The state of things (Thanks Jack)

Jack has published a list of current links that work from the male perspective. Worth noting as a place to find things, but his summary is worth noting. Firstly, he discusses how there has been conflict relating to covenatal and secular approaches to courtship and marriage.

In many of my past posts, I (as well as Deep Strength) have alluded to these differences between the secular Red Pill, and the Christianized Red Pill, but I haven’t analyzed the differences point by point as well as BGR has in his series.

The separation and distinction of the Christian Covenant structure from the Red Pill praxeology is an important and pivotal development. The Red Pill is largely an amoral description of human psychology and behavior, whereas the Christian Covenant recognizes human psychology and behavior, but adds to this awareness an aspiration to a God-ordained ideal.

I propose that the Christian exegesis of Red Pill precepts should be called something else, just to be more specific and to avoid confusion in future discussions.

Some of the better writers here, such as Dalrock and Scott, are now running silent. There is considerable pressure from the secular world to do so. Blogs have always had an attrition rate, but the rate is increasing.

As you can see, there is a much greater number of Manosphere/Red Pill blogs making an exit than are making a debut. 34 going out, and 10 coming in, compared to 38 remaining steady. That’s a huge turnover, and all within the last several months!

For those who have been following along, the real surprise is that this phase shift has been delayed for so long. The Manosphere chuggered to a metaphysical standstill in late 2018, and since then, uniquely new behavioral theories and cultural models have become extremely rare and of diminutive impact.

Jack got this place correctly, when he noted that I am aiming for reform of the church and ourselves [1]. We should always promote such. Despair leads to sloth, an abandonment of effort.

We did not choose the time we live in, but in this time we must fight for Christ, the good, and the true.

1. Jack, progressive == socialist == satanic. You need to change your vocabulary.