Nothing much is happening here.

The site is keeping on keeping on. There have been some updates — in particular clean talk, which has limited the number of spam things I have to deal with nicely. The server seems to be handling the traffic.

I’m keeping the hardware I’ve got going for as long as possible. I look around, and then when cost things… there are higher priorities. When you get new hardware, you take it around the corner, and fit a protective case to it. This includes modern laptops, which are as fragile as phones. A good case will keep your gear running a lot longer than you otherwise will get out of the gear.

Nothing much is happening now. The Arch based distros are keeping on keeping on: Ubuntu is better than Windows but slower, and most of slashdot is of little technical benefit.

You are still better to write ideas down in a journal, and understand bullet journal techniques. WordPress still works better if you use a text editor and understand html. You are better to get a reasonably good mechanical watch and look after it.

My new hack is to have the work phone… which has all the official applications required of a good employee, and a personal phone, that has almost none of them. When I go home, the work phone stays on the charger, and (since they have incompatible operating systems) my life is fractured between them.

Keep your budget, your life, and your records analogue. Keep your profile low.

And stay away from the news and social media.

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1 year ago

“You are still better to write ideas down in a journal”

But then nobody “likes” them. 🤔