Fitness notes.

This week I’ve had to rediscover the joys of scaling. We, most mornings, do a quick whole body workout, generally without equipment. Doing the same workout two days in a row and I’m scaled. My shoulder can’t handle some of the exercises otherwise.

Returning to a non plant diet after the birthday has helped skin and pain. If I go full standard diet, I now hurt. I get stiff. A few days of proper food (read meat) and I can do goblet squats properly ie below my knees.

Interestingly, my kids can’t do this: they are half asian, and manage rice when I cannot.

I note that there is a movement to put labels on unhealthy food — not the nutritionalist one but something that says “high in sugar” or whatever the dieticians deem bad for us. My issue is that I eat stuff that comes from a butcher, preferably in brown paper. If it has labels and a box, I don’t eat it[1].

I am not watching much sports. Sports is now politics, including three sports I normally enjoy: procycling, crossfit, and Formula One.

Screenshot_2020-10-02 American Cyclist Suspended By His Team For Tweets Supporting Trump.

People are picking their sides and the woke cycling community is full of rage towards Quinn, who won the 2019 world junior road race championships.

“Trek-Segafredo is an organization that values inclusivity and supports a more diverse and equitable sport for all athletes,” the team said in a statement. “While we support the right to free speech, we will hold people accountable for their words and actions.

“Regrettably, team rider Quinn Simmons made statements online that we feel are divisive, incendiary, and detrimental to the team, professional cycling, its fans, and the positive future we hope to help create for the sport.

“In response, he will not be racing for Trek-Segafredo until further notice.

Screenshot_2020-10-02 American Cyclist Suspended By His Team For Tweets Supporting Trump(1)

Following the birthday we have been sleeping 8 to 10 hours, or trying to. Kea is taking naps. I’m waking just before the alarm, but I’m basically done at 9 PM. Because you have to rest. If you rip things apart with high intensity exercise, you will be in too much pain to sleep.

Some wisdom from the Sisson. I would add: can confirm — and don’t do Crossfit at all if you can’t leave your ego at the door and scale.

Don’t sign up for the 5 A.M. CrossFit class (unless—big maybe—you’re a natural early riser anyway).

Don’t relax with late night T.V. after a long day.

This isn’t easy. It’s not. It’s harder for people coming up now than it was for me. I didn’t have digital devices vying for my every waking moment or corporations whose expressly stated purpose was to compete with your sleep. That sucks, but it’s also reality, so you have to make it a huge priority—the biggest in your life.

The older you get, the more precious sleep gets. Your cognitive function, your memory, your physical preparedness, your metabolic health, your mental state, your emotional resiliency—everything depends on you getting a good night’s sleep. When you’re young, you believe you can skip sleep and feel okay. Don’t believe it. The damage is accumulating.

I spent years surviving on four to six hours sleep. I would start studying or working when the kids went to bed and keep on going until I collapsed at 2 am. My then spouse worked night shift. This led to me developing metabolic syndrome, being asleep or close to most of the morning, irritable… and a divorce. I am not a morning person. But even larks like me need to be in bed well before midnight if you want to be at work on time.

This is not fitness, but important. When I moved out of Auckland I could leave home later and walk to work rather than get up earlier and earlier to get through traffic — read before 7 am most of the year. This makes a difference. Being somewhere you are a citizen and can fit in really matters. Preferably rural, true, but your native land.

Since there’s no reason to keep my former location vague now that I’ve left, yes. We lived on the Spice Isle, a lovely little place at the end of the Caribbean.

But things got tense after Covid came. And we were no longer welcome. The neighbors would barely talk with us and we couldn’t figure out why, though we think it was linked with the racial unrest in the states. I also had the government giving us trouble with our visas, and we had more than one incident that made me think it was no longer a good place to stay. It was obvious things weren’t working, even though we had met many wonderful people and done our best to fit in.

So we decided to move back to Florida.

But through a complicated chain of events, we ended up in a beautiful home in South Alabama instead of in Florida. I can walk to the Florida border from my house, though. It’s that close. The house we were offered as a rental was too good to pass up. It is a beautiful home, completely remodeled and sitting on 30 rural acres.

It’s a long way from South Florida but I think it’s a much better place to ride out potential unrest and other issues. The US is struggling right now and I’d rather be in the country than anywhere else.

After being gone for so long it’s strange to be back. It’s strange to go shopping and find everything we need at prices far below what we had been paying. A canister of Folger’s coffee on the island was $20 – and that was the cheapest brand! Here I saw it two days ago for $8. Gas was over $6 a gallon there. It’s around $2 here. And my rent is $300 less per month than what I was paying for a place with no yard in the third world.

Plus, everything is so convenient. Stuff just works here in the USA. No long lines for stupid things. No waiting in line for over an hour to get a check deposited. No waiting two hours to pay for a car registration.

Enough on this. My aim in the next two weeks, during the run up for the election, is to not obsessively look at everything online. Instead I aim to walk, play musical instruments, and eat as much beef as we can afford — it is getting over $20 a kilo here for what is usually cheap cuts. I can do more good by being healthy and praying than by letting the narrative of the promethians cause despair.

1. Exception: beef patties from a fast food joint if I’m not near home. Brown bagging lunch most of the time right now.