Quotage. It is bad for you.

One of the regrets for 2020 is that I did not find the “no quarter November” meme until almost the end of November. Some quotes that did not fit into anywhere else.

Our elites new version of virtue: violence. From Gab.

The Ace HQ put this set of tweets together. Our elite is horrid.

And no, I’m not going to link to twitter. Give Ace and his merry bunch of misfits the traffic.

Privileged elites always want to assert their status by indulging in pleasures denied to the lower classes. This often leads them into immoral, deranged, and even criminal behavior. They’re desperate to flaunt their power by doing what lesser folk are forbidden to do.
This is one of the reasons for the wave of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and pedophilia among the richest and most powerful. They indulge increasingly depraved appetites to savor the sweet, sweet high of doing what ordinary people cannot, feasting on the food of the gods.

It’s also one of the reasons high-living elites are drawn to puritanical secular pseudo-religions, like the Church of Global Warming and now the Church of Covid. They have a deep appetite for making aspects of modern life forbidden to the Little People, but not to themselves.

You’ll notice that high acolytes of the Church of Global Warming have absolutely no intention of compromising THEIR extravagant lifestyles. They jet set, they have yachts and huge cars, they buy beachfront mansions on property they claim to believe will be underwater soon.

But they have a deep desire to make planes, cars, and accoutrements of the First World lifestyle forbidden to the proletariat. They love how their ideology elevates them into a superior overclass, reaffirming their importance by asserting they “need” or “deserve” so much more.

These elite appetites are useful to the Left because they fold neatly into its endless war against the hated middle class. The perversions of the elite inspire them to attack the morality that would otherwise help lower and middle class people improve their station in life.

Meanwhile, the fanatical puritan and luddite ideologies of the elite inspire them to restrict the resources and technologies that improve middle-class life and help people become more productive, which helps them earn more money and amass more capital.

Thus we have a culture that teaches young people to reject time-tested moral codes that would help them build better lives, instead making clumsy efforts to imitate the debauchery of the elites in ways that lead them to misery and ruin.

And our young people are taught to hate their own ambitions, to hate themselves for desiring lives that have big carbon footprints, to hate and distrust everything that could bring them prosperity and narrow the gap between their lifestyles and those of the elite.

Take a broad look at pop culture, political culture, and increasingly corporate culture as we head into 2021. Almost every bit of it has been crafted to make middle class people abandon their ambitions and program their children to fail… making Mount Olympus ever higher.

And then the political elite will demand even more control over our lives, to “fix” the ever-widening “inequality” gap their own policies and cultural programming made worse!

It’s no wonder that some who dwell on the highest slopes of Mount Olympus are tempted to go even further, to indulge in dark appetites that would land lesser men in jail – a temptation that seems especially acute for male members of the extreme upper class.

They reach for the fruit that no other hand could pick, to remind one another that they are gods, even while loudly posturing as champions of socialism, feminism, and the Little Guy. The difference between what they DO and what they SAY is part of the rush.

Bruce Charlton has an example, which is the two popes that are living: Francis and Benedict. I’m not Catholic, and I’m aware there are those who would correct both Bruce and me here from the inside. But the example is valid.

Francis leads the largest Christian denomination, and the only one with a centralised world-leader (the second and third largest – Orthodox and Anglican, have national level leadership). And he is leading them into greater confromity with the Globalist secular (and leftist) agenda.

Insofar as Roman Catholics are led by Francis; that is their primary, overall direction – towards world government along the lines of The Great Reset and UN Agenda 2030.

Towards a world in which CO2 Climate Change dominates the economy; a world of mass and unrestricted first-world immigration, third-world migrations sustained by core antiracism; of (gradually, with increasingly fast) embracing of the sexual revolution as a positive moral gain; and (as of 2020) the birdemic regarded as a great plague compelling the above restructuring.

In total, Francis’s strategy could be seen as based on the assumption that the mass majority of self-identified Roman Catholics (both ordained and lay) are correct in their de facto embrace of the above process of secularisation and liberalisation; and therefore the best way forward is for the Pope and Magisterium, the bishops and priests, to conform to that mass-majority.

In another phrasing; for Francis the short-term tactical expediency of conforming to the Global socio-political trends is also the best long-term strategy for the RCC survival and thriving. Presumably; Francis sees the best future as one in which the RCC has ‘a seat at the table’ of the other great movers-and-shakers of the world.

And indeed that has been happening. Francis personally is certainly given much greater approval, publicity and backing from the mass media and major political actors.

Presumably the strategy is that this would extend through the hierarchy of Cardinals, Bishops and Priests to the laity – who could then lend a Catholic influence to the mainstream.

But the view of the other, still living – Emeritus – Pope Benedict XVI – is the opposite.

Benedicts view is that the future of the Roman Catholic Church lies in reforming itself around the most devout of its members – what he called a Creative Minority.

In other words, Benedict was a kind of elitist – on religious grounds. He apparently felt that the mass of Roman Catholics were leading the church astray, and into assimilation with secularising socio-political trends.

For Benedict; the way ahead was a tough path; where things got worse before they got better; a path that could only be tackled with considerable faith.

Because Benedict envisaged, and argued in favour of, a reduction in size of the RCC, a shedding of lax and secular (‘corrupted’) members – who would, presumably, leave voluntarily when the reformed church demanded from them more, and different, than was compatible with social expedience.

(And if they were priests who would not join the Creative Minority agenda, they would ultimately need to be expelled from Holy Orders, even against their will; if laity, they would be excommunicated.)

So, en route to a future of RCC survival and thriving; for Benedict there must and would be a period of shrinking, contraction – and concentration of members into a coherent and purposive Creative Minority.

This much smaller, but more devout and correct, RCC would then be a seed for a renewal of growth in the future’; and this future would be one of renewed differentness-from, distinction-from, the secular world. /blockquote>

This reformed pew sitter is muttering Do not be conformed to the world, or the things of this world (I John 2:15 -17) Benedict is correct.

If the press are praising you, you are probably in error. If you have social media likes, and high youtube rankings, you are in error. If you are passed over for promotion, challenged at work, and you are deplatformed to the point you are only visible on your blog or alternative social media, you are less in error.

This world thinks if they subvert the leadership of the church they will win. But the leadership is fungible. The spirit of God is not.

So to the current Argentinian heretic who sits on the seat of Peter, repent and reform. To the leadership of all the churches who have agreed that genocidal corrections of global warning and intersectional racialism are virtue, repent and reform.

And let us all do likewise, beginning with me.

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10 months ago

I was raised in the Brethren church. I am lapsed.

It appears, based on occasional discussions with my family, that the church has abandoned many Christian principles including proscriptions against homosexuality, extra-marital sex, women in leadership roles, and more.

I considered returning to the Catholic church instead of finding a Brethren community, but it also appears that the Catholic church is worse.

I am lapsed due to a surfeit of agnosticism, in which I find it very difficult to just believe, when the logical arguments for the existence of God all fail the tests of basic logic.

I considered returning to the church anyway, because I also happen to think that Christianity is the direct cause of much of the prosperity and advancement of Western Civilization. I have often wished I believed more, but when I look at the churches it doesn’t seem like it would matter anyway.

John Wilder
10 months ago

Good story.

I’m not part of the RCC, but is it now law to follow the creed of “what’s happenin’ now”?

If Soros owns the leadership, as he did with the Southern Baptists, yes. But the leadership is not Christ