Birthday report.

My Birthday was the Friday, but we had a party over two days. About 50 odd friends and family. Since there is a no civilians rule on this blog, I won’t show photos of them — but instead what we did.

On the Friday we opened presents. My mother sent a large package, which included photos of me as a child, my birth certificate (original), my baptism certificate, and letters I had written to my grandmother while in primary school. This reduced me to tears. The card that she and Dad wrote in was again thoughtful, beautiful… and embarrassing. Kiwis don’t like praise.

We then went out for brunch. This was so extensive that I could just manage to eat some of the preparation for the Sunday party. Kea was making a cake.



On the Saturday the local family who can tolerate being on a boat and friends went for a ride up the harbour on a remodeled pilot boat, the Tiakina. There was a weather bomb coming, but it held off most the weekend.



Sunday we had people home. The day started fairly cold and wet, but as the guest arrived it became fine, and we were able to open the front of the house and use the deck — the forecast was that it would rain all day. Wonderful time was had, I think, by all. The young folk left with trays of food for their flats.

That was when the cake was eaten. Did I mention that Kea is a trained chef?


And on Monday it snowed. Tuesday it snowed harder.


Next party will be for Kea, I think.