Around the traps.

The woke are all fascists. Any variation in thought will lead to prosecution. Calvin’s Geneva and Mussolini’s Rome were nowhere as tight in their regulation. The closest I can think to this is the German Democratic Republic, where a fifth of the population informed for the Stasi.

This is incredible. The Scottish government has brought forth a new hate crimes law that stands to criminalize speech uttered within the privacy of one’s own home. I kid you not:

However critics fear the Hate Crime and Public Order Bill, which centres around plans for a new offence of “stirring up hatred”, will stifle freedom of expression.

BBC Scotland, Catholic bishops, the Humanist Society of Scotland, and the Scottish Police Federation are amongst those to have raised concerns, along with Mr Bean star Rowan Atkinson and writer Val McDermid.

Because of this, Mr Yousaf was forced to amend the legislation and change the controversial “stirring up” offences section which has been condemned by opponents.

It now means “stirring up offences” would be limited to “intent” relating to age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity and variations in sex characteristics and therefore prosecutions could only be brought in this respect.

During today’s session, Glasgow Tory MSP and Committee Convenor Adam Tomkins questioned the Scottish Justice Secretary [Hamza Yousaf] on how you can commit an offence of public order in private.

It comes after Mr Yousaf suggested during the committee session that he would be in favour of the stirring up offences applying inside home dwellings.

If that passes, then children who repeat things they hear at home risk informing on their parents.

If that passes, then reading passages aloud at home from the Bible could draw prosecution. In fact, simply having a Bible at home could bring prosecution from the state; possessing hateful materials would be a crime under the proposed law.

This is a bill that, if it became law, would put the Edinburgh-based left-wing author J.K. Rowling in danger of criminal charges because she has stood up for women against transgender ideology.

All of this in the name of turning Scotland into a safe space.

This will be very, very bad for Scotland, and I think that the United Kingdom may do something about that. However, the same pressures exist in NZ. They also will be bad. Chris Trotter, who is hard left, is clear headed here. He knows that functionally brining in a blasphemy law will mean that it will be used on the progressive activists if the worm turns.

Those in the Prime Minister’s professional and personal entourages will be adamant in their insistence that being seen to move against hate speech is not only the right thing to do, but that it will also reap Labour a rich harvest of votes – not least from New Zealand’s 57,000 Muslims. The brutal question which must be asked, however, is whether or not winning the support of the 1 percent of New Zealanders who subscribe to the Muslim faith can sensibly be counted as an unqualified addition to Labour’s overall Party Vote; or whether it will be more than offset by the defection of those New Zealanders opposed to Labour’s restriction of free speech? The next, equally brutal question is: “Where will those votes go?”

The obvious, and worrying, answer is: “They will go to the Right.”

It is one of the greatest tragedies of contemporary “left-wing” politics: that its practitioners have allowed themselves to become identified, irretrievably, with the suppression of free speech. Most particularly, with the suppression of the free speech of persons identified as “right wing”, or, more ludicrously, as “Nazis” and “fascists”. Worse still, they have secured this “de-platforming” by threatening to unleash violence and disorder if these individuals are permitted to speak. They have thus supplied local government, university and corporate leaders with the “health and safety” justification for shutting these speakers down. Free speech advocates refer to this tactic as “The Thug’s Veto”.

Little’s reaffirmed commitment to introducing legislation aimed at curbing hate speech will, therefore, be received by right-wing New Zealanders as a direct assault upon their personal liberties. Labour and its Green allies will be accused of using the power of the state to demonise and silence their political opponents.

The Right will not take this lying down.

No such legislation was passed by the last government, and it will be interesting to see if this comes up again once the new government is formed.

In the meantime, we shall continue to build new platforms.

The experience of rehabilitation in a socialized system

A couple of years ago, Cameron Slater, NZ’s most hated blogger (by the woke) had a stroke. The press were onto him like a weasel up a drain pipe. His enemies tried to use this against him in litigation. He ended up bankrupt. He has just posted a two year followup article which is worth the read.

Health care is supposed to be free in NZ. Free health care is rationed. You need to have at least four months living expenses in the emergency fund because you may need them to get the help you require.

And when something like this happens, you get the help you need and sort the rest out later.

On top of that, it took 6 weeks before anyone bothered to contact me from Waitemata DHB to discuss Occupational Therapy and assistance. It took a further three weeks before I received the first visit. It is vitally important to start rehab immediately as every week that goes by without rehab lessens the ability of the body and brain to recover. But if you wait for the health system to work then your health will suffer. I had spent my time in the hospital learning what was out there for support. Sadly there isn’t much, or it is aimed at older people.

One thing I did learn was that there is no financial assistance whatsoever for stroke victims, unless your stroke was the result of an accident, or medical misadventure. The vast majority of stroke victims get next to nothing in assistance. Consequently they have poor health outcomes, or just accept they will be crippled and unproductive for the rest of their lives. If you are young when you have a stroke, like me, then you are missing out on your most productive times.

This means that you must do it yourself and you must not wait. When the OT came to assess me I had already made great strides in recovery. I was past whatever support they could offer. That’s because I backed myself and got superb assistance privately. That is also why I continue to attend physio. I am still finding improvements as each week goes by. Normally, people find they plateau after 6 months. I never have and I put that down to my dogmatic, and some would say selfish, single-minded mission to recover.

John Wilder predicts things are going to get far worse for those who are older or sick. Keep your family strong. When times are hard, you will need them. The state is already reneging on its social contract.

The Lugenpresse

I’m avoiding the TV at present. The main reason the machine is switched on is for seven minute workouts, country calendar, and watching Charlie Boardman try to ride an electric bike through Patagonia. Avoid speaking to the press, particularly our woke state sponsored distributors of Pravda. The official line was parroted, and the fact that this was a misinterpretation of what was happening did not come out until after the same bunch were re elected.

Which means that one should be skeptical. Ross joined a party that was, and was treated as a criminal for this.

Tova O’Brien was feted worldwide for her vicious interview with Jami-Lee Ross after voters forced him out of parliament. O’Brien came in hard and fast with a sucker punch that left Ross gasping for words.

She accused Ross of “being part of a political movement which has been peddling misinformation during the election campaign”, without taking breath, asking him if he had any regrets?

This was a no-win question for Ross who has to defend the Advance Party’s controversial stance or appear fickle. O’Brien calculated his response, the inevitable quiet “No” and when Ross attempts to debate the “misinformation” she shuts him down. “I don’t want to hear any of that rubbish” she says, doing her job to protect the public interest from unauthorised information. Free speech be damned!

O’Brien then suggested that Ross “sold his soul for political ambition” by joining the Advance NZ party when he recognised their rise in public support.(I bet international media loved that). But we could ask O’Brien the same thing. She is a pale distortion of humanity who burned her own soul on the alter of media ambition, and her reward for bullying a guest is worldwide media acclaim.

Ross is no longer in Parliament, has left the Advance Party. I recall that he had to take stress leave because he had a severe mood disorder a year or so ago. Such people should be given charity, time to recover, and privacy. But that requires charity and mercy.

The Lugenpresse have neither. Besides, they are hypocrites. If COVID was that scary they would not be doing this.

So after hooting and hollering about how safe New Zealand was and how great the team of 5 million are, these muppets are now off to the USA for one week to cover – the US elections!


You shouldn’t be travelling to the USA, the New Zealand borders remain closed indefinitely but the media? Nah New Zealand’s taxpayer bailed out media will send our team off on junkets to cover an event that New Zealand has absolutely zero control over the outcome of and could be live streamed from other feeds.

Covid-19 is either a) the most dangerous threat currently to human life and you are happy to be in New Zealand, or as I view it, b) it is not and you are okay to travel and risk life and limb in other countries and should support New Zealand opening up to tourists, like, argh you are!

The only good news is that these people will be locked up in a pox hotel for two weeks when they return and we may have blessed silence.

Quotage is good for you

The worm is turning in Victoria. People are twisting the hashtag #IstandwithDan to #IcantstandDan. With good reason.

We live in a society in which a large majority have no idea how the wealth we consume is generated and place their trust in the hands of a people who if given power will only make their lives worse. And the aim of the left has been to make the more superstitiously stupid amongst us grateful to political leaders who have done little to improve our lives or make us anything more than marginally safer through their political decisions in relation to Covid.

It’s depressing. These people will steal our freedoms if they can and depress our standard of living. And there are millions amongst us who will not only be grateful but will think they somehow being made better off.

Meanwhile, while we are being robbed blind by our political class and those who live off the spoils, what gets people worked up are four Cartier watches being distributed to some of the top executives at Australia Post.

That is the mild version. The Cappy is hitting his straps right now so that his family will survive. I’m a late boomer, and my hatred of early boomers is being surpassed by the millenials. Gen X (the Cappy) is cynical, but at least most of the bastards work.

The sane millenials work also, but they are the despised white, Christian, male minority who don’t get selected for parliament.

The short version is simply this – the United States and the west are slowly decaying to the point they will not longer be able to function as nations. And I’m not talking so much about communism or socialism (though there certainly is a real and increasing chance of that). I’m talking about Idiocracy where the current and future generations of Americans are so ill-reared, so ill-prepared they will not be able to function as normal, healthy, mature adults. Be it the many videos of mentally ill women freaking out that Amy Barrett is a supreme court justice, the animals who protest and riot because they want to, the spineless ballsacks of mayors and city council members who let people destroy their towns, the people in these towns who will vote for it again, adult children who major in the dumbest subjects while crippling their lifetime finances with student loans, fat women who think fat is hot, or just your token millennial,

the day is rapidly coming a critical mass of the US adult population will not be capable of sanity, self-supportation, or mere functionality, and that society will collapse. And so if you’re like me, not only are you now chartered with the task of supporting yourself and your family, you are now also tasked with coming up with a “Plan B” to escape this nightmare that is coming.

Kea and I see the coming economic collapse and have plans. Our hope is deflation and a housing collapse, with families restructuring and the end of the welfare state. Hyperinflation will be worse, and destroy the welfare state by making benefits meaningless.

NZ does not have a reserve currency. We cannot borrow for ever. I’m not sure when it will happen, but unless we change our current policy of iterative quantitative easing, it will happen.

Pray and plan. Then praise God, and pass the bacon.