Fitness news.

This is a long weekend, which means it is a time of anxiety for us. We have found that eating carnivore is a challenge at such times because:

  • There is an expectation that you will have a nibble when you meet for coffee, with friends, or at work events.
  • The need to concentrate (to get things done before the break) is considerable and here there is a temptation to use coffee and carbohydrates to get peak thinking faster. There has been a lot that has needed to be dealt w
  • I have difficulty eating enough at one meal.
  • DIfficulty walking, of which more below

However, it looks like there are benefits, and if you can stay away from all carbs through the transition you will find that your energy and concentration improve. I hope this happens in the next week or so.

If it sounds extreme, you’re right. The carnivore diet is unlike anything most people have ever considered.

But adoption rates aren’t exploding because everyone’s deluding themselves: People are reporting real benefits.

Clearer thinking: If a carnivore diet induces a state of ketosis, it will also increase mitochondrial biogenesis in the brain and reduce brain fog. This allows your brain to generate more energy and clears out excess ammonia which slows down the thinking process.

Improved gut health: A carnivore diet is an extreme elimination diet. It eliminates all the most common triggers of gut inflammation, including fiber, lectins, grains, legumes, sugar, seed oils, and in some cases dairy. If any of those foods are the cause of your gut inflammation, removing them from your diet will improve your gut health and even allow it to heal.

Weight loss: Weight loss gets a whole lot easier when you’re not starving. Most people who go carnivore find they’re unable to eat enough to gain body fat; the diet that is most satiating while still being nutritious will almost always come out ahead without even trying.

So yeah, we are continuing with this.

On the shoes. I needed to lift my game a bit presentation wise and my old shoes had worn out. Completely. So we got standard dress shoes. These look good, but they are no good if you want to do a walk in them. I want to walk for at least a half hour around noon most days. I find that if I have zero drop shoes I can walk that distance, but heels or shoes with rigid soles make me hurt. There are good minimalist shoes that work in the office, but those you have to get via mail order if you live in NZ.

So I’m wearing my work shoes as little as possible. Using standard gym shoes, I did manage this morning with Kea to climb Mt Iron: we went up the steep way and down the long way. Half way up one of my friends called, who informed me that the correct name for this is “Botox ridge”. We have now two very tired dogs.