeting allegedly spread covid.


  • I have reverted to Stix as a theme. Looking at the way I had the widgets set up and how they appear, I have edited some of them to remove redundancy
  • There is some new art up at the header.
  • There is now a spam counter in the footer
  • Recent comments and recent posts have been added to the footers

My Son has wonderful gifts

Last year he gave me a rode microphone and kit — without a stand. This year a Drop barebones keyboard — without keys. The former is assembled and awaiting a microphone stand. I am now waiting for keycaps and switches to arrive from Drop.