COVID 2.5 election post.

The Antipodean ‘Rona

Parliament has risen, and we are having a election campaign with social distancing. Which means no rallies. And some truth bombs being pushed on social media.

Screenshot_2020-09-07 David Seymour on Twitter

The Cat is scathing about the conflation of death rate with infection rate.

The infection rate!!! Not the death rate, which is trivial and focused on people of a certain age with an average of 2.6 “co-morbidities”. In the meantime, since nothing can be done about the fools, simpletons and hysterics running the place, it is obviously time to just lie back and enjoy it. Although I will endorse Robert Gottliebson’s view that A third mistake by Victoria will mean it’s time for intervention assuming there is some form of intervention. This is Victoria’s Captain Queeg moment but there will be no mutinies on the Good Ship Victoria. All doubters will be made to walk the plank.

BTW the official death rate in Victoria is 666 dead out of a population of 6.5 million, which comes to 0.01%, which is one death per 10,000.

COVID 19 can be nasty. It has killed one of the most significant medical practitioners in Rarotonga. We lost two people in 24 hours. But it should not mean that we smash an economy to prevent what will happen, sadly, to some of our elders, and is what happens, courtesy of influenza, most years. Of course, that does not mean that the Aussies don’t double down.

We changed banks a year ago when the ANZ was hounding Maria Folau. We made the correct move.

ANZ boss Shayne Elliott says the bank will drop carbon-heavy business customers if they repeatedly refuse to develop a plan to deal with climate change risk.

The bank has asked its 100 biggest-emitting business customers, in sectors such as energy, transport, construction and agriculture, to provide a low-carbon transition plan by 2021.

If TAFKAS was running one of these businesses, his low-carbon transition plan would be to dump ANZ as its bank.

ANZ is a Melbourne based and a significant proportion of its portfolio is in Victoria. It takes real hide, chutzpah and audacity to dump paying and employing customers a time when its local business customers are being decimated and property prices are in steep decline.

No doubt this is the confidence that comes from having the RBA buy any garbage on its balance sheet and being implicitly guaranteed by the Australian tax papers.

Banks are in the business of assessing and lending against credit risk. If this stunt was about that, it would be done more carefully and discretely.

This carbon transition plan crap is nothing more than a political stunt to ingratiate itself with the wokey woke crowd.

From what I can see, Melbourne is going to be in a spiral, and it could take Victoria (the State) with it. Offend God by killing your oldsters, and the ‘Rona comes along to make you look like fools. Or to put it another way, God deals out vengeance. The perverts in Sodom and Gomorrah were never recorded having rituals of, or legal, euthanasia.

The fires continue

In Christchurch, the ideology is that the Mosques must have police protection because of Brendan Tarrent (now serving life without parole for killing over 50 people) but the hatred towards the church continues. THe haters can’t tell the difference between the mildly heterodox and the cultic.

Two churches have been damaged by fire in Christchurch early this morning and authorities are treating both blazes as suspicious.

Fire crews were first called to the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses just after 3am.

Firefighters arrived to find the church “well-involved” by fire.

Less than half an hour later, fire crews were called to the Cardboard Cathedral, on Hereford St, after an automatic alarm went off – triggering an alert to fire authorities.

Southern fire communications said the fire at the Cardboard Cathedral was out by the time staff arrived at the scene.

No injuries have been reported at either site.

A fire investigator is to inspect both scenes this morning.

Otago Daily Times

The cardboard cathedral is architecturally brilliant, but felt odd as a place of worship. But then, my church hires halls. But the motivation is more sinister. From the BFD

Neopagans are going to burn down everything, beginning with the churches.

However the observable fruit of the political organisation is not just racial division, but seething hatred and boiling rage, lawless violence, destruction of property and wanton murder. BLM turns cities which nurture its philosophies into war zones where the poorest of people are most hurt by the devastation wreaked by the anarchy.

There’s much more well-documented evidence of the anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-freedom social destructiveness of BLM, citing BLM itself as primary sources. But what’s recently been revealed is just how demonic they admit to being.

The leaders of BLM are calling on the spirits of the dead, claim to receive power from them and talk with these spirits by name. This is now an open secret.

You should now be asking for my sources, and if true, renouncing all support for this toxic agenda. They are hyperlinked throughout. BLM was never needed to advocate for justice for all, equally. Two BLM co-founders, Patrisse Cullors and Melina Abdullah, have given us brazen statements admitting this.

Assistant director of research at the USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture, Hebah Farrag, researches the new spiritualities emerging from Black Lives Matter-affiliated organisations. Her article, “The Fight for Black Lives is a Spiritual Movement”, details the religious fervour and ritual of BLM protests.

Melina Abdullah, chair of the Department of Pan-African Studies at California State University, Los Angeles, and co-founder of BLM-LA, opened the event explaining that while the movement is a social justice [Marxist] movement, it is first and foremost a spiritual movement.

She led the group in a ritual: the reciting of names of those taken by state violence before their time—ancestors now being called back to animate their own justice:

“George Floyd. Asé. Philandro Castille. Asé. Andrew Joseph. Asé. Michael Brown. Asé. Erika Garner. Asé. Harriet Tubman. Asé. Malcom X. Asé. Martin Luther King. Asé.”

As each name is recited, Dr. Abdullah poured libations on the ground as the group of over 100 chanted “Asé,” a Yoruba term often used by practitioners of Ifa, a faith and divination system that originated in West Africa, in return. This ritual, Dr. Abdullah explained, is a form of worship.

Patrisse Cullors, another BLM co-founder, claims there’s nothing that needs to be fixed in black culture, and acknowledges she is waging a spiritual fight. Her pagan spirituality and ancestor worship is displayed in this video, with bizarre ritualism and a shirt saying “black magic”.

In the same video Melina Abdullah claims her work is ancestral and divine as she and Cullors supply more disturbing evidence of their dark agenda. The fires of the BLM political agenda are fueled by worship of the dead; calling on the dead; asking the spirits of the dead to empower the living today.

This is not divine: it is Satanic, and their hatred of the churches is clear. Our enemy is playing for keeps. We need to not as much confront as avoid: or else we may pay for our witness with our life.

As the late and missed Uncle Remus says, stay away from crowds.

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1 year ago

Looking at the difference between the Christchurch Cathedral (awe inspiring) and the Cardboard Cathedral (weird) I wonder if we can draw any conclusions about the relative states of Christianity between 1864 and today.