Moralization of Viral Response.

You can tell when people are telling the truth when things don’t make the press. This did not. But it explains why the current PM — who is a doctrinaire socialist, and believes we should be “kind” — translated to doing what she says — is now liked. The moral authority she has from COVID has become almost sacred.

And she revels in it. A prophet would be tearing his hair out.

Lead author Dr Maja Graso, a Senior Lecturer in Business Ethics at the University of Otago’s Department of Management, says results supported the hypothesis, suggesting COVID-19 elimination efforts became moralised to an almost sacred level.

Although moralisation may be a natural response to such an imposing health threat, this process may also blind people to potential human costs resulting from a COVID-19 elimination strategy (e.g., extreme financial strain, undiagnosed illnesses). Importantly, moralization of COVID-19 may also mean that merely questioning elimination strategies is not acceptable. Indeed, this is exactly what their findings revealed.

“As a research team, we don’t take a stance on whether moralising elimination is good or bad, nor on how COVID-19 should be handled. Instead, we examine how people assess human costs, and we invite people to consider the possibility that the moralisation of COVID-19 elimination may lead us to overlook other, less visible forms of suffering, such as loss of livelihoods or deaths of despair. It may also lead us to discount peer-reviewed scientific evidence that documents human costs resulting from elimination-based strategies,” Dr Graso says.

The paper describes that without tempered discussions, holistic assessments of human suffering will pose challenges for scientists, policy makers, and the general public alike. The current trade-offs facing decision-makers and individual citizens are difficult, unprecedented, and costly. Providing a nuanced understanding of how individuals evaluate these human costs can help guide an informed pathway towards weathering these ongoing difficulties and ultimately, minimizing human suffering.


Well, yes. One cannot criticize the irrationality of cloth masks. They are as useful as the neck wrap I wear on cold days cycling. But enough on that. Don’t question the new sacred caste.

And Martin Luther King preached a new God called civil rights. We should worry about Christ first. His preaching destroyed the black nation. He did mare harm than good.

Commentary has virtually disappeared from across the web – and was never found in the Mainstream Media – so I will content myself with this that was posted at Instapundit yesterday. For myself, almost no one really seems to care, since for virtually no one their personal circumstances will not change, or not soon enough for them to notice, especially in the Age of Covid. We have by stages introduced a Mussolini-type fascist system into the United States, which is a one-party corporate state where things are run by political leaders in partnership with large business. The same system was found in Franco’s Spain from the 1930s to the 1960s. You will not starve, there will be a form of freedom for anyone who is content to just get along with the powers that be, but will be static and generally all right for anyone who wishes to just get along. Sort of like having the return of the Roman Empire after the Republic had been put to bed. We will have our version of Bread and Circuses, welfare and Netflix being the modern form. Donald Trump has given us our last taste of what a free society could look like. It has gone and I cannot see how it might ever come back again, or certainly not come back soon enough to matter to anyone alive today. The rest below is from Instapundit which is itself pretty lame and defeatist. Very few seem to care. There is nothing more to do. You have seen the future.

Fortunately, I have enough weaponized truth tellers in the link list. And the IFR for the current pox ain’t that bad unless you are frail, when any infection can be lethal.

Get on and live your life. Being discreet helps.

It doesn’t matter what you call this disease. You can use the formal medical names given above if you wish, though in my opinion that gives the whole thing a bit too much respectability, considering the scale of the disaster that we have inflicted upon ourselves. Since I have a rather irreverent and deeply cynical streak, I prefer to alternate between calling it the Kung Flu, General Tso’s Chicken Pox, the Chinese Mumps, the WuFlu, the Commie Pox, and the Chinkvirus – depending on which one I think will be most offensive to the sensitive and the Chinese Communist Party on any given day.

Whatever you choose to call it, after over a full year of this nonsense – because, remember, the Commiepox started spreading throughout the Commie Kingdom probably last October or November – the fact remains that almost everything that we’ve been told about it is a BIG FAT LIE.

We were told initially that the Infection Fatality Rate was 3-5%. That is to say, three to five percent of ALL those infected would D.I.E. Now, let’s be honest, that’s a terrifying number. I was in Singapore in 2003 when SARS hit – thanks, again, to the Chinese, or more specifically, their government – and I remember that this disease, with its genuinely nasty 10% IFR, basically destroyed the economy of the entire southeast Asian region for that whole year.

The truth, however, is that the actual IFR of the Chinese Mumps is more like 0.26%, and probably even as low as 0.138%:

We intend to have the family around for Christmas. We won’t visit my family right now: though NZ is not in lockdown internally, they are transporting the “managed isolation” people into pox hotels on the same airplanes we pay for.

I need to remind myself that in the darkest times, you light shines. And that people flock to Lions, not soyboys or lambs.

So eat meat, read the word, and stay frosty.

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John Wilder
1 year ago

I wore one for some meetings last week. First time during the whole pandemic.