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Guy Fawkes Safety Notice

For those who don’t know the background of Guy Fawkes and why it is celebrated in NZ, here is a background.

One of the many traditions we have inherited is the celebration of Guy Fawkes Night, or Bonfire Night, on the 5th of November. This date has been commemorated for hundreds of years; in fact since decades before New Zealand was discovered by Tasman.

In 1605, a soldier named Guy Fawkes, with a number of other Anglo-Catholics attempted to blow up Parliament and kill King James the I and VI, who had unified the crowns of his native Scotland, and the joint kingdoms of England and Ireland two years earlier.

The plot was foiled, and the next year Parliament passed an act requiring that on the 5th of November, all ministers must read out an anti-Papist text after morning prayers. In 1607, the town of Canterbury in Kent celebrated with more than a hundred pounds of gunpowder.

The events continued, year after year. “Remember, remember, the Fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot…” the old rhyme goes. And for centuries, the English people remembered. And when they sailed over the oceans to found new lands, they remembered there too.

Although it has been a very long time since Guy Fawkes was regularly observed in America, “Pope Day”, as it was there called, was still common until the American Revolution, and some small New England towns were still lighting bonfires in the 1880s and 90s.

In Canada, Guy Fawkes night commemorations are generally limited to a number of communities still holding onto the old tradition in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. In the mainland however, the tradition is currently undergoing a slight revival, for example in the Ontario town of Orangeville.

In Australia, the day was celebrated from the time of the first colonists; but was never quite to the same extent as in New Zealand or Britain, limited to only parts of the country, and disappearing in the mid-late 20th Century due to anti-firework legislation.

Out of all of the British Colonies, it is fair to say that New Zealand has best preserved the tradition of Guy Fawkes Night. That said, even we have lost many of the traditions; how many of you attend bonfires each year, and how many children do you see carting effigies around begging a penny for the guy?

Not many these days.

The woke hate our history. Matariki is when the Pleiades appear in July, and deemed the Maori new Year.

Good on Palmerston North for keeping the tradition going.

Palmerston North is the only city having a free public fireworks display on Guy Fawkes night, 5 November, this year, with many other locations dropping them all together, or holding paid events on other days during November.

Christchurch is the latest major centre to decide it will no longer hold a fireworks display to commemorate Guy Fawkes Day. For the last 23 years Christchurch City Council has put on a public display either on Guy Fawkes Day, or in recent years on the weekend day closest to 5 November.

Auckland Council does not put on a Guy Fawkes fireworks display, and in 2017 Wellington dropped its Guy Fawkes fireworks display in favour of Matariki.

There will be people letting off fireworks. Ensure your dogs are in a crate well away from the noise.

Reading the instructions on a pack of fireworks is a great idea — but not if you use a lit match to see them in the dark.
“You’d be surprised how many people get into trouble doing that,” Fire and Emergency New Zealand fire risk management officer Scott Lanauze said.

“It probably sounds a wee bit silly to say this, but use a torch to read the instructions on the fireworks. Don’t use a naked flame.”

It was one of several tips Mr Lanauze offered yesterday to make sure people stayed safe during Guy Fawkes festivities tonight.

Because the MetService is forecasting wet weather tonight, he said many people might be tempted to wait until drier conditions prevailed, so it was important to take the time to wet down the area where you were planning to launch your fireworks from, keep a bucket of water nearby in case something did catch alight, keep another bucket of water nearby to put used fireworks in to make sure they were inert; and be aware of pets which were frightened of fireworks.

“The key message is, fireworks can be dangerous and we want people to be safe.

“We don’t want a fun situation to turn into a situation where someone doesn’t get any enjoyment out of it.”

Otago Daily TImes

We will wait until it is dark and then, if we have not collapsed (we have a cat in the vets today and the dogs spent all night whining they were not allowed to “play” with him) we will watch the harbour and see other people have their private displays.

The mongolian democrat ballot stuffing exercise

There is much to note here. The standard elite position is that Biden won. Nothing skeezy here. Hunter’s hard drive is clean. Now let us get on with our globalist agenda. The chaos of the system is a symptom of the lack of trust the average American has in it.

There is a cure. We use it in NZ. Paper votes, in a box. Early voting not ideal but allowed. No mail ins.

Elections are one of those windows into the nature of a society, like the roads or public transport systems. It is a manifestation of the real nature of society. In the case of elections, it is not about the results, but about how the election is run. Orderly, well run societies have orderly, well run elections. The results are known soon after the votes are cast and no one questions them. In disorderly, low-trust societies, the vote is messy and chaotic and no one takes the results at face value.

The Trump is reacting. Please note that Twitter is censoring the President of the country.

Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 1.08.04 PM

This, and not the election, is the real test of President Trump. In his Discourses, Machiavelli lamented how societies fail because good men refuse to do what needs to be done in order to save them. But it appears that Donald Trump is not going to be a good Republican, sell out his supporters, look the other way, and pretend that a significant part of the vote for his opponent was not fraudulent.

Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 2.50.26 PM

This is not over. All those around me were rooting for Biden — I do live in a University town, in the most woke Dominion of the Old British Empire. But this could be a blessing, as what was secret will be exposed.

This will work itself out. .

Use this time to pray and prepare. If you are in the USA, there will be things you can do politically. The rest of the world has to watch while you guys sort out your internal difficulties.