Around the traps.

Yesterday the local Pravda gleefully reported that President Trump had COVID. As if it is a death sentence: it is not.

Today they will rejoice that he is in hospital. They think they speak love. But do they?

There are only two possibilities: either God exists, or we each are gods. In either case, pro-transgender, pro-sodomy, pro-perversion speech of any kind is hate speech and must be condemned, expunged, ridiculed, excoriated, punished.

“Which God?”, did I hear you ask, Mr Ackshually?

God, the Biblical God, the God of St Thomas Aquinas, the God of the one holy, Catholic and apostolic Church, the triune God of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. The God that created you, and indeed created everything, including the form or essence of what it means to be man.

Now if you don’t yet believe in this God—and that “yet” is absolute—accept His existence for the sake of argument. Suppose, in this grand little thought experiment, He is real. It may be difficult for you to keep this idea in mind, but do try.

Everybody knows God abhors perversion. Quoting only one of many instances, God said…Well, hold up. Let me rephrase. God-Jesus-Holy-Ghost said “Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind, because it is an abomination.” For some reason, when we moderns quote this passage we forget the Trinity. Somehow many of us think a stern father stubbornly condemned something, only for his cool son to come later and say “Forget my Old Man, it’s all fine”. If we accept the Trinity, as we are in this argument, it’s that all three, being One, said it.

Thus, pedantry aside, sexual perversion is Not Okay. It is the very opposite of Okay. Therefore, praising it, taking Pride in it, partaking in it, is wrong. Speaking well of it is therefore hate speech.

The left who want to ban that speech which distresses reasoable speech are like the people who think the end of life choice act will never be used coercively. It will be used against them.

Do not take the ticket

The ticket is a metaphor, and it implies accepting the glory of this world now but putting your soul at peril. The rewards of taking the ticket are obvious, and if you are not of that ilk you will need to accept that wordly success is not for you.

But I did not pursue a job which best suited my talents because of the anti-Christian, anti-conservative bias inherent in the modern academic world. The notion that Colleges and Universities allow free and open discussion of all ideas is simply not true today. So there was no point in me pursuing a PhD and attempting a career in a University.

Ironically, for the last 4 years I have been working as an engineer in the facilities department on a major public university in Texas, and can attest to the intellectual mediocrities that are employed in many of the professorships we have. As the guy in charge of maintaining, and renovating MEP systems in 176 buildings, and overseeing the construction of new buildings, I regularly meet with professors and administrators who display their mental mediocrity for all to see. To be certain, there are SOME very smart people. But if you aren’t part of the leftist “club”, the path to upward success as an academic is closed off to you. The herd mentality of faculty and upper level staff is astounding. And in order to be successful, you have to bite your tongue and tolerate the insane leftists diatribes that regularly get tossed out in conversations that should have nothing to do with politics.

Furthermore, walking around on egg shells to avoid “offending” some people is a chore. I actually have memo I wrote to myself to read daily that reminds me that where I work is a hostile working environment to me. It reminds me to stay on my toes, and not say something that would get me fired. But it doesn’t mean that there isn’t an underground current of conservative thought on campus. It just means that it stays way underground, and you have to pick up on silent signals from those who are like-minded, and have conservative and Christian conversations with those similarly inclined is isolated environments.

It shouldn’t be like this. But it is. And it needs to change.

Harris, Vox Popoli

Even if you think there is no judgment to come, then you have fooled yourself if you consider that living for yourself and not for God useless. We have a certainty in this life. Our security is in God, who cannot be destroyed by this world, for he is not of this world.

And this life at times is difficult and painful. If we can see this as helping others or bearing witness to the truth, we have courage.

From their standpoint, that they live a mayfly existence, a one-shot of being born, getting a driver’s license, getting a job, retiring, and then ceasing to be. They have to get meaning, as much meaning as they can out of life, now.

But even if you have faith that there’s an afterlife, you can have the benefits that most people think about being tied to Heaven, now.


It was my own (very bad) If-Then thinking that said to suffer now for bliss later.

Nope. Now, you still have to be as good as you can. You can’t actually get the benefits listed on the label if you’re not good. For instance, if you know you’re doing something wrong, say juggling kittens, you’ll never be at peace. Likewise, if your primary focus is pursuing, um, “physical affection,” you’ll never know actual love until you start looking for actual love.

Reasons against the End of Life Choice Bill

Voting has started in NZ. We are better than a nation that nuses the pillow on the inconvenient, and calls it a virtue.

Advice for the young uns

Mike Pence has followed the Billy Graham law all his life, and it means that he has not had anyone have grounds to make stuff up. Kavanagh had female law clerks, and that means he’s vulnerable. Dawn Pine and Didact.

In the meantime, my advice to all young men out there is to vigourously observe the Mike Pence Rule. Do not hold meetings with women alone in a professional context. Do not associate with women in the workplace, at all, under any circumstances. Do not hire them if you can in any way avoid it. Do not mingle with them after hours. Do not mentor them. Do not promote them. Do not get involved with them, professionally.

The hard fact is that they do not belong there. Most women would be far happier, more satisfied, and more productive spending their time at home looking after a house with children – women are absolutely going to HATE me for stating this (and most of them already do), but it’s simply the truth (though that link is from The Daily Mail, so, y’know, golf-ball-sized grain of salt and all that).

Tinder is useless and a waste of time. 117 days on Tinder… 16k swupes, three dates.

In addition, you tend to judge on appearance and not on attitute. Appearance fades, but attitude is to the bone. Hang with the young people at church and go get stuff from the library where the geek girls are. They may want to be at home and let you work.

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John Wilder
1 year ago

The Pence rule is a good rule.