Around the idiotic traps.

I was talking to Kea yesterday, after multiple meetings primarily with managers. The irritation was hunting with despair. About how the TV is only good for Fixer Upper, Country Calendar, and Youtube instructional videos. The news is now designed to make us despair. The elite really do hate us.

So the trick is to go for a walk instead. The idiots congregate in crowds: stay away from any and all crowd, electronic or physical.

The worm is turning. The press are working completely on fluff. There were people sang all over twitter and on Pravda that Ardern has been nominated for the Nobel Peace prize (yay) as had Trump (boo). The committee gave it instead to a worthy organization.

Screenshot_2020-10-10 nzpol - Twitter Search Twitter

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The worm is turning, and people are noticing that if you don’t belong to the approved groups you get short shrift. Our current government is not kind. It is judgy, bitchy, and lying. In the fortnight of voting.

Screenshot_2020-10-10 🇳🇿 Igotta Numbum 🇳🇿 on Twitter

The pundits have spoken

This is Braunias, a local columnist, doing extra work for the Guardian. He is feeding the woke what they want. Ardern. Collins must be trivlalized, and the election does not matter now. They miss the quiet anger of the locals.

Reti is making sense when he talks on health: having worked in the NHS he knows not to bring their UK bad habits over there.

The leader of the National party comfortably won the first debate. She probably won the second. Death won the third debate – the promise of eternal sleep was so very strong as the broadcast dragged on – but Collins was responsible for the few signs of life. She cackled, she accused, she said the magic words: “Dr Shane Reti.” Not a debate goes by without Collins chanting the name of National’s health spokesman, who is surely capable of whipping up a vaccine for Covid and will personally provide town water supplies with fluoride.

Screenshot_2020-10-09 New Zealand Patriot on Twitter

Anger? Try this. Ten days out of an election.

More than 100 tractors and other vehicles were driven through Gore this morning in protest of freshwater regulations.

A rally at the Gore A & P Showgrounds set the scene with the tractor drivers and an audience addressed by protest organisers Laurie Paterson and Bryce McKenzie, and Gore mayor Tracy Hicks.

A call to ignore the new freshwater regulations was greeted with applause.

When members of the audience were given the opportunity to speak, Waikaka farmer Brian Howden encouraged farmers to be united in ignoring the reforms.

Mr Howden said if farmers carried on farming as they had been the Government would be powerless to do anything about it.

“They can’t put us all in jail and they can’t fine us all,” Mr Howden said.

The comments here are telling. Note that in NZ saying you are like Trump is seen as a killing stroke. It is not.

These entitled, white, baby boomer, generational farmers have only their great grandparents, grandparents and parents to blame for their situation. They are the ones who over generations of poor land and water management have created the problem.
The other thing these idiots are overlooking is that by refusing to clean up their mess they are endangering their markets. The countries that buy our produce are demanding that we produce evidence that the land producing the goods are being farmed sustainably. Their citizens are demanding it. If we can’t demonstrate that we are environmentally responsible we will not sell our agricultural products on the international market. This is not fanciful Greenie political correctness. It is real and happening now. Saying we are green is not enough, we need to be able to prove it. These selfish, short term thinking, profit driven morons are to dumb to see it or understand it.

The urban woke will soon be broke. The only way NZ is paying its way around the world at present is from farm exports. Forestry is not doing well — the world depression is not a time when people buy building materials. Tourism is doing worse, and the current government (who regulated farms in a manner that means all of Southland is untenable) destroyed the Oil and Mining industries to pander to the greens. And they are after the rest of us.

Screenshot_2020-10-09 Bill Felt on Twitter

The campaign is not dead here. It is getting heated, and the vitriol is there: the masks are off. I don’t have a twitter profile, but I can do screenshots. Note that Kiwis default to sarcasm.

Screenshot_2020-10-09 Hamish Price on Twitter

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The polls have Labour 47%, National 32%, ACT (libertarian globalhomoalist) 8% Green (communist Antifa environmentalist) 6% others 5% undecided 13%. Yes that is 103%. Such is the competence of our pollsters.

On this date — Oct. 8 — four years ago, in wake of the Access Hollywood tape release (“grab ’em by the p***y”), I pronounced this an “unrecoverable error.” The election was effectively over, and there was no way that Donald Trump could be elected president.

Never have I been so confident of any prediction, and never have I been so happy to be proven wrong. Just when you think all is lost, in other words, you have to realize there is always hope.

This is important to remember, at a time when the Real Clear Politics average of national polls show Joe Biden nearly 10 points ahead. This engenders feeling of utter hopelessness — are Americans really stupid enough to elect that doddering old fraud? — but I think back to how certain I was four years ago that Trump would lose, and I feel better.

If the press are confident on one thing, the correct thing is now to believe the opposite. The Press is Pravda.

The end of New York

Cannot come fast enough. When you lose a rich plutocrat and you market yourself as a playground for rich plutocrats, then it is over. New York ain’t coming back.

The degenerate New York Times doesn’t even report the crimes in the city, nor the fact that garbage is rarely collected and rats are everywhere. (Sept. 24 headline: “Few Police Officers Who Cause Death Are Charged or Convicted.”) I find the average New Yorker so breathtakingly ill-informed, I prefer to converse with animals, or even trees. The trouble is, Central Park is full of black thugs with guns and Antifa whites who are also armed. The fuzz looks the other way. Everyone I know has left the city for places more salubrious, which means I will have to eat at home instead of in restaurants, a fact that depresses me rather a lot.

It is pretty clear that the democratic cities, having removed those icky white breeders, are now dividing along ethnic lines. It is going tribal.

Gunner notes that this is gimme that for my people and my people alone. The stupidity here hurts.

San Francisco, CA — Mayor London N. Breed, in partnership with Expecting Justice, today announced the launch of the Abundant Birth Project, a pilot program that provides targeted basic income to women during pregnancy and after giving birth. The pilot will provide an unconditional monthly income supplement of $1,000 to approximately 150 Black and Pacific Islander women in San Francisco for the duration of their pregnancy and for the first six months of their baby’s life, with a goal of eventually providing a supplement for up to two years post-pregnancy. Expecting Justice, a collective impact initiative led by Dr. Zea Malawa at the San Francisco Department of Public Health and supported by the Hellman Foundation and the UCSF California Preterm Birth Initiative, will study the resulting health impacts of the pilot program, which is the first of its kind in the United States.

There is another signal: if you are not Black and Pacific islanders (probably not Afrikaner or Pakeha, but that i African and Pacific Islander technically) or a minirty ally, go.

The signal is understood. The rents are dropping in San Francisca because no one who has an income wants to raise a family in that degenerate hellhole.

This weeks long read

William Briggs is the latest of a series of bloggers to refer to an articple about the liberal culture in Russia, where people collected money for assassins and terrorists and called themselves inteliigents. They considered work menial, something to be done badly. There is an analogy here.. Briggs discusses this.

What counts as the analogue. With weather, it’s more or less clear. The temperature and pressure fields have a certain shape, and this shape is correlated with the dynamics of movement. There’s more to the weather than just that, of course, but even if we had every aspect that was causative of the outcome, we’d still have to match our analogues perfectly in order to avoid sensitivity.

With politics, sports, and other human behavior, it’s far less clear what counts as what measures should be examined to find analogues. Sensitivity to “initial” conditions (the start of our analogue) is almost a given. That we can ever know with certainty, as we can in mathematical models, all initial values to sufficient precision is obviously true. Groups of men are still composed of men and there’s no way to know the full mind of even one man, let alone groups of them.

This doesn’t make historical analogue forecasting valueless. We know it has value, which is one of the reasons we study history. To see what people do in given—imperfectly known—circumstances. We look around us and compare ourselves or our countries with how it was then, wondering whether what happened to these other people will happen to us.

It’s going badly now in the culture, and the natural question is how bad will it get? This is not necessarily the same as how bad it can get, but we’d like to know if these two coincide. The search for analogues begins.

Gary Saul Morson might have found one in pre-revolutionary Russia, summarized in his article Suicide of the Liberals. His analogue applies only to the intellectual class, because it is obvious there are large differences between Tzar-led aristocratic Russia our our elite-led oligarchy. Nevertheless, the similarities between their intelligentsia—which for good reasons he translates as intelligents—and ours is frightening.

The liberals who supported the Bolsheviks were placed up against the wall as soon as the civil war was over. Virtue signalling merely identifies you as a target.

If the analogy is correct — and we are starting from a different place. Imperial Russia was less corrupt.

My first thought upon hearing that there were 13 Right-Wing Terrorists of whom only six were charged is that the seven were all FBI informants. It wouldn’t be the first time that ratio was achieved but the previous paragraph makes this sound like the six troublemakers tried to lure in a real militia who recognized crazy when they saw & heard it and quit on the spot.

When that picture comes, you too will take one look and opt out of ANY future association.

The conclusion?

This is the time of crisis. The start of the spicy time.

If you are being praise by the woke, you are on their hit list.

Harden up. Your duty is to your family and God.

And Stay away from crowds.
1. The woke say that Velominati’s rules are non inclusive. That is the point.

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1 year ago

FWIW I will happily buy New Zealand lamb (here in the US) without any sort of concern over whether the people of NZ are sufficiently woke or global.