Monday Technical.

There really is not a Monday Technical today because I’m busy setting up the laptop today for redoing a meta analysis.

Screenshot from 2020-12-14 19-57-48

In short, got through installing Rstudio, then managed to install tidyverse, meta and metafor in R. However, the devtools was dependent on libgit2 being available. This was fairly easy to install.

sudo pacman -S libgit2

Once that was done, I could install devtools, and from that demetar. Unfortunately, that needs fortran, so:

sudo pacman -S gcc-fortran
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10 months ago

Wait, I learned to program in Fortran. Right after Assembler, then Basic, and right before Pascal.

To top it off, on stacks of punch cards.

PORTRAN the BASIC, on punch cards, then a TI 57