The loss of the wisdom of Peel.

Sir RObert Peel set up the police as a Victorian project. The aim was to stop violent crime. Before gas lights and the police, no one wen out at night without guards. He crcruited people from the working class, prefering Methodists and Anglican layman, and his big idea was to not be heavy handed but to work with communities. The community would police itself, and the police would bring but the egregious to the magistrate.

It worked.

But now the police are seen as something to use to make people better. They want to get the police so stop us being snarky. Or truthful.

So the PM is misleading people by saying all she wants to do is ban discrimination on the basis of religion. That is already the law.

What Labour wants to do is expand S131(1) which states:

Every person commits an offence and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 months or to a fine not exceeding $7,000 who, with intent to excite hostility or ill-will against, or bring into contempt or ridicule, any group of persons in New Zealand on the ground of the colour, race, or ethnic or national origins of that group of persons

Now this is the section Labour wants to expand. This is not about discrimination, but about speech that may “ridicule”.

The current law imposes a criminal penalty for speech which targets people on their colour, race or national origins. What they all have in common is that people have no say over them. You can’t choose your skin colour, your race or where you were born.

But your religion is a choice, just as your political opinion is. Both religious belief and political opinion are prohibited areas for discrimination, but that is very different to saying people should face jail time for speech that ridicules them.

I often ridicule the Church of Scientology and Destiny Church. Under Labour’s law change, I could be jailed for doing so.

If someone sets up a religion that proposes the death penalty for homosexuality, then I should be free to attack that religion vigorously.

At the end of the day a religious belief is not vastly different to a political belief. In fact in many countries religious beliefs are strongly intertwined with political opinions. So would Labour also criminalise speech that denigrates a political party?

The context is that Ardern announced this while putting amemorial plague on the mosque Tarrant gunned donw 53 Muslims in. She is a fool, She has just (by implying religion ie Islam cannot be critiqued, you have made a new blasphemy law).

And that will lead to people becoming more angry. The Church will bend but not break. But the anger in seeing this will increase. We are seeing this in Melbourne. The law has become tyranny, and we are to be grateful for any relief.

Can confirm

As regular readers will realize, I am no longer in the criminal demographic. I grew up in a suburb where there was such, but did not hang out with them: I worked my tail off and got to University, thank you very much. I’m now too old to function in the criminal class. Almost every person I know who has served time (and I know a few) by my age is no longer committing crimes — they would rather be with their kids and grand kids.

But you can’t take Otahuhu out of the boy. I don’t trust the police. From Didact.

There are five types of police officers serving today. The first is just there to pick up a paycheque and simply does not give a shit about doing anything above and beyond the strict requirements of duty. The second is there to pal around with the criminals and act like best buddies with them. The third is the “true believer” set, and not coincidentally, most of those tend to be Christian; they are there to save souls and stop evil. The fourth are the “sheepdogs” – strict disciplinarians who scrupulously obey the law and apply punishments sternly, but fairly.

The fifth, and by far the worst, type consists of the guys on a serious power trip. And as Dr. Wood points out, even though they are in the minority of correction officers – and by extension police officers – they are the most dangerous of all. It is these officers who happily abuse the law and use the “Blue Wall” to stop themselves from being policed.

The ancient phrase, quis custodiet ipsos custodes, applies perfectly to them. These are the bad apples that ruin the entire cartload of police officers.

Looking at things from Dr. Wood’s perspective, it is very clear that he is certainly on the side of law and order – which is unsurprising, given that he is an evangelical and devout Christian. And it is equally clear that he loathes the Type 5s and understands exactly why Blacks, with their long history of oppression and cultural baggage and racial memory, HATE police officers in general and make no particular distinction between the skilled, professional, courteous, and decent Type 3s and 4s, and the absolutely abominable Type 5s.

Now, the thing is, I don’t particularly like or trust the police. I don’t pretend to like their heavy-handed tactics and I don’t like having to deal with them. There is nothing fun or pleasant about having to deal with the police.

This is when Peel’s ideas fall over. You no longer have the cooperation of the community. The local cop is no longer a neighbour, someone you see on the police, a source of information, security and community news. He is instead an enemy.

He is not a person you know, he is an officer controlling your thoughts. The way that Kiwis have been hounded for stating that which is thought but is deemed unspeakable (Disclaimer: I despise Brendon Tarrant and I have not read his manifesto — it is highly illegal to do so) is going to backfire as much as having no discretion on speeding fines as councils drop the speed limits.

This will end badly. The police will be akin to the territorial army that did the job before them.

And in some places this has already ended in blood.

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William S
1 year ago

Aussies never thought they would suffer such things; thought they were immune, that only in North America and Britain and New Zealand would people have to suffer such tyranny.