Monday Technical.

This week there have been two tecnnical conversations in casa weka that may be of interest. The first was with son two, who builds computers for a hobby. He reminded me that my desktop was built around an original intel i7, in 2010. Kea’s machine is probably four years old. So he went to Puget Systems, and showed us what specs a new machine would need, sinceKea uses Adobe products.

And then we discussed how to make it small. I wanted to go pi size or micro PC. He said I should look at a Dan Case. We then said — probably late next year, when we will need to build two of the things.

The other discussion was with Kea, and related to expedition watches. Robyn does not like them. Anything that controls you is wrong. Which means that things like the Suunto 7, garmin fenix and Apple watch are right out because you continually look at your heart rate and sleep pattern instead of walking and enjoying life. It is better to remain analogue. The smart watch that I would need monitors glucose. The PK Vitality is not available yet, and Movano has bridging money for more development, but there is no product yet. Of the two, Movano looks more like what I’d want.

As far as communication, I now carry the work phone at work — and then leave it alone, charging and sulking. You don’t want to be controlled by screens.

Changes around the place

Scott has had feedback in real life that means that he considers his family at some risk, and Scott does not scare easily. He knows what he wanted to say, and I think he has said it.

On of my regrets over the last couple of years is the I lost my ljubomir farms hat.

When I first tried my hand at blogging, my wife joined me in an effort we called “The Courtship Pledge,” which as a concept, was probably the most original idea I have ever had. Not so much courtship, but the idea of getting parents of small children together with somewhat “traditionalist” values to discuss and maybe even one day meet up to give those children a fighting chance to meet others with similar values. Not a match making service, but more of a “here is the type of family we would like you to marry into someday” sort of thing.

It was either too weird, or for some other reason did not resonate enough with the crowd we were aiming at, so we shuttered it.

I have blogged, on my own, a few iterations of my views on traditionalism, family formation, culture, etc but only the Courtship Pledge made me proud as it created real content that both my wife and I were involved in. “American Dad” takes second place, as it was nothing more than a website devoted to having a positive regard for fatherhood, no bullshit. And the further away I get from that kind of internet activity, (wholesome, family oriented) the weirder it gets.

Didact has moved to wordpress and away from Blogger. It seems that blogger is becoming less popular. The local group blog No Minister has made a similar move.

On the blog

  • I got strong feedback that Neve did not allow for navigation, so reverted to Stix. Which does.
  • A web cache trial was a complete failure. The new posts did not appear. So that has been removed, and (as expected) the web tracker is now working better.

Movies worth watching

We have dumped Netflix, and you should too. Most of it is dross. Kea found this movie frightening, because Bethany Hamilton does very risky things in it, but the documentary Unstoppable is good for any teenager and young adult to watch. Because it shows fame as a trap, and just how hard you have to work to make those magic moments on youtube. The woman does not consider losing an arm makes her disabled. As such, she deserves praise.

Do not be a woke distro

In my wish to find ultra lightweight distros to keep my hardware going for another year I looked at crunchbangplusplus and found this.

No. More full of virtue signalling than Debian.

Screenshot_2020-09-07 Crunchbangplusplus Debian Based Minimal Linux Distro

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1 year ago

I have Netflix and Amazon Prime but both are basically free to me (Netflix through a former roommate and AP because I have it for the shipping). I have thought about dumping them as you are right, they have little of value, but given the price, I have left them up. I try to read as much as possible and only turn on a streaming service when I am just too tired to focus on a book. I have noticed that less seems to be better when it comes to watching TV although I have a fairly large collection of DVDs that I browse through occasionally. Harder to get sucked into the dross with that collection.

On the list is getting a xbox for the 4K Blueray — cheapest option according to the kids. We got pushback from the kids and had to explain just how skeezy Netflix has become.