Blatant Electioneering.

Liberated from Facebook. Share them around. Our media are saying this is a done deal. Even the left wing papers in the UK are more cautious. They thing Jacinda will win… I don’t know. I do know that Labour are good at slogans and optics and pretty darn useless (thank God, their policies are toxic) at delivering things.

For a prime example, look no further than the National party leader, Judith “Crusher” Collins, named after her 2009 legislation to crush the cars of boy racers. During her time in office, her law crushed exactly three cars; she is still named after the legislation.

Collins is the third leader of the opposition this year. Many saw her ascension as overdue, none more than her. Her unashamed voracious ambition has its own kind of Tim Curry-esque charm. She’s been trying to be leader of her party for years, and there was a sense in the country of “Well, it’s the apocalypse, so why not?”

It’s not going great, though it’s not quite a disaster. If a moment so far could sum up Collins’ campaign, it’s how she attempted to present herself as the conservative Christian candidate with photographs of her praying before she voted in what must be New Zealand’s emptiest church. A generous analysis would say it was referencing Heinrich Hofmann’s Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane. But it looked like she was praying to the sanitiser bottle in front of her. And the bottle didn’t know how to overcome a 14% deficit in the polls.

There are also two major referendums happening involving euthanasia and marijuana, coincidentally during a year when both options are understandable. General consensus is these are the actual exciting campaigns, mainly because neither one is a foregone conclusion.

What makes this all the more ridiculous is that there are real issues in New Zealand to address. There is a housing crisis, a looming economic crisis (the country casually went into a recession a couple of weeks back), race relations so awkward that neither leader managed to bring up Māori for one-and-a-half debates, an absurd suicide rate, that whole climate change thing we were talking about in February … and none of it seems to be landing properly because the pandemic is just too loud.

The pandemic is a paper tiger. The euthanasia law — a fever dream of the libertarians and supported by the woke — is not.


Our woke are more concerned about appearances. Cactus Kate is back blogging and she’s fairly sure our our doofus leader wants to vote and how she will do it.

Once again when pushed on what way she will vote on Cannabis reform, Cindy stalls and obfuscates.

The problem she has is that her brand requires her to be the darling of the left. Plenty of the especially far-left are also pedalling cannabis reform. She also requires them to come out and vote when they do not generally bother. Vote for Greens or Labour.

Cindy remember is a conservative and a young fuddy. She speaks like it, she dresses like it for her shape and age, she is basically a superannuitant in a 40 year old’s body.

The latest poll would have New Zealanders reject the referendum.

An endorsement from Cindy may bring it over the line. Yet she is refusing.
A constant bugbear from the ‘yes’ camp is Labour leader Jacinda Ardern’s refusal to declare her position.

While she will share her views on euthanasia – she’s voting in favour – discussion about the cannabis debate is firmly off the table.

“All politicians should let the public know where they sit on this issue, it’s not the same as going out there and campaigning on it, but it is, I believe, a matter of integrity,” Green Party MP and party spokesperson for drug reform Chlöe Swarbrick says.

It is quite clear given she will support killing Granny and tell us, she will never declare her position on cannabis.

For that we can simply conclude she is voting against it.

Tonight Crusher, the farm girl, over-shared and disappointed by claiming she only eats meat twice a week. Surely she made a mistake and meant twice a day like the rest of us who worship at the hooves of animals raised solely for our dining pleasure, so I will give her the benefit of the doubt this is not a new journey of wacky backy wokeness on her behalf.

Ardern and Collins have revealed they both eat meat about twice a week, as the topic of the debate turned to climate change.
Yet Ardern still will not share her vote on weed?

Swarbrick though really should stop nagging her like the begging flea she is. If Ardern tells the truth the Swarbrick campaign is sunk forever. Mind you, if Ardern told the truth then she wouldn’t be able to show her face again with the cool hipster kiddies in central Auckland again. More importantly Man-bag Clarke will never live it down – the Missus voted against reforming cannabis law. The shame in the circles he moves in.

And that is Brand Uncool for Ardern and the beginning of a slippery slope into sensible suburbia and white picket fences that she at least mentally performed a decade ago.

Judith, next time you are asked what it is to be woke say it is a form of internalised and instutionalized hypocrisy shown in obsessive virtue signalling.

There are more important things.