The heat death of Ideology.

The young punks are now, like Johnny Rotten of my generation, now right wing. They know that the woke administration are easily trolled. They live with those who are blamed for all the faults of society, and they note when those who honour people who put their lives routinely at risk in emergency services are shunned.

Here’s a shout-out post to a couple real American teens who have successfully hoisted the petards of their elders’ fragile meta-ego. You kids made my day!

Black Goons Matter? Sure! Muslims want a mosque at Ground Zero? “We shouldn’t judge them just because they’re different.” But oops, these kids honored white American heroes for 9/11!

There’s nothing to investigate here except a couple students flying a couple politically sensitive takes on the Stars & Stripes to spice up an otherwise boring 9/11 memorial service. Lo and behold, the credentialed experts STILL managed to screw up this nothing-to-investigate-tion, because this was very obviously a political statement that police & fire lives matter!

Gunner Q

This is not allowed to continue at University. There are now mandatory sessions about institutionalized racism at most places. Which are frankly boring: best done on zoom when you can do other things at the same time and appear checked in. Yes, I’m a Kiwi. We all have advanced diplomas in passive aggressive non compliance.

The purpose of mandatory “anti-racism” training is to humiliate white people, to destroy their self-esteem by requiring them to confess their guilt of “racism” and denounce themselves as oppressors.

There is another obvious purpose in making these “struggle sessions” mandatory for all freshman. It allows the faculty to identity any potential dissenter in the student body. Any freshman who complains about these “anti-racism” lessons will become a target for destruction. Outspoken conservatives on campus are systematically downgraded by their professors and denied opportunities for grants, internships, etc. All campus benefits are exclusively reserved for those students favored by the liberal faculty and administration; conservative students are subjected to harassment, and excluded from graduate programs.

It is nice to see the next generation, who, when grown, will subvert this orthodoxy as surely as Monty Python did the logical post war positivism exist.

Science is Tricky

The greens want to stop global warmining. But there is part of this which is not controlled by earth: the activity of the sun. Which is decreasing right now. From NASA, who worry about the radiation from solar storms.

The ability to forecast these kinds of events is increasingly important as NASA prepares to send the first woman and the next man to the Moon under the Artemis program. Research now underway may have found a reliable new method to predict this solar activity. The Sun’s activity rises and falls in an 11-year cycle. The forecast for the next solar cycle says it will be the weakest of the last 200 years. The maximum of this next cycle – measured in terms of sunspot number, a standard measure of solar activity level – could be 30 to 50% lower than the most recent one. The results show that the next cycle will start in 2020 and reach its maximum in 2025.

The greens also over estimate the effect men have on the climate. But when they are called on this, they melt down. It is not science, it is ideology.

Long-time readers will remember Legates. He allowed me to tag along on a few papers on the climate (example). The most infamous of which caused—I’m guessing—at least seven TIAs, three full strokes, seventeen angina attacks, and four fatal myocardial infarctions. This was “Why Models Run Hot: Results From An Irreducibly Simple Climate Model“, with lead author Christopher Monckton.

This peer-reviewed sensation made a simple claim: man, like all creatures, influences the climate; he is influencing this one, likely to the tune of a 1 degree C or so global temperature increase with a doubling of pre-industrial atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Now, with all the worry, angst, consternation, fretting, wailing, lamentations, and just plain unhappiness about global-warming-of-doom, you’d think a paper like ours would be greeted with cheers and sighs of relief! Here was hope! We thought we were all going to die of heat death, but here was evidence saying maybe it will be okay. Isn’t that wonderful!

Alas, no.

Word is that that MSNBC reporter lady’s hair caught on fire when reading our story. Environmentalist activists lit torches. Members of Congress—and here I do not jest—launched investigations. Willie Soon, one of the other authors, was hounded, harassed, and hectored. Monkton was disparaged in many foreign languages. My old site was hacked. All of us were called names that I hadn’t even learned in the military.

It was strange. It was almost as if the left did not want good news about the climate! It was as if the left hated the idea that their services to cure this non-problem were not necessary. But how could this be? They loved Science! Yet when science said “Calm yourselves”, that love evaporated.

Screenshot_2020-09-17 Green Party NZ ( NZGreens) Twitter

This is classic arguing from authority. Better to look at the data, or you will be trolled.

The ideologue coalition

This is from the states, but the same coalition exists in NZ: The left is a creature of industrial unions, the public service, the teachers, nurses and ethnic minorities. But the Pacific people are stauchly Christian and they are leaving. the. plantation. The Maori are sick of being marginalized because Wiremu Ratana made a deal with Labour in the 1930s. This could change here as well.

Other stones, by comparison, are finally being seen as the pebbles they actually are. Pebbles that have earned the ire of other actual stones. Then there is the mortar, which has been entirely replaced by the tuck-point job that began during the Clinton regime, and which continued under Obama. For the mortar they removed was replaced by caulk. It could fill the gaps between stones, but it could never bear the weight of the entire edifice, which now totters. So, let’s look at the stones that have been the mainstays of the Party’s past, and the mortar that held them together. And a few incidental items as well, that together may signal that The Party’s over.

The first bloc of stone has been their most monolithic over time. The Black vote, of course. I won’t dwell on this beyond remarking on the anger many Blacks finally harbor against the open and seemingly gleeful destruction of their local communities by non-local non-Black progressive ‘organizers’ who seem to show up at every conflagration. Al Sharpton seems tame by now. And after three years of constant economic improvement under Donald, it was all taken away, in a flash-bang moment. Current polls (I only pay attention to the two who called it right in 2016, Trafalgar Group and Rasmussen) say Black turnout may be flagging. And of those who will vote, as many as 30% may go for Donald. Half of that alone will doom the wall, and any Humpty Dumpty atop it.

The next stone is the Latinos. Who are not a single stone, as any thinking man knows. Which immediately dooms the Left, again. This supposed bloc has had it up to here with Democrat presumption and misperception. They are sick of the whole idea that the Latino Label means anything to anyone but the caretakers of The Party Plantation. They are tired of being ignored in their particularity. They resent the idea that they must pay obligatory obeisance to a Party line that ignores their individualism. Especially when they have achieved so much without the Party’s help. Just ask a Cuban American if the Democrats really opposed Fidel. Or Raoul. Ask any second and third generation Mexican American citizen if they benefit from the illegal horde that makes all of them illegitimate in the eyes of other Americans. Then ask them how many affirmative action slots have been given to them by their political keepers. Again, look at the polls. The real polls. Donald will do better than he did in 2016, if only because of the tin ear of the Party elite.

Next, let’s look at the other foundational stones of the Democrat Blue Wall. The Unions. Four Blocs, in particular. The first bloc is the police union. Who have unanimously endorsed Donald. Locally and nationally, this has never happened before. There is absolutely no doubt in their minds who is standing with them against anarchy. The Dem’s Big Blue Wall does not include the Thin Blue Line. And they know it. And they deeply resent this betrayal. They will never go back to their faithless Labor ‘allies’. Never. Especially after the ‘ethnic cleansing’ that will occur when AOC and her minions complete their Stalinist purge of the Party after November. The long knives are already being sharpened.

The next Union bloc is the exact opposite of the heroic essential workers known as the First Responders. The Cops and their brothers, the Firemen and the EMT’s, (who also will fly the Plantation coop). This next union is known as the ‘teachers’ (NEA and AFT). They have comprised a bulwark of Democrat solidarity and remained loyal to the Politburo for 70 odd years. Which is a blessing in disguise for us. Why? Because the Left, in their frantic and desperate attempt to keep the economy locked down (to the detriment of Donald), are refusing to act for the benefit of the children. Which flies directly in the face of the image these ‘teachers’ always present when it is time to plead for more money (aka taxes) ‘for the children’. Their leaders are using the Covid-1984 scam to clamor for political payoffs before they relent and allow teachers to return to in-person teaching. Everyone can see it. What does Universal health care have to do with kids?

How long can parents stay at home to care for children who cannot physically attend school? What is the economic cost here? What is the human cost? Do the Democrats have any clue of the anger they are stoking amongst the populace as a whole? Red and Blue be damned, do they have any idea of the sacrifice they are demanding here? Parents everywhere, of every political and racial color, are outraged at this failure to live up to the image Teachers, Inc. has promoted for the past 70 years? Where is the ‘essential’ nature of this profession? We’ve all been schooled as to the heroic nature of doctors, nurses, firemen, EMT’s, etc., in this ongoing insanity. So, where are the teachers? Meh.

Although the Doctor’s unions (yes, we have them) are part of the public service association coalition, Doctors tend Tory because they have bills to pay, tax included. An increase in tax is not welcome when you are on a salary and cannot claim expenses — which may ensure that medicos, like psychologists, leave the state health system so they can make more money and their life tax deductable.

This is not going to work for much longer. James Allan, who is a Canadian Kiwi Aussie (I think : he moves around) put it this way.

I thought then, and still do, that the preponderance of Trump’s message was attractive. End the outsourcing of American jobs, especially those in manufacturing. Do something about judges advocating a ‘living Constitution’ (read that as ‘make it up at the point of application’), a concern I have shared my entire working life. Make America energy self-sufficient, as opposed to virtue-signalling about renewables in a way that drives up energy costs hugely (as in Australia) but does next to nothing about lowering the rate of increase of carbon dioxide emissions in a world where China is building new coal-fired electricity generating plants almost fortnightly. Get illegal immigration under control. Try to do something to rein in the spread of political correctness. End the Bush/Obama foreign policy approach beloved by the Washington insiders but not by Main Street USA.

Al that struck me as a very saleable and attractive package. And I say that knowing full well that those in the upper echelons of American and Australian society – the lawyerly caste, the insider and lifetime political class, the CEOs of big companies, the tech giants, Hollywood, the non-Fox News media class, etcetera – would despise this message. They still do. But it was enough to see Trump scrape home and win, the reaction of the media on election night (just as with its reaction the night of the Brexit vote) being one of the great pleasures yours truly has savoured in his life.

Fast-forward some four years. I’m not much of a betting man but in early July of this year, when the online bookies posted odds of 3-1 if you took President Trump to be re-elected, I put $400 on The Don. (And anyone who wishes to see my betting slip is free to ask and be shown it.) By fluke that was pretty much near the top of the market, as the betting odds have continually narrowed since then.

Today the odds are either about even or President Trump has become the slight favourite. That tells us a number of things. Firstly, bettors don’t trust the polls. I don’t either. Especially not after I read the one that showed how many Americans were afraid to tell others, including pollsters, their actual views. I work in a university as a right-of-centre law professor and I can tell you that it is not progressives who tend to keep their views to themselves or fear they’ll lose their jobs if they don’t.

Secondly, Trump’s comeback tells us that the riots around America are hurting the Democrats and they know it. Belated attempts to condemn the riots and to pretend the Republicans and President Trump are to blame for them stretch credulity, given all the accumulated video clips of Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and others condoning what they had earlier characterised as ‘largely peaceful protests’.

Thirdly, the Wuhan coronavirus is in retreat in much of the US. This was a wildcard that could have seen President Trump lose. Remember, back in January The Don looked like a sure bet. Put differently, the President’s re-election chances vary inversely with the virulence, reach and lockdown response of the virus. Given that most of the southern US States are basically back up and operating, and the pressure this puts on the others in a federal system, unlike ours, where states largely pay the costs of their decisions, and you can see that trend is going Trump’s way at the moment.

And fourthly, I think the betting market is factoring in the mental state of Joe Biden. If anyone can look you in the face and say he or she honestly believes the man is all there upstairs then that person ought to move to Los Angeles and look for acting work. Moreover, with the polls narrowing and many Democrat campaign operatives thinking this is anyone’s ballgame, Biden will find it excruciatingly hard to avoid the debates. If he declines, Trump will roast him alive day in and day out. If he opts to debate, not only will that make for incredible TV, I think the odds of him not betraying his damaged state are poor.

I concur. My predictions, a month out from an election most pundits in NZ see as a Labour landslide is that the Labour image is lockdown, recession, and a maternalistic, micromanaging state. They have lost the Tradies. They have lost the active Christians — many of whom are Maori and Pacific Islanders and Chinese. They are marginal. I cannot see them getting a majority of the votes, and if they do not, given MMP, the question of which parties are available to form a coalition becomes significant. The most recent poll (Roy Morgan) has the greens at 11.5% while the private UMR poll has Labour at 53% and the Greens at 3%. No polling group see NZ First — the other party in the current coalition — getting in.

The elite in NZ want this government to continue. But they are not the people. This month is going to be interesting. If the left lose, expect the rage to start, as they find their theories exposed, and the heat death of their ideology.

I thought this was a good thing: but it may not be. Because the left in the loss of their ideology, are turning not to Christ, but to Molech.

These anarchists are not rejecting racism. They embrace racism: they demand each man’s place in society be determined by race and nothing else.

They do not embrace black lives. Burning down black neighborhoods, ruining black owned businesses shows no concern for black lives, nor does killing men like David Dorn during BLM riots. No riots of outrage erupted at the shooting death of children like Davell Gardner Jr., who was in his stroller at a family cookout in the park.

The riots are only held to honor their curious choice in martyrs: violent criminals who are shot while attacking police; addicts who die of drug overdoses.

So what do they reject? Whom do they embrace?

Perhaps we can lift a clue from the National Museum of African American History & Culture who claim that signs of “whiteness” include: Individualism, hard work, objectivity, the nuclear family, progress, respect for authority, delayed gratification, punctuality, rational thinking….

I submit that what is being rejected is Christendom and the specific cultural artifacts of Christendom, including the cultural byproducts of specific Christian artifacts, such as church clocktowers, and the belief in individual rights.

Rejecting Christendom requires rejection of Christ.

All the old gods, like feral beasts whose glaring eyes shine unwinking in the tangled shadows of encroaching forest, their red maws waiting, are more than willing to come forth once more and claim their own, once the guardians of heaven, like so many shepherd hounds, have sorrowfully put their shining two-edged swords away, and, with no backward glances, departed on silent wing from an ungrateful earth.

The old gods will come forth again. And these are not the civilized deities of Rome and daemons of Greece, shaped like men, glorious and fair, upholders of oaths and guardians of marriage beds, Vestal goddesses who bless and protect the virgin.

No, these are older, older than the temple prostitutes of Ishtar, older than the castrations of Cybele, older than the red-hot idols of Moloch into whose mouths the babes were fed.

This is already not ending well.

NZ is in recession. Worse that Australia and the USA, Comrade Dan and the moron running California included. This destroyed the Forbes Coates government in the 1930s: it probably will destroy the current coalition.

New Zealand fell into its deepest economic slump on record in the second quarter as its battle against the coronavirus pandemic paralysed business activity, official data showed on Thursday.

Gross domestic product contracted a seasonally adjusted 12.2% quarter-on-quarter, its sharpest quarterly contraction on record and largely in line with forecasts of a 12.8% decline from economists polled by Reuters. GDP fell 12.4% year-on-year.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand had forecast a quarterly and annual GDP decline of 14% in its August statement.

Growth has been hit by a standstill in economic activity as a strict nationwide coronavirus lockdown in April and parts of May forced almost everyone to stay at home and businesses to shut.

The GDP data confirms New Zealand’s worst recession, defined as two straight quarters of contraction, since 2010, with GDP in the March quarter falling 1.6%.

In comparison, second quarter economic growth in neighbouring Australia which enforced a less stringent COVID-19 lockdown fell 7.0%, while the United States recorded a 9.1% drop.