Monday technical.

Outside of the blog, the most interesting thing that has happened this week is the exposure of how big social media is aligned with those who are corrupt, and protecting corruption. Locally, the same bunch of people took out the Advance NZ minor political party before the election was over and have been running negative stories about Collins (Conservative Opposition) and fawning stories about Ardern (Socialist now Labour PM). Kea does have social media and the bias there has been obvious, as it has been on TV and Reddit. My worry is that the conservative websites in NZ will be closed because the government wants to make mockery of religion an offense under the Race Relations Act — in short, bring in a hate speech law. This is supported by big social media.

Fair warning: the link goes to Didacts rule four post, not really safe at work.

The bad news is VERY bad indeed.

If you’ve been paying any attention whatsoever, you will undoubtedly have noticed that both legacy and social media outlets are doing their level best to suppress a recent story about files found on an abandoned MacBook Pro left at a repair shop. That story points beyond any shadow of a doubt to corruption and nepotism of the worst kind, at the highest levels of government.

The simple version of that story is that Hunter Biden did introduce his dad, then Vice President of the USA, to Vadym Pozharskiy (yes, that’s the correct transliteration from the Cyrillic, Вадим Пожарский), an adviser to the board of Burisma. This would be the same Burisma, you will recall, that was under investigation by the Ukrainian government for serious corruption back in 2014.

That would also be the same Burisma on whose behalf Joe Biden intervened by threatening the government of Ukraine that a billion dollars in aid would be withheld if the investigator looking into that company’s dealings was not fired. This isn’t a secret. Biden OPENLY BRAGGED ABOUT THAT SHIT and it’s easily available for you to see.

This means that Joe Biden absolutely lied when he said that he had “never spoken to my son about his his overseas business dealings“.

And even that isn’t the worst of it. Corruption in Washington, especially among Establishment Daemoncrats, is nothing new.

What makes this particular story that much more horrifying is that there are rumours that the sex video found on the same MacBook Air, involves Hunter Biden and a minor.

I’d like to stress that these are just rumours right now. Unless that video gets released, we simply won’t know. But, judging by what these two Bidens are like in general, it’s probably in keeping with Hunter Biden’s track record.

This is a man who got kicked out of the US Navy Reserve after testing positive for cocaine – one month after being commissioned with a special waiver signed by his dad. He split with his wife of 22 years and later started dating (read: banging) his dead brother’s widow – imagine the optics on that one at the family reunions! On top of that, he cheated on his brother’s widow with another woman and conceived a love-child with her. And then he got married in a sudden secret wedding to a divorcee from South Africa.

This is on top of all of his shady business dealings in Ukraine and China, countries where he has zero experience and does not speak the language.

This isn’t merely a prodigal son and an overly tolerant father. This is evil in its most raw and obvious form. And a significant portion of the USA thinks that Biden Sr. is someone who deserves to be President.

Inside the blog, there has been a big difference in traffic now crawlers and bots are blocked. I am finding I can log on more easily, and when I check on a cellphone the site is looking OK.

I have deleted the declaration of digital independance page. It adds little. Instead I have put a daily prayer page up. There are very few places where you can find the old reformed prayers: I cribbed this from a 1906 Book of Common Worship that is online.

I have added a couple more images and they should now be randomized, so you don’t get the sheep picture every time.

The posts will be a lot more structured over the next few weeks. We have, as a nation, made our bed. We will have to deal with the consequences. Expect poetry, lectionary, and less linkage. Do expect more on self improvement.

Vox Popoli has hit 200 million views.

A few observations about this traffic milestone. First, it underlines the importance of consistency. If you’re not going to post at least 3-4 times per day, you’re much better off contributing regularly to a group site. Very, very few one-man blogs have survived the demise of what used to be known as the Blogosphere. Second, with an average of 169 views per comment, it proves that the commentariat is not even close to synonymous with the overall readership. Third, it demonstrates that the media narratives about who and what are “popular”, and who and what are not, are largely false.

Fourth, and most importantly, it emphasizes what I’ve said about the ticket. If you refuse to take the ticket when it is offered, not only will no amount of success or talent open any important doors for you, but the media will remain resolutely silent about anything and everything you achieve unless it provides them with an excuse to try to take you down.

I would, of course, be remiss if I did not express my deep personal appreciation to all the investigative reporters, intelligence agencies, science fiction social justice warriors, and self-appointed thought police for their assistance in making this possible. It literally could not have been done without you.

What I’m now doing is programming most of the poetry posts a few days ahead. That leaves room for other things, but I have to keep this sustainable for me. I am a one man band. What will happen, regardless of what else is going on, as long as this blog survives, is the daily lectionary. Most things flow from that anyway.